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6 Responses to Calendar

  1. hazel says:

    i am looking for maldives ideas in gallery and cant find it

  2. Keri C. says:

    Hi. Love these style pages. I want to try them. What type of writing utensil do you suggest using to mark the photos? Dry erase does not wipe off, pen and pencil don’t wipe off, other marker pens do not wipe off, using the metal part of a mechanical pencil damages the pictures. I need advice as to what to do.
    Thank you
    Keri C.

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Keri
      I am not sure if you got my reply or not, just going through my e-mail and not my blog.

      We sell an AZZA pen that does wipe off – it is actually a thin ‘whiteboard’ marker. To begin with it did wipe off all photos printed here in Australia (has never wiped off home printed photos) but sadly a lot of the shops have moved to cheaper quality paper and so the pen then will not wipe off.

      We also sell a white and blue pencil that will rub off any photos. I do hope this helps.
      Regards Lyn

  3. Suzanne A Rice says:

    I really want the stencil that I am seeing on the March page – Perfumes of the South – is it available to be shipped to the US? I have to get me some of these stencils! I came across these awesome pages everyone is doing on Pinterest – I was looking for different ideas and wow! These are amazing! I must get some!

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