The smaller Stencil ‘Stars’ in the AZZA range

I thought I would showcase our smaller stencils in the range. The SHELL stencil has been released this month which is a 25 x 25 stencil, but we have had our TRIO BERLIN and two new card stencils which have been recently released.

Trio Berlin is available as a stencil set on its own or with a book full of instructions. Berlin is 15cm x 15cm which is a different size from our previous Trio stencil sets. Being 15 x 15 these stencils fit easily onto your scrapping page in any compilation as shown below.

Une page AZZA’art – Europe

AZZA has released 15 x 15 Accordion pages to match Berlin so that you can add many more photos to your page.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

Céline BERNARDO has created the lovely page below using the AZZA Berlin and the Art and Creation decoration themed products. She has used the Accordion pages but cut them into two sections. Trio

Celine, AZZA Europe
Celine, AZZA Europe
Celine, AZZA Europe
Celine, AZZA Europe

I love the way she has threaded her die cuts through her figures. The lovely hat cut-out on the top of the right-hand photo is an AZZA stamp, one of my favourites. There are a few left in stock.

An amazing page by our very own Jennie Banks in Townsville, Queensland. Jennie has also used the Berlin stencil and the Art and Creation decoration products. Jennie’s decorations are beautiful; do look at the detail she has managed to get and her highlights with a white gel pen.

Page by Jennie Banks, Townsville. QLD, Australia
Page by Jennie Banks, Townsville. QLD, Australia
Page by Jennie Banks, Townsville. QLD, Australia

And a lovely page by our New South Wales Consultant, Sue Talbot. Beautiful in its simplicity. Sue has used the Big Shot Starter kit 2 for her decorations.

Created by Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia
Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia
Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia

The samples above show how many ways you can use the Accordion pages. If you still need a little help, below is a video you can watch to see how to construct a page with the AZZA Berlin Trio stencils. You will see Dominique has used our new ‘Under the Sea’ products for her decoration.

The AZZA ‘I love you ….’ range is suitable for so many occasions. There is the card size stencil, a die cut, papers and a stamp.

Here is a card created with the paper and the cutting die shown above. The die cut has been foiled.
Card by Myriam Behaghel, Europe

Lovely, fun-filled card created by myriad using pens to colour the card.

The card above has been made by folding the AZZA paper to highlight the ‘I love you ….’ and the stamp.

Below are three beautiful pages created using the Boston stencil and the ‘I love you’ range of AZZA decoration products. The first was created by Christine Houbrechts of Belgium. I like this AZZA stamp collection as the three decorations at the bottom of the stamp can be used for a border, or a strip decoration.

Page by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

And think outside the box, you don’t have to use the whole die cut as seen on the page below by Robin Francoise.

Page by AZZA23, France

Lastly, a page by Celine Henchoz using a single Wedding photo.

The second AZZA Card stencil: Let’s Party

Once again, a stencil that can be used for all occasions. Herewith a few card samples I have found to share with you:

AZZA Europe
Angelique Boumard – AZZA Europe

I have a few more cards to show you using AZZA die cuts and decoration products.

How sweet is the card below made with the ‘Winter Song’ products.

AZZA Europe
Honorine Loizeau, Europe

The card above is one of my favourites. A beautiful, simple design with any message placed on top of the ‘Sewn Squares’ Frames. Honorine has used the AZZA ‘Sewn Squares’ cutting die, AZZA Texture stencil with inks, AZZA Cord and an AZZA stamped image. Similar products have been used on the card below.

Below, the same ‘Sewn Squares’ frames have been used, this time with the new AZZA Butterfly stamp.

The AZZA Lilies stamp can be used for many occasions too. It can be used on a monochrome card for sad occasions or coloured brightly for celebrations:

Card created by Fred Koklosa, Europe.

Or think outside the box and only use one or two of the flowers:

Card by Virginie Spicher, Eurrope
Card by Virginie Spicher, Eurrope

Lastly, I couldn’t go past this spectacular card created with the AZZA Home Sweet Home products …..

