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Hello Ladies

Finally back to normal and can send out some info on the new products AZZA has in store for you.

We have our Catalogue on our website Azzaworld.com.au, but have now introduced a new smaller ‘Flipping’ Catalogue with the products that will be released over the next few months. This can be downloaded and printed.

Pop along and take a look: Seasonal Catalogue


In the month of May our ‘Tribal Indian’ Theme was released.   It is a great collection as it can be used across so many themes and fill in corners and spaces so well.  As usual you can buy the ‘Kit’  (above) which comes with a Booklet, stamps, decoration stencil and figurines or each product (excluding the booklet) can be bought separately.

The Large and Micro stamps are very useful:

Tribal Indian Large stamp set

Tribal Indian – Large Stamps Set.  $33.50


Tribal small

Tribal Micro Stamps – $9.90


These pages are by Rozenn in Europe, I have included a few close-ups so you can see the detail.  Once you have stamped your image, always enhance it with pens or pearl makers.


Remember you don’t always have to use the whole stamp.  This stamp is great for edges or corners.






A few more:


AZZA World


AZZA World

Whilst we are on decorations, I just loved this page by Christine Ronsin, using our new bicycle stamp, sadly I could not find the full page but the decoration is beautiful.



Christine has used chalks, inks and a little piece of lace figurine which she has coloured


TAM 703 – $9.90

A new stencil will be released in June, it is called Mirage.


GAB 718 – Mirage

This is a very versatile stencil and will get many photos onto the page.  It comes with a whole lot of ‘flipping’ too.  There are pre-cut pages that can be bought to work with the stencil on getting more photos onto your page and just a whole lot of fun!!

The Focus Kit for this stencil is called ‘Leaves’ and this will come with an Instruction booklet and several pages to get you started.  Take a look at the page in the Catalogue:  Leaves



Page by Scrap en Chartreuse, with the middle smaller page flipped open.




AZZA Europe, this time the smaller page is flipped to the side.



Page by Araviscrap, Europe.  The smaller page flips to the left.


francois robin mirage

Page by Francois Robin, Europe.

mirage Fabienne

Page by Fabienne Graulich-Lorge, Europe

mirage Fabienne Graulich2

Page by Fabienne Graulich-Lorge, Europe

The next two pages have the shape of the stencil used as a frame.

mirage Marie-Helene Soulagnet

Marie-Helene Soulagnet, Europe.


Nadine Radoux, AZZA Europe

Here is a page created by Scrap Mie, that I love because I love giraffe, but also a nice challenge:

Front ScrapMie27589907509250440_n


This is the front page with one flap open.


Both flaps open.


All flaps open!!!!

There are just so many options with pages and the stencil.

Here are a few pages just using the stencil, no flipping pages.


Page by Regine Blanchard, Europe.


Sylvie Faurre – AZZA, Europe


I love this page by Rosalie Seguin-Noel, Europe.  She has used stamps, chalks, embossing and pearl makers, beautiful decoration on the page but the photo still stands out.


Page by Rozenn, Europe.


AZZA, Europe


Christelle Starck, Azza Europe

You will have noticed that on a lot of pages our new AZZA ‘Walk in the Park’ stamps were used.  This will become one of our classics I am sure, it can be used with so many themes.


TAM0020 – $33.50

New stamps

A lovely little sample of what can be done by Christine Caparros, Spain.

For those of you that haven’t noticed, we have released 2 new Accordion stencils (3 smaller stencils in a set) – they are great for presents or just to have in your home for your photos to be displayed.



GAB 453 Accordion stencil trio – Peace.  $25.00



GAB 454 Accordion stencil trio – Pleasure.  $25.00



With all the EXCITING new products we will have two promotions in June:

June promotion

June promotion PAN 029 – The Lot.  $185.00

This includes all the products from the Studio Kit mirage, the Focus Leaves XL and the ‘Promenade’ range of products.



June promotion PAN 030 – Mirage.  $115.00

This will include Mirage Studio and the Focus Leaves XL.

Lastly, to visit a few older stencils.

Porto-Valparaiso stencil:



Paris-Istanbul stencil:


….   and a fun double page with two folded circles to add more photos.  For these circles you can use stencils with the large circle:  Bilbao-Macau or Caribbean.

Double pagesScrapReine-Marie

Class dates in Turramurra for the month of May:

Friday, 13th May

Wednesday, 25th May.

Happy Scrappin’








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