Apologies for no recent posts!

Hi Ladies

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, I have been working almost full time for a friend.  Hopefully in the New Year I will have more time to spend on-line with you.


Herewith a few pages I managed to create over the weekend using the new Porto-Valparaiso template and the new 25×25 pages that are great at Title pages.  For the decoration I have used the AZZA Autumn Theme pack – it is a great pack and very versatile.



A cover page using the new 25×25 pages and the Porto-Valparaiso template. For decoration I used the new Leaves texture stencil and the wonderful AZZA Autumn stamps. I completed the page with chalking. Note I have cut about 1.5cm off the right-hand side of the second page (the chocolate page) so that the beige colour of the back page can be seen to match the Title page. This is my beautiful Mum enjoying a glass of red wine in the Barossa Valley.


Second page using Porto-Valparaiso again, the AZZA Autumn Stamps for the bunches of grapes and the Figurines for the lovely leaves.


Porto-Valapariso and the very versatile Leaves Texture stencil. The single leaf has been inked with the Decoration Stencil and then a little chalking for character.

This is an excellent texture stencil to get, it is very versatile and timeless.

Texture stencil LeavesAB532-400x400

AZZA Texture stencil ‘Leaves’ – $15.00

These vine stamps are great and the leaves are beautiful.  I do think these could be used on so many pages.  The smaller Pumpkin set is good value at $12.00 if you are not a great ‘Stamper’!

Grape Vine Mini Stamp - TAM528-400x400

AZZA Grape Vine Mini Stamp – TAM 528 – $27.50

Pumpkin Microstamp -TAM622-400x400

Pumpkin Micro stamp – TAM 622 ….. only $12.00

Pumpkin Silhouette figures -PAP1005-400x400

Pumpkin Silhouette figures – PAP 1005 – $9.00 I am not sure I would use the pumpkins but the vine leaves are beautiful. Coloured with either chalks or inks in any shades.




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  1. hazeliveli@optusnet.com.au says:

    hi lyn just checking next class is sat 6th in new roomslove your new posts hazel

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