Spring is in the Air

We have had two wonderful stencils released in Australia recently, these should keep you scrapping well into the Christmas holidays.

I have found demonstrations by Dominique Spirlet for both of them.

The first stencil ‘Essential’ Demonstration:


Essential stencil – GAB 722

Demo on Essential Stencil by Dominique

The second demonstration by Dominique is for the new release ‘Noisette’.  This stencil comes with pre-cut pages.


Noisette Duo Stencil – GAB 724

Demo for Noisette by Dominique

Hilary Hamilton, our Team Leader in Victoria  has created the following page with the new Noisette stencil and the pre-cut pages.  Hilary is in Inverleigh, Victoria, please contact her if you are in the area and would like a class.  Her details are on the AZZA web page.





If you had portrait photos, swing your pre-cut pages around – herewith a sample page by Audrey Vast, Europe.


With Christmas around the corner, one great idea for someone ‘who has it all’ and likes to cook, is a recipe book.  Deb Byrne, our Team Leader in Tasmania has created a beautiful book and has shared it with us.  Deb has a Facebook page, you may like to pop in for a visit.

Deb’s Facebook page









AZZA Cutting Dies ‘Square Scroll Frames’ – Die 058  $35.00



AZZA Cutting Dies ‘Scrolls’ – Die 027  $30.00

Note Deb has not cut any of her photos into shapes, she has used different sizes of photos though.  She has used paper, punched circles, printed AZZA sheets, stamps and shapes cut with the AZZA Cutting Dies.  The recipe book is also an AZZA product.

The ‘Recipe’ Large stamp set is shown below.


TAM – 0007


‘Recipes’ Silhouette Figures – PAP 1031

I found a few lovely Title Pages as I was ‘surfing the net’ I thought I would share with you.


Beautiful page by Chantalouscrap using the Celebration stencil and the Travel theme kit.


Lovely page by Chouette, Europe using ‘The Travel Book’ stencil, decoration stencil and a collection of lace figures coloured in tones to suit the page.


Lastly, a page by Floscrap using Porto-Valparaiso Stencil and the Nautical Stamp set.

I love the decoration behind the little aeroplane figure …. looks like it is flying along.  You could use the little aeroplane from the AZZA Silhouette Figure range ‘Sunset’.


PAP 1048


I will end this blog with some photos of recent classes held in Turramurra, Sydney.

If you have not been to a class, do pop along to one it is a great morning.  You will get your pages done, learn something new – have a morning of fun with ‘like-minded’ Ladies and there is always a cuppa and something nice to nibble on.



Hazel created a lovely page with the Maldives stencil with some great decorations.


Note how she has used different colours whilst using the ‘School’ texture stencil.  In her other ‘block’ that needed decoration she inked the background and then, once again, used the school ‘Texture’ stencil this time inking the bricks.  This gives it more depth.  The ‘cut-out’ is from the School Stamp set which she has then enhanced with pens and chalks.


Sue was working away with the new stencil ‘Essential’ – using one of the layouts in the magazine as a starting point.


Lovely end product!!  See how you can adapt the sample image to your needs.


Liz was working on the Celebrations stencil.


Helen’s lovely page was created with the Maldives stencil, she used the ‘Nautical’ decoration stencil to finish the page off.


Lynne was using the other half of the Maldives stencil, she finished her page off with the little vehicles from one of our earlier decorative stencils with a line of sand below them for some texture on the page.


Work in progress, Joy was using the new Essentials stencil and the pre-cut pages.


In my last blog I showed you a decoration by ‘So Scrap’ of Europe for some inspiration – I will show you my re-creation of her idea!


The perfect ‘gap’ on my page for So Scrap’s delightful decoration.



I used the ‘Marshmallow’ stencil to create this page.


So Ladies, if you don’t think you are good at decorations …….  do look through your magazine, look on-line and begin with an idea and make it your own on your page!



Happy Scrappin’




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2 Responses to Spring is in the Air

  1. lynholmes says:

    Hi yes, I have one Wednesday class and one Friday class in Turramurra every month. I don’t have dates for January yet, but it will be mid- or towards the end of the month as a lot of Ladies are away. Will let you know as soon as I have had a look and lock in some dates for Jan/Feb and March.
    Would be great to see you again. Lyn

  2. Daphne Clarke says:

    Hello Lyn

    Are your classes still on Wednesdays?

    Which Wednesdays? I normally work Wednesdays but I have a few off in January so was hoping to attend your Wednesday class.


    Daphne Clarke


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