That should keep you busy. I’m sure you can all whistle up a few cards in the next few weeks to send to someone special. Not everyone sends cards these days, but I can assure you that folk still feel LOVED when they receive one in the post, especially if it is handmade.

Why not surprise someone in the next few weeks and send out a little love.

Happy Scrappin’


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First day of winter …… (in Australia that is)!

With winter here and the onset of the Cricket World Cup I am so excited as this means more scrapping hours for me. My husband will watch all the cricket and I can go scrapping for hours …… bliss!

The AZZA Australia June Catalogue is out, the new SHELL stencil is now available. This is a 25 x 25 stencil and not the normal 30 x 30 stencil. Having said this, the stencil is easily used on a 30 x 30 page.

Page by Hilary Hamilton, Team Leader Victoria. Australia

June Catalogue:

Page by Hilary Hamilton, Team Leader Victoria. Australia
Page by Hilary Hamilton, Team Leader Victoria. Australia

The SHELL stencil does not come with pre-cut pages but these pages are easily cut with the stencil. This is what was showcased at our 10th Birthday Retreats, so now the stencil has been released, we can show you what the Ladies achieved. If you were unable to attend a Retreat and are interested in creating your own pre-cut pages, do get hold of your Consultant and she can arrange a class.

The JUNE Monthly basket on offer has a collection of the ‘Under the Sea’ products.

AZZA Australia June Monthly Basket

Below is a lovely page by Christine created with the AZZA Boston stencil and the ‘Under the Ocean’ and ‘Art and Creation’ decoration products.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

The page above has been created with the AZZA New York stencil and the ‘Under the Ocean’ themed products.

AZZA Europe

This is one of my favourite by Dominique Spirlet, it is such a ‘clean’ page.

Another lovely layout incorporating some of the AZZA cord and the ‘Under the Ocean’ die cuts.
Carole Pereira Bastianon, Europe

Isn’t this an AMAZING card created by Carole using the ‘Under the Ocean’ themed products. The seaweed is the Texture stencil in the range.
Decoration by Hilary Hamilton, Australia.

Hilary’s decoration above and Muriel’s decoration below are created using the AZZA stamp set.

Decoration by Muriel Tiberghien, Europe.

Lastly, here are the three layouts that were voted the best of the pages created by the Consultants at our Annual AZZA Conference, using this 25 x 25 stencil on a 30 x 30 page.

Petra Jaynes, AZZA Consultant South Australia.
Page created by Petra Jaynes, South Australia.
Theresa Dean, AZZA Consultant Tasmania.
Jill Attrill, AZZA Consultant Victoria

Note how Jill has extended her photos onto the page with chalks/inks. If you are interested in learning this technique, contact your Consultant.

If you have a single photo, you can still use this stencil.

That’s a little overview on the new June products.

More to follow …….

Happy Scrappin’


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All settled in and ready to go ……

I am so happy as my Scrapping room is now ready and I have actually managed to spend time at my table and create a few pages! I hosted my first WA class (sorry, forgot to take photos). It was really good to meet new Ladies and do some AZZA scrapbooking with them.

Below is my Scrapping room all set up.

With so much product to play with, the first page I worked on was with the AZZA Boston stencil created by the lovely Christine Houbrechts in Belgium.

I worked on a page with my daughter’s graduation photos. The ‘Winter song’ theme was perfect as they released doves on the steps of the chapel.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

I have used the AZZA Chestnut chalks to frame my page at the top and also on the embossed paper at the bottom of the page to bring out the texture of the bricks.

I love the little Silhouette figure birds on the Winter song sheet, I coloured them using the AZZA brushes as these give lovely strokes, just like feathers. Don’t forget to give your little birds eyes and a beak in a darker colour as this brings them to life instantly.

Below are a few more samples with Boston and the Winter Song theme, by Audrey in Europe.

