December is upon us

In addition to our Christmas Catalogue we have some new products released in December in Australia: (Click on the link below to view)

New productsDecember2015

The special Edition Scrap & Moi does not come as part of your subscription, it is a Christmas special edition.  It has some lovely layouts covering many of the AZZA stencils.


Here is a sample of the lovely little AZZA gift box decorated with the Mandala stamps.  Made by Nathalie Macioszek, Europe.

Nathalie also created this beautiful card using the ‘Christmas on Ice’ theme pack and the ‘Christmas on Ice’ texture stencil.


The Christmas decorations below were also created by Nathalie, what a fun project to do with you kids or Grandchildren before Christmas.

Nathalie Macioszek Boules Noël


A beautiful Christmas card using the AZZA Deco Box ‘Round’ – $8.00 for two boxes.  The boxes come in a few different shapes.  Created by AZZA Europe, the box has been decorated and the stamp is from the AZZA ‘Trees’ stamp set TAM 464.  They have filled the box with  lovely winter snowflakes.

I just love the set of stamps that came with the AZZA Recipe kit.


TAM 0007 – $33.50

These stamps are great to use on both Scrap-booking pages and cards.  We all have pages with photos of food – come along to class and try them out.



How cute is he!

Also created with the ‘Christmas on Ice’ Theme kit, using the Maldives stencil, this beautiful page by Les Scraps d’Yvette, Europe.  She has used the accordion page so extra photos can be placed on the layout.


This is the page with the accordion page closed – her decorations are beautiful.



These accordion pages are available in a number of colours and are only $7.00 each.  They can be used either way depending whether you have portrait or landscape photos.

I thought I would spend a bit of time showing you some ideas for decorations and the use of circles.


Page by Be Creativa, Europe using the Bilbao-Macau stencil.  These circles within the layout lend themselves to journalling and/or decoration.


Here she has used the circle for a title and decoration using the Summer Cocktail theme kit.  Note the little glass is in 3D.  She has chalked the circle before placing the decoration and title on the page giving it nice definition.


This lovely page by Floscrap, Europe.  She has used punched circles on the page with a bit of raffia on one side.  This can also be done using the AZZA wooden circles. Note the delicate chalking inside the wooden circles.  The smaller circles have a heavier centre, this could be done with velvet powders, sand or paper.  This page was created using the AZZA interlocking method and can be done without using a stencil.


Circles have been used to highlight the decoration on this lovely page by Scrapngo, Europe.  She has punched a circle out of a square of paper, once again this page has been created without a stencil but using the AZZA interlocking method.


I have used the same idea on my page above created using the Mauritius stencil.  The little yacht is popping out of a circle punched through the light blue paper.


Remember your punched circles can be cut in half – I love this Title page by Floscrap, Europe.  She has used the Japanese Spring Theme kit for the decorations.  Note she has inked around the edges of the circle and semi circles.


Another lovely page by Floscrap using circles both whole and cut in half.  She has used a texture stamp on the semi circles.  Again a page created using the inter-locking method without using a stencil.  The texture on the vertical pieces of paper was created using one of the AZZA Embossing stencils.


This page by Ingrid in Europe once again shows how one circle cut in half and slightly off-set can create a lovely background for ‘decoration’.  This decoration has been raised so is in 3D in front of the circles.


Porto-Valparaiso stencil is also a great stencil to include decoration into the layout.


I know I have posted this layout of Sabine’s before, but take a look at her decoration in the bottom circle.  Look carefully and you will see it is decoration, not a photo   …..  connecting the two photos and using the delightful little AZZA seagulls!


This page by ScrapbookMili, Europe   She has used circles stamped with a texture stamp as a background on the paper circles for the starfish decorations.


A striking page by Crimalou, Les pages de Cricri Jolie, Europe using Porto-Valparaiso.  I love the way she has decorated her little semi circle.


Joselou, Europe created this fun page using only one photo.  Circles, circles and then some.  She has used the little AZZA Elves stamps and has embossed the paper used on the page.  I love this page, it is FUN on a page!

CirclesNathalie Macioszek (13)

Another of Nathalie Macioszek’s pages using Bahamas stencil with a cut circle used as a background for decoration.  Note how she has chalked the circle.  A lovely page.


Here Sylvie Faurre, Europe has used little circles with the Fiji stencil.  The circles go well with the Fiji shape and she has used them to highlight her decorations.  Using the Couture Theme Kit for decorations on this page Sylvie has used the Texture stamp on the circles before mounting her little decorations on them.  The tree is from the AZZA Tree stamp range. A beautiful page, lovely chalking too.

Lastly I saw this wonderful idea for those of us that LOVE photos and layouts – but I think you do need a ‘special’ wall!  Christmas project anyone???


Well, that should leave you with some thoughts for decoration on your unfinished pages or those you are about to create!

Happy Scrappin’





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