AZZA Decoration

2 Responses to AZZA Decoration

  1. Mary Bass says:

    I live in the United States and I love the way you do these pages!! How can I purchase these? Thank you May

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Mary
      Sorry I have been away – but, yes you can purchase these products from AZZA in Australia. We ship to the USA and Canada. We hope to be able to set up there in the near future, but for now you have to order from Australia. Please e-mail me on with what you would like to order and I can then help with choices, etc. Our catalogue is at ….. here you will find all our products available. Once you are happy with your order, I will let you know what the postage will be and we can move from there. We prefer to debit a cc card as we do not have PayPal yet. I am then always on hand for any help with the product you have ordered. Regards Lyn

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