New Products available from 1st April.


Caribbean Studio – ALI 565 – $45.00 Stencil duo, Booklet and two sheets of African Animal lace figures


Ethnics Motifs – KIT 534. $70.00 Booklet, Stamp set, decoration duo and a sheet of silhouette figures



Focus embossing

FOCUS – Embossing – $70.00. This is a kit focusing on embossing. If you are interested I will have a kit in class for you to look at.



African Animals – PAP 751. Two sheets – $10.50


A sample page made with the new Caribbean stencil, decoration stencil and the elephant lace figures.

All items in the Caribbean Studio and Ethnics Motifs sets are available to purchase individually expect the Booklets.

The only booklet available on its own is the FOCUS – Embossing.

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3 Responses to New Products available from 1st April.

  1. lynholmes says:

    Have just sent you an e-mail, do let me know if you get it.

  2. lynholmes says:

    Hi Janice
    I did reply to your last query via e-mail – did you not get it? Give me your e-mail and I will reply to you directly. Thanks, Lyn

  3. Janice Martinkovits says:

    Hi Lyn. This is Janice Martinkovits. I have registered for your Azza class on the 15th April with two friends but was wondering firstly, can we do a page that opens out. If so, how many photos should we bring and will they all be 4×6” in size? Also, generally speaking when you do your own pages, do you print 4×6 and fit them in your templates or do you decide on the template first and then print the photos to the sizes you want? Some examples on the Azza site seem to use bigger than 4×6. I want to get back into my scrapping as I have had a long break but am not sure which way to do this. Also, I have to now go to Harvey Norman due to Big W’s poor quality photos. Thanks


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