November – New products

Hi Ladies

Christmas is around the corner, with November comes our ‘New Products’ release.

New productsNovember2015

We have a new FOCUS, Theme Kit and Stencil – this will be the last big release of the year.  All these products you will love, they are all so timeless and can be used on pages with any theme.  A must for your AZZA Collection!

Firstly:  The stencil – TORONTO


This stencil has been brought out in a new style.  One stencil and one stencil ‘tool’.  The three ‘pop-out’ pieces allow you to create long lines of chalking, inking or pencil line on your page without the vertical lines of the actual stencil getting in the way.  Come along to a workshop and see how EASY it is to use.  The layout below by Anita shows the lovely long line of inking on the page which was created by using the new idea.


At the AZZA Seminar all the Consultants were given Toronto and the same photos to work with … take a look at how different all the pages looked.


Five different pages with the same stencil, photos and the new Mandala Theme kit decorations


Scan 5

Scan 10


A lovely layout by Hilary created with the new template and the new ‘Mandala’ figurines.



A close-up of Hilary’s decoration using the new AZZA Leaves stamps and the new Mandala figurines.

The new FOCUS Kit is ‘Leaves’.  These pages are smaller than our Concentric pages released earlier in the year and have a ‘Circle/Oval’ that fits at the end of them.  This little circle fits with the Toronto stencil so can be used on a page on its own too.

Here is a sample I created using the new AZZA Toronto stencil and the new Theme Kit Mandala decorations.

Scan 4

Set of pages together.

Scan 7

Back of front page.

Note the beautiful little leaf figurines – these can be used on all those flower pages Ladies!!

Scan 5

Second page – the circle can be seen on this page as it is white

Scan 6

The circle/oval open.

Scan 8

Back of the second page

Scan 9

Back page using the new Mandala Deco stencil and one of the new figurines. This figurine has been stamped, inked and then embossed.

A second sample page by Dawn, Team Leader  QLD.  Dawn has used the Theme Kit Couture for decorations – Beautiful work Dawn.


The front of the set – note the amazing decoration Dawn has created using the AZZA Couture Theme kit decorations.

Scan 1

The second page, Dawn has secured her little circle with a strip and a magnet.

Scan 2

The circle/oval opened.

Scan 3

Back page.

Hilary, AZZA Team Leader in SA, has created these pages using the FOCUS Kit Leaves, the new Toronto stencil and stamps from the new Mandala theme kit.

Scan 6

Set of pages.

Scan 7

Second page including the smaller circle/oval.

Scan 8

Circle/oval open – playing ‘Where’s Wally’ is little Lea from the AZZA stamps decoration Tim and Lea.

Scan 9

Back page.

On the page below that Joselou, Europe has created with the new stencil and Theme kit she has used the circle/oval straight onto a normal page.


A page by Joselou, Europe with the new Toronto stencil and Mandala decorations. Note the left hand photo is on the circle/oval addition.


The circle/oval open.

Lastly a page I have created using the new Toronto stencil.  I have coloured and embossed the Figurines.

Scan 3

A tip we all were given by Anita at ACR – Note the three ‘Dots’ on the right-hand side of the page …… these are the centres of the perforations on the left-hand side of all pages – the holes to go into the Albums.  All pages have these – keep them and use them on your pages as the colour tones will match.  Dots and dashes are used often for decorations, if you have used a different colour paper on your page, these circles on the paper, will match the colour of your page perfectly!

The micro stamp Mandala I think is a MUST for you all – used here by Christine Caparros on her page – it is only $12.00 and I think it is a classic.

Christine Caparros_o

Christine has used the stencil Porto-Valparasio and her decorations are from the new Mandala stamp range.


A beautiful page I found on Pinterest created with the new Toronto stencil, sorry don’t know who created it, but they have used the Micro stamp and the little figurines that come with the Studio Kit called Lace Doilies. They have used one cut in half.

Don’t just think green ladies ………  it can be done in BLUES!


Lovely page by Valerie Rots using the new Mandala Theme Decorations.

And guess what …………. it can even be used with Giraffes!!


Created by AZZA, Europe. The Title has been created with the new Alphabet stencil ‘Sue’

A lot of new product to play with as you create your Christmas cards, presents or continue getting all your 2015 photos into an album before 2016!!!

Happy Scrappin’


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