Page by Audrey, AZZA Europe.
Decoration by Audrey, AZZA Europe
Decoration by Audrey, AZZA Europe

My next page was using the AZZA Verlaine stencil with some Family photos. The lovely ‘Heart’ texture stencil is out of the AZZA Scrap PLUS, which is the ‘add on’ decoration kit for the AZZA Scrap Kit – Family. I used the thin AZZA daubers for the inking of the texture decoration and then the thicker dauber for the line of inking on the paper. Note how I have used two colours on the Texture stencil, the darker blue on the lighter page and moved into Frost blue/white on the darker paper. I finished off the page with AZZA Glitter tape, pearls, ribbon and a Die Cut from the AZZA cutting dies: Vintage friezes. This set of cutting dies is well worth adding to your stock as they are timeless.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
AZZA Vintage Friezes Cutting Dies

With all my old family photos having just been unpacked, I moved on to a set of pages using the Verlaine pre-cut pages and the AZZA Vintage themed products. Wow, now that I have begun, I am going to continue to get them all into an album so I can show the rest of the family.

If you don’t have a lot of photos, the AZZA 25 x 25 Albums would be ideal to use. The pages are smaller, we do have a few 25 x 25 stencils now, but the 30 x 30 stencils can always be adapted to suit the page size.

Page created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

Above is the set of pre-cut Verlaine pages as they sit in the album. I chose not to keep the pre-cut pages one behind the other in the centre of the page but dropped the front Title page and had the maroon page opening from the opposite side. This ensured that sections of the photos on the pages behind would be seen from the start.

It is always important when using a set of the pre-cut pages to work out what photos are going to be on which page before you begin to work on your pages and MOST importantly, what you can see when they are put together as a set. You don’t want to see a few legs or half a face peaking out from behind the pages, try and make sure it all looks good together. Remember, you do not have to use all the pages in the set either, I chose not to use one of the pages and will save it for another time.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

On the back of the Title page I used one photo and kept the decoration simple.

Created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

The maroon page I decided to have opening on the opposite side of the back page as the photos suited this layout. I have used the Cutting dies: Vintage Friezes throughout. On this page I used AZZA Vintage ‘Seasonal’ patterned paper which comes in a lovely green and dusky pink. The large Burgundy ink pad that was brought out at the same time blends well with papers, I have used the ink on the second piece of cut paper instead of cutting it into two, as I did with the one above, to vary the look. For the decoration I used a clock face off the Silhouette figure sheet Vintage together with AZZA glitter tape. The way to do this is to place a few strips of the glitter tape along side one another on a piece of card until you have a big enough area for the clock face to sit on.

Punch out the circle for the clock to sit upon.

… and I finished it off with a Resin pellet. The back of the Maroon page can be seen below. I coloured 2 small wooden frames to match the photos, used the AZZA pink cord and the keys were from the Vintage figurine sheet. For the inking I used the new colour: Powder pink.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia
Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

Finally the back page. The decoration in the centre of the page I used inks and chalks to get the paper to the correct tone and then used the texture stencil and stamp from the AZZA Vintage products. I made sure the thin, black border line matched up with the front page as it can be seen when the pages are closed.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

I can’t believe it is May already. The AZZA May Catalogue is out so pop along to the website if you have not seen it already.

This month AZZA released the ‘New York’ stencil and the ‘Home Sweet Home’ themed decoration products. A new range of Wedding products were also released, teamed up with some ‘I love you’ products which are perfect for so many occasions.

The New York stencil was released with pre-cut pages and a 2 beautiful die cuts. Hilary Hamilton, our Team Leader in Victoria created the following set of pre-cut pages:

Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

Hilary has used the ‘Home Sweet Home Windows’ cutting die on her front page, with a stamp behind as you can see below. This is also perfect to add a smaller photo onto your page.

Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia
Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

Hilary’s inside and back pages using the second AZZA die cut released this month: Home Sweet Home.

Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

This cutting die makes beautiful cards too. Don’t feel you have to use the full length of the die, various sections can be used along the same place of the matching New York stencil. This is a beautiful little card created with circles of chalked colour upon which the decoration sits.

