Using your AZZA Decorative stencils, stamps and Lace figurines

AZZA Decorative stencils are great to enhance your page and I know a lot of  Ladies have them and are not using them.  I thought I would post some samples to give you ideas on how to use them and combine them with the stamps and lace figurines AZZA have produced in the same theme.


Garden theme: Using Garden stamps TAM478, Garden duo Decorative stencil GAB 552 and Lace Figures Topiary PAP 965 and Garden PAP 964


Dream Holiday Theme: using Decorative stencil Beach GAB 556 and Dream Holiday stamps TAM 480.


Love texture stencil Love GAB 230, Lace figures Hearts PAP 962, and bird from Fifi Mandirac PAP 960, and Heart Love stamps TAM 477.


PR2 page by Floscrap – using Decorative stencil and Lace figures. Sadly we don’t have the bicycle anymore but we do have the beautiful leaf lace figures PAP 707 “Tree”



Close-up of the Decoration, note it is finished off with gel pens.



Beautiful page courtesy of Be Creativa – using Beach Decorative stencil GAB 556 and Holiday Labels stamp TAM483



A close-up so you can see how the decoration was finished off.


A beautiful creation by Isabelle using the Winter Celebrations Duo GAB 551. She has combined a few shapes on the stencil to create Festive Faces.


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