Surprise Pages

I love a weekend full of cricket and rugby – then my family don’t notice me scrapping!

I have had fun working with the new surprise pages – herewith the results.

Each page has a ‘flap’, so you can work with them individually or combine two together.  I have done one example of each.

Wonderful pages if  you have quite a few photos all on one theme.  Remember these pages will only work in an AZZA Album, as if they are in a plastic pocket you can’t flip them open.


Front page with flap to the right-hand side. I have used Angelina Alphabet stencil GAB217 and ‘Tree’ Duo Decorative Stencil GAB501.


Page with the flap open. Fun!

The following sample is putting two pages together.  A cream page and a deep, purple page.


The front (both flaps) – Top flap is cream, Bottom Flap is purple.

Next page is with both flaps open showing the purple page:


Cream flap UP and purple flap DOWN – showing full purple page with purple flap!

Now, you close the purple flap (Part of the purple page) and turn it over to show the full cream page:


I have attached a strip of the seating plan from the wedding to the back of the purple page.

Now I will show you the purple page on its own, and then the cream page on its own – hopefully this all makes sense – if not, come along to a class and you can see how it all works.


Purple page with the flap up ………..


Purple page with the flap down.

Now for the cream page:


Cream page with the flap down (This flap is the one that flips down over the purple page.


Cream page with the flap open.

When placing in the album, you put the two together, the purple page in front and the cream at the back.  Close the cream flap over the front of the purple and cream page together, close the purple flap.

Once you have opened both flaps to see the first page and the photos on the inside of the flap, you close the purple flat and turn the page over – showing the full cream page with the cream flap remaining open.

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