The new Decoration stencil ‘Circles’ would be perfect to create this decoration:

These Decoration stencils are also available in Squares and Ovals, they are very versatile and can be used with any themes.

I thought I would end my blog with this beautiful page I found on the net created by Ann in Europe using the Bilboa-Macau stencil and the Circle decoration stencil. There is a link below it so you can see the ‘workings’ of the page.

Below is a close-up of the beautiful chalking of the bubbles and a little scene behind her circular photo which is a replica of the photo on the other side. Note how she has used a white pen to add a little character to the decoration.

Below is a sample of where I have used the Circle Decoration stencil on a page.

Page by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia.

Hopefully that is enough to give you some ideas for future pages. Do take a look at the AZZA website and our gallery were you can see pages created by the Australian Consultants.

Happy Scrappin’


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Autumn – the colours of Mustard and Chocolate

AZZA Boston stencil has been selling very well and I have some beautiful layouts from our Australian Consultants to show you.

The first page was created by Theresa Dean, one of our Consultants in Tasmania. Theresa has created a beautiful border using the AZZA Chalks. She has used both chalks and inks on her page.

Page created by Theresa Dean, Tasmania. Australia

Theresa has used AZZA Chalks with the Weather texture stencil on one set of her papers and the other she has coloured her Mustard paper with the new AZZA Chocolate ink and chalks. Her circular decoration is a combination of an image from the AZZA A4 Sketch sheet, AZZA paper(shown below), ribbon and cord.

Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

Hilary created the page above using the Boston stencil and the AZZA Cruising paper. Note the way she has incorporated the little anchors into her decoration with a white pen.

The next two pages were created by Fi McKay our Western Australia Team Leader. Fi has used two colours in her chalking (note how the darker colour is kept to the points of the shapes) and has used the beautiful Winter Song Die that came out with the Boston stencil. She has placed little birds and a bird house from the Winter song Silhouette figures sheet onto the branches and a few pearls. Fi has cut a little circle out of the Mustard paper to give her bird a ‘background’ to sit upon in the first page, she has also used the AZZA Classic printed papers in the chocolate.

Page created by Fi McKay, Western Australia
Page created by Fiona McKay, Western Australia

Both Fiona’s layouts were created with the AZZA Boston stencil but they are quite different on the page. Note the detail on her Silhouette figures to bring them to life on the page.

These classic papers are available in a large range of colours, the colours above were released with the Boston stencil.

The Silhouette Figure sheet above is a lovely one as it can be used on a page with almost any theme. Fi has used the little birds and bird cage on her pages above and Jennie has used the little bird ‘just sitting’ on her page below. When colouring your Silhouette figure always remember it is easier to colour it on the sheet and only cut it out once you are finished and ready to place it onto your page.

The page below was created by Jennie, our Consultant in Townsville, Queensland. She has used the paper I have shown you above and the Winter Song dies, but this time she has used the branches and not the wreath. I always love sand on a page, Jennie has used the AZZA Winter Song Decoration duo and two colours of AZZA sand.

Page created by Jennie Banks, Townsville. Queensland, Australia

To use two colours of sand, first cut out the shape you require with the AZZA double-sided adhesive paper and stick it onto your page. Peel off the top sheet and now you are ready to place your sand onto your page. Below I have used the AZZA stencil Water Fun to show you how to work with two colours of sand.

Place your double-sided adhesive paper onto your page – it can be any shape
Place your stencil LIGHTLY onto the page where you want your decoration. If there is any double-sided adhesive tape showing block it off with your re-positional tape(as above). If you do not place it LIGHTLY you will struggle to get it off!!

Sprinkle your first colour onto the page.
Tap off the extra sand. Now, gently remove the stencil and re-positional tape.
Sprinkly the second colour of sand onto your page and tap off. You can always press down a little with your finger before you tap off the excess.
Too easy!!

Do pop along to our online store and take a look at all the colours of sand that are availabe:

You can see the different colours by clicking on the ‘arrow’ in the box under colour.

