AZZA Decorative Sands

The AZZA Decorative Sands are easy to use.  They can be used free-hand together with Decorative Stencils,  Stamping or used to create a shape with the stencil being used.  If you have a selection of colours including black and white, remember you can mix colours to get the right tone of sand colour for you page.  Remember the sand needs to compliment your page and not take your eyes away from the photos.

A close-up of Joy's page .. forgot to take a few more of the rest of her project .. so watch this space. We used an Glue pen to stick the sand to the page.  Stamp used was from the Holidays Theme.

Page by Joy Hamilton.

Just a very little sand was used here, but it completes the Deco.

In these two samples, the area where the sand was to be applied was covered with glue using a Glue Pen and the sand was sprinkled onto the glue immediately.  Once this has  been done the page needs to be left until the glue has had time to dry.

The other method of getting the sand onto the page is by using Jack Paper or Double-sided Glued paper ADH 106 in the AZZA Catalogue $13.50 for 4 A4 sheets.  This is quick and easy, the shape is cut out of the Jack paper. The paper removed from the one side of the shape and is then stuck onto your page, removing the second side of paper and the sticky surface is now ready for you to sprinkle the sand directly onto it.  Sprinkle liberally and then return the excess sand to the jar.


A mixture of sand colours used here.

Lace figurines can be used together with the sand, they look amazing.To do this, stick the lace figurines onto the Jack paper before applying the sand.

A close-up of Leonie's 'sand'.

A close-up of Leonie’s ‘sand’.



Sand can also be used on a canvas. Here I used the Ellipse shape, the heart is also covered with sand.

A canvas done with the lovely pink sand!  The heart has also been coated in sand.  Ellipse stencil was used on the canvas.

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