New Techniques – New Products in November (Part 1 and 2)

Hi ladies

Apologies – only half the blog was uploaded yesterday!  Hopefully you will enjoy the second half of all the news I have uploaded for you all.

We had a wonderful AZZA Consultant Seminar up in the Gold Coast last weekend.  It was great to have all the Consultants together and get to know one another whilst sharing thoughts and ideas.

We worked on the new products that will be released in November, but sadly I cannot share that info with you just yet …… but I can show you some of the techniques we covered.


Ladies working hard

Team photos were taken – The New South Wales Team members that managed to make it to the Seminar


Denise (Lake Cathie), myself, Lynette (Beresfield) and Roxanne (Albion Park Rail)

Consultants received awards for Achievements:

Congratulations to Lynette of the New South Wales team for her excellent Sales Figures.


Jennie from Queensland and I received our 4th Feather.  This feather covered Titles and Comments, Embossing and Inking so we are now able to teach ALL aspects of the AZZA Scrap-booking.

A bit of fun was had :


All beginning with ‘B’: Bat Girl (Hilary from Victoria) Bob Marley (Myself), Boxer (Deb from Tassie) and the Bride (Ros from WA – Perth)

And then down to business.

Classes in techniques to show the Consultants new ideas/techniques to pass on to their Ladies.

The Consultants had a mini-class on what could be created with the AZZA Woody pencils:


AZZA Woody Pencils.


Playing with Woody pencils – the ‘writing’ was done by using an aqua pen with the woody. The mountains created with the pencils and torn-paper.


Hilary’s (Victoria Team Leader) layout using torn paper and woody pencils.


A close-up of Hilary’s work: Creating a Scene. Hilary used our AZZA Velour for the sun and chalks for the sunset. Torn paper and woody pencils for the landscape.

Next we played with the AZZA Pearl Makers:


Our AZZA Pearl Makers are available in many different colours. Great for decoration and creating a bit of texture.


A sample card using the Pearl Makers.


Decoration on a page made by Ros from Perth, WA.


A page of mine using the pearl makers together with stamps on the outside of the page and in the inner circle, used as the centre of the flower together with chalks.

Deb from Tassie held a class on ‘Creating a Scene’ off the photo:


Deb’s competition winning page. Note the decoration in the top and bottom right: creating a scene


Two sections here have been created together with the photo strip in the middle.


Deb used this sample for the Consultants to try.


A close-up of the finished scene.


A close-up of the scene – Deb used chalks and inks. Note the decoration compliments the photo, does not take your eye away from it.


This is Anita’s page that shows how to compliment your photos by creating a scene. Note top left and bottom right scenes.


Scene in the top left, Anita used our Brussels-Mexico stencil for this layout.


Anita’s beautiful pelican … the reflection was made using our brushes and white ink.


Another page of Deb’s showing how to create a scene using the AZZA Tree stamp.


Close-up of the scene – reflections.

I ran a mini session on Wet Embossing:  Embossing gives your page some texture and it is so quick and easy to do.  Using stamps, if you inks are not pigment but chalk, you can use the AZZA Versamark stamp pad over your colour stamped image to get the embossing powder to stick.  You can also emboss our AZZA figurines – they come out beautifully!


A sample sheet showing the stamped image compared to it being embossed once or twice. AZZA Embossing powder and Versamark stamp pad.


Two stamped images embossed, pearl makers used for the centre of the flower.


The pencils in the ‘pot’ were all embossed.


My sample page for wet embossing: I embossed the ‘pile of books’ the ‘feather pen’ and the pencils, all from the AZZA School theme kit.


On this page I embossed the strawberries on the right of the page and used them in 3D.

We had a gallery over the weekend of work by the Consultants so I will leave you with some of their lovely layouts.



Page by Hilary (SA) using the Bilbao-Macau stencil.


Close-up of her beautiful decorations.


Page by Deb from Tassie using Bilbao-Macau stencil.


Close-up of her decorations using our AZZA Figurines.

Scan 1

Page by Rachel (QLD) using the Bilbao-Macau stencil – note her beautiful use of sand. To get these tones Rachel mixed a few of the AZZA sands together.

Scan 2

Lovely page by Wendy (QLD), using the Bilbao-Macau stencil. Note her use of papers.

Scan 2

Beautiful page by Petra Jeynes (SA), using the Porto-Valparasio stencil. Note her lovely chalking.

Scan 2

Page by Lynette, NSW -Using the Bahamas stencil and our new little tractor stamp. Note her ‘creating a scene’ at the top of the page – lovely work.

Scan 3

Beautiful page by Denise (NSW) using the Paris-Istanbul stencil. Everyone should have this stencil in their collection, it is my “go to” stencil. Always produces a lovely page. Lovely use of sand and chalks. Denise mixed a few AZZA sands together to get the right tone for the page.

Scan 1

Rebecca from Victoria created this lovely page using the Seychelles stencil. Note her lovely use of sand at the bottom of the page and chalks to the top of the page.


Robyn from QLD used Rome-Tokyo for this stunning layout. She used the AZZA Swedish Christmas figurines silhouette frieze in the middle of the circles, it looks great.


Ros from Perth used our latest stencil, Mauritius for this nautical layout. She used Dona alphabet stencil for the heading, lovely bright page.

I hope you are looking forward to the new releases in November and a few ideas for Christmas.

Happy Scrappin’

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