Layouts from some of the older templates …….


Paris-Istanbul by Yvette, Europe. I love this layout – kids having fun!


Be AZZA Kit Cree – Layout by Mimou, Europe. Free-style layout – also a fun page.


Those of you who have the H2O (Water) template – a lovely layout by Be Creativa, Europe. She has used the shape that runs down the side of the template (half a large water drop) for this page. Note the border in the bottom left-hand corner.


Stained Glass template by Christine Ronsin – Holiday Decoration template used for the decoration. I love the colours on this page.


Single page layout – beautiful by Christine Ronisn. The decoration was made using the Candles stamp TAM 514 – snowflakes from the new Winter Pleasures theme kit.


Sylvie Faurre layout using Be AZZA Kit Joue. The puzzle shapes were on the decoration stencil that came with the kit.


One of the older Be AZZA kits now available as Emotions KIT 916 by Foscrap. Love the colours she has used and decorations from Flowers Decoration template GAB 531


Older stencil now available as Voyage KIT 908 by Yvette. A beautiful layout. Decorations using decoration stencils and lace figures. Love the irregular border too.


Espere by Christine Ronsin. Lovely use of inking and little lines to complete the balance.


Scrapamie using Ellipse. The inking is quite heavy but it suits the photos. Two leaves from AZZA lace figures used as decoration too.



Original Reve template now available at nature KIT 924. Note how the second circle is made with an AZZA Frame Figure circle. Layout from AZZA World Blog. Love the little theme of circles on the page.

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3 Responses to Layouts from some of the older templates …….

  1. Carol Miller says:

    I love your temokates, how do I get them??

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Carol
      I am happy to hear you like the AZZA way of scrapping. If you live in Australia you can order from a Consultant, if you live in the States or Canada you can order through me here in Australia. Unfortunately, AZZA is not located in the States or Canada yet.

      You can go to our online website to see our products, but the postage on online orders is a blanket rate – AZZA encourage you to order through a consultant so that you have a contact to help you using the product and any advice, the postage is also cheaper as it is only the direct amount for your order from Brisbane to you, not the blanket rate.

      I do hope this helps and I am happy to be your Consultant if you wish, to help you with getting the product you need and further advice on how to use it and create beautiful pages.

      Regards, Lyn

  2. scrapmanou says:

    De superbes realisations

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