Using two stencils in a layout


Here Mimouscrap, Europe has used two templates on her layout.  She has used Pir2 and Stained Glass. If you don’t have the Pir2 you can use the new Caribbean for the large circle.

Check out her website – she has lovely examples.  Yes, it is in French but down the left-hand side of the page she lists her albums, on the right-hand side she lists other websites you can go to for more samples.

Don’t forget AZZAWORLD.COM both the European website and the Australian website (.au) have a gallery with sample pages too.  Worth a look for inspiration!

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4 Responses to Using two stencils in a layout

  1. lynholmes says:

    For the newsletter do I put my e-mail under M’abonner or Rechercher? Sorry my French is not too good!!

  2. Mimou says:

    Dans le menu horizontal, qui se trouve juste sous la bannière, vous trouverez un classement par gabarit.

  3. Mimou says:

    Merci pour ce partage !

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