Ingrid’s Decorations

Hi Ladies

I have added a new link under the Blogroll – Ingrid’s European Scrapping Page – it is a lovely web page  I have come across with wonderful ideas for inspiration.

I know it is in French – but if you look down the left-hand side of the page you will see all the AZZA stencils listed.  If you ‘click’ on the name of the stencil, Ingrid’s sample pages will come up.

Here are a few samples of the cards Ingrid makes with her AZZA Decoration stencils.  These can be adapted to a normal page:


Using the AZZA stamps – Garden – TAM478. The lace figures could also be used in this form.


Using AZZA Stamps from the Dream Holidays range – Dream Holidays TAM 480 and the Decoration Cat stencils only available with AZZA Club


Using Decoration stencil Flowers – GAB 53. The birds are from a Decoration stencil no longer available. The little snail is a lace figure no longer available but we now have a lovely one called Field PAP 737 with frogs, tortoises and caterpillars.


Decoration stencil Flowers GAB531 and Field GAB 537 and the Cats stencil only available with the AZZA Club


Using stamps from the School theme range – School – TAM 488

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5 Responses to Ingrid’s Decorations

  1. Ingrid says:

    You can translate the page (french in english), it’s more easy 😉
    Or you click on “commentaires” and after “nouveau commentaire”.
    Thanks 😀

  2. Ingrid says:

    Hello, I discovered your blog by chance.
    Thank you for your nice compliments on my creations.
    There are stunning pages Azza on your blog.
    Cheers sharing internationally!
    Sorry but my english language is not so good.
    See you soon 🙂

    • lynholmes says:

      It is a pleasure Ingrid, I tried to leave a comment on your web but could not understand how – your English is better than my French!! I am glad you have seen how we enjoy your work.

  3. Janice Martinkovits says:

    Hi Lyn. I haven’t done scrapbooking for a few months but anxious to do some Azza work. Can you tell me something. Do you get your photos printed in the usual 4×6 size and then decide which template you’ll use OR do you plan ahead which template you will use and then get your photos printed accordingly. I’m confused because looking at some of the Azza samples, some of the photos look like maybe 5×7 which to me is planning ahead.

    Thanks Lyn



    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Janice
      Most of my photos I get printed 4×6, but the ones I like and want to emphasize in my album I will get enlarged. These I would look at putting on a page on their own or on a page with only one or two other photos. I print all my photos and then decide which I want on a page together, then look to see which stencil I would like to use. Sorry, I will make a note on the comments if I have used enlargements. I normally will go up to 5×7 for a photo I particularly like, or a photo I want to use on a page on its own. So no, no forward planning on which stencil I want to use, print the photos and then decide on the stencil when I am doing my pages. Hope this helps, Lyn

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