European style scrapbooking is all about the photos and the story you want to tell on your page. Embellishments are kept to a minimum so that the eye is not taken away from the photos themselves.  AZZA produce lace figurines, printed papers, stamps and decorative stencils in keeping with the themes which add life to the page but do not distract from the photos.

All products are sold through Consultants, they are not available in stores.

Consultants can be found on the Australian AZZA webpage:  https://www.azzaworld.com.au

The European webpage:   azzaworld.com

TAPPING, Western Australia

I arrived in Australia in 2007 and decided the best way to meet people was to get involved in something I am passionate about – Scrapbooking. I met Vanessa soon after she started AZZA Pacific Pty Ltd. Over the years I have become a fully trained AZZA Consultant and am now based in Tapping, Western Australia. Last year I became a Director of the Company. I remain the the New South Wales Team Leader having spent the first 11 years of life in Australia in Sydney and working with the Consultants there. I am fully qualified to teach all of the AZZA Techniques: Chalking, Inking, Pens, Paper, Lace Figures, Decoration stencils, Titles and Comments and Embossing.

I hold workshops north of Perth in Tapping or will pop over to you if you can gather a few of your friends together for a class.

Do look at the right-hand side of the Home page for links to my Facebook and Pinterest page.

4 Responses to About

  1. Linda Mitchinson says:

    How do I buy the kits, I live in Canada?

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Linda
      WE have no Consultants in Canada at the moment but you can buy from us in Australia. I am happy to help you – let me know what you would like and we will send you a quote and if you are happy, you pay and we send. We do not charge Australian taxes so that off-sets the shipping a little. Please e-mail me at lynholmes@rocketmail.com and we can chat further. Regards Lyn

  2. Tracey killian says:

    Hi Lynn, my name is tracey Killian. I live in Mackay North queensland. I would like to order two sets of ZaZa stencils please. Would you let me know the quickest way to do this.

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Tracey
      I live in Sydney but can put in an order for you. You need to let me know which stencils you would like, I will give you a quote with costs + postage and once the money is transferred the product will be sent to you.
      We do have Consultants in QLD I can put you in touch with if you would like any classes on how to use the stencils and learning to scrap the AZZA way. All I would suggest you purchase to make using the stencils easy is a pen to mark the photos and a roll of re-positional tape to tape the photos to the stencil before you place on your page. If you are a Scrapper you may have these already.

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