Happy New Year

We are into February already, but I am sure most of us have just got back into the routine of life after all the celebrations.  In Australia we have had Australia Day – 26th January – to add to our festivities and now many of my friends are celebrating the Chinese New Year!  Soon we will have Valentine’s Day and Easter ……  (just SO many photos to scrap)

Today the AZZA 2017 Catalogue has been uploaded to our AZZA Web page.  Please pop along and take a look, it is so easy to page through with all the new products available up to April.  This catalogue will be updated as we go through the year, no hard copy catalogues will be printed by AZZA Australia any more.

AZZA Australia do put out a newsletter, if you would like to receive it, you can sign up on the AZZA web page – http://www.azzaworld.com.au  (On the bottom of the home page).  Keep up to date with the latest product releases, tips and tricks, spotlighting consultants, shows and events.

What’s new in 2017

AZZA Mail-out Club

Each month, subscribers will receive a package containing a selection of products and instructions on how to use them.  New skills and knowledge are thus developed.  You can then contact your nearest consultant for more advanced instruction.

Contact roxy.azza@me.com for more information and to begin your subscription.

AZZA Design Projects

Selected new stencils will have projects created with supplementary products and detailed instructions to allow you to complete an advanced page.  These projects will start where the AZZA Studio leaves off.  Some Consultants may offer classes specifically on these projects.  Watch the AZZA newsletter for more information.

FEBRUARY – New Products

AQUA is the new stencil released today in Australia.


GAB 726

It is a stencil together with the ‘tool’ stencil.  If anyone does not know how to use the ‘tool’ side of the stencil, do go along to a workshop or contact your Consultant.

Herewith a few lovely pages to inspire you:


AZZA Europe


Audrey Vast, France


AZZA Europe


AZZA Europe


AZZA Europe – using new Cruise decorations


AZZA Europe


Beautiful decoration – page by Regine Blanchard, Europe

As you can see, this stencil like all the others can be used with ONE photo or many.  It would also be a great stencil for enlargements.

The AQUA Stencil comes with pre-cut pages.  These can be bought together with the Stencil in the FEBRUARY BASKET – $70.00, or one their own.


AQUA February Basket – $70.00


PAP1202 – $22.00


AZZA Europe

Two new colours were added to the AZZA 30 x 30 range of pages:

Lavender and Pale Violet – seen above.

In my last blog I showed you the new ‘Trio’ stencil – Everest.


I have had a bit of fun with this stencil – creating 2 Accordion albums for my new ‘Great’ Nephews in Africa.


I decided to decorate the covers this time as I had photos I wanted to use.



A small trick when you have dark photos on a dark colour:  This is not an AZZA technique but I do use it often.


To make the photo ‘pop’ a little, I sand the edges of the photo to create a small white border.  You can see this same technique on the covers of both albums.


As you can see, it certainly makes the photo stand out.  All I use is a small sanding block I bought from Bunnings.  Place the photo on the edge of your mat, on the edge of the table and go around the photo with your sanding block about 45 degrees.


Wooden Frames – Scrolls – $11.00

AZZA Wooden Frames are also great to get more photos on your page – photos that have a lot of excess on, which you can remove to highlight part of the photo:


Loved his little face on this photo, but there was a lot in the photo I did not want, so a frame comes in handy.



The frames are wooden, so easy to colour to the tones of your page.  Do not be afraid to mix two inks on the frame or just lightly go over your lighter colour with the darker one.  Here the blue was not dark enough, so I used a black ink pad very lightly to darken it.



Remember with your stamping, always bring your stamped image to life with pens, chalks, chalk pencils and inks.



You can see what a difference it makes.


and a few dots bring it all together!


Lastly a page with both little babies on for my Mum using the Sophia-Lima stencil, this stencil is now only available in a Studio Kit.


I have used the new Elegant flowers stamp set for the decoration.


This is a great stamp as it can be used with many different themes on your page.


The Elegant Flower set also has a Decoration Duo:


Elegant flowers – GAB 1300

Today AZZA Australia also posted the CLEARANCE SALE items on the web.  Products do go quickly to order as soon as you possible can.

I am sure you will be rushing to classes to scrap all your Christmas photos.  There are some great new products on the way too.

Don’t forget to see if there is anything you would like in the CLEARANCE SALE!

Happy Scrappin’








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