Wonderful pages produced in workshops

I thought I would share some of the lovely pages that have been produced in the workshops I have run.  Most of these Ladies have not done AZZA before and the pages they produced were amazing.

I am happy to come out to your home and run a workshop with 5 or more Ladies, saves you all travelling to me.  Do get in touch if you would like to find out more about running a workshop in your home/area.


Chris produced a beautiful page with one of the older templates. These are no longer available but I do have one in stock.


A lovely page again using one of our older stencils, Paris-Istanbul.


Pages using Paris-Istanbul on the left and Caribbean on the right.


Maria and Jeannie ( trying to hide!!) with their pages, on the left Bahamas and on the right Porto-Valparaiso.


What a fun page – using the Fiji template.


Karen and her Mum, Joan produced these pages. Joan managed a double page using Fiji on both and Karen worked with Porto-Valparaiso. Karen wanted to keep the lovely surf in the photo at the bottom, so we kept most of the photo, using the template for the top and the photos above.


A close-up of Karen’s page so you can see her use of AZZA sand on the page. Great with the theme of the page.


Janette and Fiona showing their pages – both managed a double page, Janette using Bahamas and Fiona Paris-Istanbul.


A close-up of Fiona’s page showing the use of white AZZA sand – looking like snow!


Double page by Debbie using Maldives and the Circles Decoration stencil.


Laurene, Daphne and Chris with their pages, using Caribbean, Bilboa and Mars-Venus templates.

As you can see, a beautiful page – or two – can be completed in a workshop.

Once you have mastered the AZZA style there are further workshops available in the Decoration of your page:  Using chalks, inks and borders.

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2 Responses to Wonderful pages produced in workshops

  1. Barbara says:

    I so enjoyed viewing the pages done in the workshop. Can’t wait for my order to come so I can start creating beautiful pages like theirs,

  2. hazeliveli@optusnet.com.au says:

    hi lyn im back when is next classregards hazel

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