January Sale

AZZA Australia is cleaning out the stock room to make way for all the new products of 2015 ……  take a look at the Sale Flyer.

2015 January Sale Flyer

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4 Responses to January Sale

  1. lynholmes says:

    Hi Beth
    Sorry both are out of stock already …. I will place an order incase there are any over after the sale. Will keep in touch.

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Beth
      I have managed to secure a madrid-Sydney on the sale items, sadly Danse is out of stock. I will let you know when I receive it and you can pop around to collect it.

  2. Beth Wallace says:

    Hi Lyn

    Happy New Year!

    Just wondering if I could please grab a Kit 213 Danse and the ALI 563 Madrid-Sydney?

    How do I go about ordering? Do I need to fill something in?

    Thanks for your help!

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Beth
      I have ordered Danse but think they are out, but will order the Madrid-Sydney. I have already put in an order today, if she has not sent it I will get yours added and you can collect from me.
      Regards Lyn

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