Class in Penrith

Hi Ladies

I am happy to let you all know that I have found a venue in Penrith and will hold our first class on Saturday 13th June.  If this class is well attended I will hold a class once a month on a Saturday morning.

Please call me and book if you would like to come along.

For all class dates – check the Calendar pull-down menu of the Blog.


Special page with my Niece:

I have not used any template for this page as I have used the AZZA Giant Frame ‘Feston Large’ PAP 873 to make that special photo stand out. I have used Embossing for the decoration so as not to take away from the photos. I have used the AZZA Embossing stencils, a decoration from all three: Modulo, Scrolls and Spring. You can have such fun with them, they can also be used as a stencil with inks – no embossing.

The embossing has been highlighted with chalks.

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8 Responses to Class in Penrith

  1. lynholmes says:

    Will do, see you on the 7th.

  2. Daphne Clarke says:

    Hello Lyn
    Julie Parry and I are wanting to attend your Penrith class on Friday 7 August.
    Please advise times.
    Many thanks

  3. Mark Freeland says:

    Hello Lyn, Please reserve me a spot in the class for 13/6/2015. What was the class times again? Regards, Laurene

  4. says:

    yea book me in please

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