Telling a story in a set of pre-cut pages

AZZA has sets of pre-cut pages, these are great to get a set of photos together and tell a story within the set of pages.

The London – Rio stencil has corresponding pages:


Available in three sets of colours – see our catalogue for details


The front of a set of pages by Christine Ronsin, Europe.


Set of pages by Floscrap. She has added an extra Title page.

ALB-905 London

Available in three sets of colours – see the catalogue for details


Set of pages from AZZA World, Europe


AZZA World Europe set of pages.

The Brussels – Mexico stencil has corresponding pre-cut pages:


Mexico – Available in 2 different sets of colours – red/white/brown and blue/white/brown


Set of pages by Chantal Rapin.


Page by Christine Ronsin.


Brussels available in two sets of colours: browns and blues


Set of pages by Floscrap.

The Sofia – Lima stencil has corresponding pre-cut pages:


Lima available in browns and purples.


Sofia available in two different sets of colours: red/green/mist and blue/white

ALB930Sofia Fold out

Sofia fold-out set pages.

A set of pages I created:


Front and title page


Inside spread before opening flaps.


Inside spread with both flaps opened.

Sydney – Madrid have a set of corresponding pages:


Available in two sets of different colours and a pre- cut page for both the Sydney and the Madrid stencil.


A beautiful set of pages by Sabine Lebrun, using the Sydney-Madrid pre-cut pages. Title page.


Inside page with the flap up.


The lastest set of pre-cut pages are the Macau corresponding with the Bilboa-Macau stencil.  These are available in three different sets of colours:  Nature, blue and brown tones.  Each set contains 2 pages 30x30cm, 2 pre-cut pages 27.5×27.5cm and 2 pre-cut pages 25x25cm costing $18.50.


Herewith the set of pages I have completed using the set above together with a Double Fold-out Chocolate page.


Front Title page


The back of the title page.


First inside page – shaped


Back of first inside page.


Front page of the double chocolate fold-out page.


Inside right of the double fold out page.


Inside left of the double fold out page. The white rectangle you can see is in fact an Accordion sheet – these can be used as portrait or landscape and come in white, green, grey, chocolate, amethyst and natural. They add more photos to your page!


This is the accordion sheet opened up – 3 photos can be placed on this side.


Accordion sheet opened down – 4 photos can be added this side.

Happy scrapping.

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2 Responses to Telling a story in a set of pre-cut pages

  1. Felicity Farnsworth says:

    Hello, I wonder if you could please tell me if there is anywhere to buy these templates for delivery to the USA.

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Felicity
      There is no one in the States selling these items, we are currently looking for Consultants to train them up. At the moment we send product to the states, as you don’t pay the Australian taxes, it off-sets a bit of the postage.

      The way we do it: you let me know what items you would like, I draw up a quote of product and shipping price, you transfer the funds, we send. This has worked well in the past. I am also happy to skype with you or send you instructions on how best to work with the templates. I am also always available for any help.

      So let me know if I can be of help,
      You can e-mail me on with your order and of course your address so I can work out the shipping.

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