Wonderful layouts and ideas …..


A beautiful layout by Sabine Lebrun using the Madrid Template.

A lovely page by Sabine Lebrun.  Her colour tones are just perfect.  Note how she has continued the colours of the bottom  right-hand side photo onto the page with chalks.  Her decoration in the center is wonderful, note how she has high-lighted some of the stamped words.


Page by Christine Ronsin using the new Maldives stencil and the new set of AZZA Cocktail stamps.


A lovely page by Marie-Claire Evrard using Maldives. Note the clever use of the AZZA frames cut in half to make the kites. The white dots (texture stencil) bring the waves to life.


How lovely – thank you Jean-Noel Pilate for posting this beautiful Accordion Album.


Front page of a double-page posted by Francine Gillon. So peaceful, lovely colours. Using the new Maldives stencil and a large Heart PAP 515.


Inside spread: using AZZA hearts and butterflies.


Merci Karen Chiquet pour cette pause gourmande ! A little break gourmet snack? How about some fruit in season… plain or chocolate strawberries! yum… Thank you Karen Chiquet for this pause gourmande!


Page by Patricia Guillaume. Template Maldives.  Inks: yellow and green.The corners are marked with a kiwi felt pen. The small sentence is inked in 2 colours (green and yellow). Buffer texture ink blue


A page from Christine Houbrecht, Europe using Seychelles.


Different colours / same layout: layout by Christelle Gauthier


Front page of a double-page layout with Maldives by Fabienne Curet, Europe. Note the cut-out sections. The Cherries both large and small are part of the new AZZA stamps released this recently.


The inside spread.


Lovely idea for bookmarks using the new AZZA Theme Kit – Cocktails.


Thank you Christelle Daverio for the great idea!


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