This is a beautiful die as it can be used in so many ways. You do not have to use the ‘wreath’ as a complete circle as seen in the lovely layout below by Scrapmoum, Europe.

The Lighthouse stamp is yet to be released in Australia.

I will show you a few more creations from the Ladies in Europe with the AZZA Boston stencil.

AZZA Suisse, Europe

Once again a beautiful double border which has been chalked and the use of the Silhouette figures and the cutting die for decoration. Note the cutting die has been used on a photo so the tones are perfect.

Anne-Nathalie Gugenheim, AZZA Europe

To bring the blue of the bird onto the page, Anne-Nathalie used a blue Woody pen on her white paper. Note how she did not keep the circular image of the AZZA A4 Sketch sheet, but has cut it straight on the bottom for a different look. I love the way she has extended the branches in the middle photo with her own little die cut branches.

On the page below Valerie has used the new AZZA Chocolate ink on her Mustard page. Note how she has used strips and punched out little circles from similar photos or off-cuts in her decorations. She has mounted her images off the A4 Sketch sheet onto Chocolate paper to make them stand out on the page.

Valerie Rots, Europe

The next page is a double page on the new AZZA Mustard colour and chalked in Chocolate. The texture stencil used is from the AZZA Zoo theme. The following two sets of pages were created by SoScrap RJ2S in Europe. If you want to create a page that is a little more challenging, these are for you.

The second set by SoScrap, this one is a little easier. Note her brown chalking/inking to outline her Title on the paper – this makes it stand out beautifully.

And for something a bit more challenging from Scrap Toinon in Europe. An interesting fold on an AZZA double page with a flippet to keep it closed. I love her use of the AZZA Jute on the decorations. She has used the AZZA Snowflake die as well as the Winter song.

I love the use of the little bit of AZZA jute on the branch

Those sample pages of Boston should keep you going for a while, but I will share with you a few pages using two other AZZA stencils that I like and wanted to share with you for inspiration.

This page by idscrap using the AZZA Rosette stencil is lovely. You can see the paper is the same as used with the Boston pages above, but in the green. She has also used her cutting dies on photographs, great to keep the tones on the page perfect. I love the inking to finish off the shape of the stencil, note how she has carried it onto the paper.

Sue Talbot in New South Wales sent me a lovely layout she has done using the AZZA Rosette stencil and the Big shot Starter kit 2, the branches are very similar to the Winter Song cutting die.

Page created by Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia

For those of you that loved Paris-Istanbul the new Scrap Kit ‘Unique Moments’ is very similar. A great single stencil that is just so easy to use!
Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Vic. Australia

The page above was created by Hilary using the AZZA Scrap Kit – Unique Moments. Hilary has used AZZA Sand as part of her decoration.

Estelle, Passion Scrap Aveyron. Europe

Once again, the decoration has been made with products from the AZZA Zoo theme.

A lovely page, the stamp used on the papers is from the AZZA Scrap Kit Plus -Souvenir.

AZZA, Europe

This is a very simple page, using AZZA papers, pens and the Typewriter stamp and die set and Scrolls from the AZZA Vintage theme. Note how the stamped image has been enhanced with pens.

Lastly a simple page not using a stencil at all but created in the AZZA style. The AZZA wooden frames have been used, the Weather texture stencil, Silhouette figures, AZZA pearls and the little stamp used came with the Scrap & Moi magazine. Once again, you can see a few colours were used together in the chalking/inking.

As you can see, the AZZA Weather texture stencil has been very popular. A great one to add to your collection.

Happy Scrappin’


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Boston … the new AZZA Stencil in March …..

The new AZZA Stencil available is BOSTON. This has been released together with the themed products ‘Winter Song’. Two beautiful colours have come into the range, I am so pleased to see Chocolate back, the other colour is Mustard. These two colours go beautifully together and are perfect for Autumn photographs.

The BOSTON Studio Kit:

Christine Houbrechts in Belgium has created some beautiful pages using the Boston stencil:

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.

This layout shows the AZZA Boston stencil with a beautiful winter theme to go with the Winter Song products.

Chris has applied her white ink with Pom-poms to make it look like snow. AZZA Australia are now selling these pom poms in 2 different sizes.

The lovely little branches are cut with the AZZA Winter Song cutting die and can be used with almost any theme on the page.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

Note how Christine’s ‘corners’ are facing outwards instead of inwards on this page. Chris has used various colours of inks/chalks to blend with the photographs. The stamp she has used with the string of lights will be released in Australia later in the year.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

I always like to show you a page created with the stencil using only one photo. Pages can be created with all AZZA stencils using only one photo, but you must be prepared to put a little more effort into your decorations. On the page above Chris has used lovely inking on her papers, following the lines of the stencil. The ‘love’ and ‘heart’ images will be released a little later in Australia. We are often a little behind on products released in Europe as we have to allow for delivery and of course the hold up in Customs from time to time. If you see any AZZA products that you would like to order but are not in our catalogue please contact your Consultant to find out when they will arrive in Australia.

The AZZA Australia 2019 Catalogue has been uploaded onto our website. This is our new catalogue for the year.

All products in our 2019 Catalogue should be available until at least the end of the year. If there are any products that you cannot find, please use the ‘Search’ button in our shop to look for them, they may be in our ‘End of line’ section. If numbers are low on products and we can no longer re-order them from Belgium they are not included in our 2019 Catalogue as we know they will run out before the end of the year.

Verlaine continues to produce some wonderful pages. Christine created the page below, again using only one photo in the Vintage theme. I know many of you have old family photos you have been meaning to scrap for years, this will surely inspire you to get them out and into an album.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.

I found a set of pages created by Celine using the pre-cut set of pages I wanted to share with you. Celine has decorated her page using the AZZA products from the Vintage theme: texture stencil, embossing folder and cutting dies. She has also used the little ‘Flipetts’ to hold her pages closed.

This month 2 more chalk collections have been added to the AZZA collection: Bordeaux and Pale Green

Pale Green

Chalking is a lot of fun and so delicate on the page. It fills corners and gaps and is perfect to lay a foundation for your decoration. It completes the page in so many ways without taking your eyes from the photos. If you would like to learn more about Chalking contact your Consultant and ask about classes.

Page by Estelle, Passion Scrap Aveyron

Estelle has used the green chalks on her page above. The uninterrupted lines can be obtained by using the tool stencil that is part of the Boston set.

Chalking can also be used to create a frame on your page as shown on the page below by Nolwenn. She has used the AZZA Rosette stencil with the Water theme products to complete her page.

Chalking and chalk pens can be used to enhance your decoration. As you can see below the chalks have been used to complete the stencil shape on the left, on paper to the right and around and within the actual decoration to tone it into the page.

Chalks are best used on lighter coloured papers and pages, for the darker pages I would use inks.

I couldn’t resist showing you this page by L’escrapade in Belgium with the AZZA Frog die and stamp. Chalks have been used for the background and some of the decoration together with pens.

Page by L’escrapade with Verlaine pre-cut pages

These little stamp/die cuts sets are very affordable at $16.00. Lastly on chalking, don’t forget to use your chalk on papers. This is especially useful when the tone of the paper isn’t quite right. The page below by Floscrap using the AZZA Aqua stencil is a great example of bringing the colour of the photos onto the paper.

On looking for Chalking samples to share with you I came across this calendar which shows some lovely layouts using the AZZA Chalks.

Hopefully, we don’t skip through the year quite as fast as it took us to scroll through the calendar, although time seems to be flying by.

I am settling well into Western Australia and have almost completed my Scrap room so can get back to creating some of my own samples to show you.

All Birthday Retreats will soon be over and I will share with you some of the fun that was had by all across the country. Victoria and New South Wales are still to hold theirs and there are places available for both. Sue Talbot is holding the NSW retreat so do go along to the AZZA website to get her details or contact me. Hilary Hamilton will be running the AZZA Victoria retreat in the Dandenong Ranges.

Happy Scrappin’


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10th Birthday AZZA Scrapping Retreats

The AZZA 10th Birthday Scrapping Retreats are finally here.

Jennie and Sue ran theirs over the weekend up in Townsville and great fun was had by all. They have been very good at keeping the secret: just what stencil will be used at the Retreats!

Jennie and Sue with their group of Ladies at their 10th Birthday Scrapping Retreat

This weekend will see all the Queensland Ladies gathering on Bribie Island for their Scrapping weekend and the WA Ladies will be gathering the weekend after.

There are 2 places available at the WA 10th Birthday Scrapping weekend, 1-4th March up in Toodyay as unfortunately, a few ladies have had to pull out. Please get in touch with Fi McKay if you would like to attend. Fiona, Ros, Barb and Wendy will all be at the weekend to help you with your AZZA layouts and decoration.

AZZA Tasmania is holding 3 x ‘Day’ events, please get in touch with Theresa, Ellen or Deb Byrne: to find out more information.

The Verlaine stencil is selling well with lovely layouts being created. Like all AZZA stencils, it is great for 1 photo or lots of photos. With the pre-cut pages you can make a set of pages and include a whole story on the one page. One of our Consultants down in Victoria makes the most amazing combination of pages which I will feature in a blog soon. They are fun to create and wow, you get lots of photos onto your pages. She has also used the plastic 30 x 30 sleeves to put them in which I will show you how to use with your AZZA pull out pages.

AZZA Europe

This is a beautiful page by Creativ’ann in Europe using only one photo. She has used the AZZA Weather texture stencil for her decoration with 3 colours of ink/chalk. The smaller blue decoration is with the Alize theme products. This page would make a beautiful Title page too.

If you receive the AZZA Mail Out, you will have received a Texture stencil this month and information on the many ways it can be used for decoration both on your page and for those of you that enjoy card making, on cards. If you would like to know more about the AZZA Mail Out please get in touch with your Consultant or me. The AZZA Mail Out is great for inspiration if you live too far away from a Consultant to attend classes, it will give you ideas and training on how to advance your decoration techniques.

Created by L’escrapade

Using the other side of the AZZA Verlaine stencil this beautiful combination was created by Laurence Bourgoin in Europe. The page complete is above, below you can see the top page opened and the back page exposed. Laurence has used the AZZA Vintage themed products for her decoration.

She has used the beautiful AZZA Vintage paper on her page.

AZZA Vintage paper –

…………. the lovely Sewn Dies that AZZA has, both in Circles and Squares.

AZZA Sewn Concentric Circles:

And, the AZZA die she has used is part of the Vintage theme: AZZA Vintage Friezes. These are well worth investing in as you can use them with any theme on your page.

The paper used on the back page has been embossed with the Vintage Embossing folder and then coloured with inks/chalks.

Laurence’s chalking on the pages to finish off the decorations is so gentle it completes the page but does not take your eyes off the photos.

I do hope those of you that are attending one of the AZZA Retreats will have an amazing time and feel as though you have learned a lot after the weekend. I know you will enjoy the AZZA product that you will be working with as we (The Directors) worked with it on our trip to Europe back in October last year. Once the Retreats are all done and dusted I will feature many of the layouts that were created on these weekends away, as the product will be available in Australia once our Retreats are completed.

If you are in WA and haven’t booked but would like to attend, please get in touch with Fi ( as there are 2 spaces still available.

Happy Scrappin’


Decoration using picture from an AZZA A4 Sketch sheet, string and AZZA Cord.

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Sale, sale, sale ……..

The AZZA SALE in Australia has been going well. I know many of you may be thinking ‘I’ll get around to having a look’ – the sale will only run until the end of the month, 31st January. Some items are already sold out, so do pop along this long weekend and take a look.

We have a few Book/Stencil sets for our 30 x 60 stencils. These are where the 2 AZZA stencils can be laid side by side to create a double page layout. These are normally $42.00 but are on sale for $29.40. This is the price of a duo stencil normally, so you are getting the book for free.
Scrapbooking et carterie en Savoie
Celine, AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
Rachel Timms, Brisbane. Queensland
Petra Jeynes, South Australia
Jennie Banks, Aitkenvale, Queensland.
Jennie Banks, Aitkenvale, Queensland.
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

There are also some of our Stencil Duo packs available, normally $29.50 but now only $20.65. Noisette Duo is one of them.
Layout by Dawn Bopf, Meridan Plains. Queensland
Layout by Barbara Rae, Eaton. Western Australia
Layout by Deb Byrne. Hobart, Tasmania

Essential Duo comes with a ‘Tool’ stencil. This tool stencil allows you long uninterrupted chalking and inking lines. If you need to learn how to use this tool stencil please contact your Consultant for a lesson. They are amazing once you know how to use them properly.
Fiona McKay, Western Australia
AZZA Europe

Remember your AZZA Dies will fit the circle in the middle of the Essential stencil. Lovely sample page by Filo in Europe.

Be Creative, Europe

Don’t forget the Essential Duo comes with pre-cut pages too. These are fun to work with and you can get so many more photographs onto your page.

Eole Duo is on sale, this also has a ‘Tool’ stencil as part of the duo.

You can see how Filomena has used the tool stencil to get lovely uninterrupted chalking lines on her page.

Rachel Timms, Brisbane. Queensland

All the AZZA patterned paper has been marked down by 40%. These papers are in lovely tones that will not take your eyes off the photos on your page. Take a look at the selection. For those school photos:

And for your skiing holiday over the Festive season:

Or your Cruise ………

Whilst the sale is on, another item I would suggest you stock up on are the Texture stencils. These little stencils are so great as they complete your page so quickly and easily. These have also been marked down by 40%.
AZZA Europe with the new Verlaine stencil and a School theme
Anita Day, Maleny. Queensland

AZZA Micro stamps are marked down by 50%. These little stamps are only $4.95 each. Pop along and look at the collection.

AZZA Europe, a beautiful page with the Owl Micro Stamp and the AZZA Galapagos stencil duo

This is another little gem of a stamp – can be used with so many themes.

If you would like to see what the AZZA Scrap & Moi magazine has to offer, a few back issues are on sale, marked down to $9.30. Why not purchase one and see if you would like to get a subscription. I find these are great as they certainly give me inspiration to get scrapping when they arrive in the post. Unfortunately, they are only in French, but as I always say – The pictures are all in English too.

If you would like to learn a little more about inking and cannot get to a Consultant the AZZA Focus Inking book has been reduced to $20.00

A few AZZA Dies are on sale, this one being my favourite. This wreath can be used throughout the year if you cut off the little piece of holly on the inside. It fits the AZZA stencils with the 10cm circle. Marked down to $26.00, only a few in stock so do hurry.
Australian Card by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria.

For quick decorations I have always said you cannot go past our AZZA A4 sketch sheets. All you need to do is cut them out and place them on your page over some chalking or inking, mounted on paper or with a little cord around them. Voila – you have a decoration. The Photography page below comes in both pink and blue. At $1.75 you can afford to add some to your stock.

Lastly a quick look at the AZZA lace figures or silhouettes. Again, these are so easy for quick decoration. Remember to colour them on the sheet before you cut them out, it is far easier that way.

Jennie Banks used this Silhouette on her wedding page earlier in the blog. They are great for threading giltter tape or ribbon through.

For cruising you can’t go past this one …..

Many of you will have been skiing over the Christmas break, this little sheet is great, yes I know you won’t use the French words, but the mountains, snowflakes and ski poles are perfect.

Lyn Holmes, Perth.

Also check out the AZZA Ruby Ski stamp set for your holiday photos.

I think that is enough for you to take a look at for now. Pop along to our online shope and scroll through the ‘On Sale’ items to see everything that has been marked down. Here is the link:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get hold of your Consultant or send me an e-mail.

Happy scrolling …….


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