Winter has arrived ….. and so have our Alpine themed products!

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I cannot believe it has been a month since my last blog, I do apologise but we the Directors of AZZA Australia, have been working hard on a new Website.  It is coming together beautifully and we know you will love it!  We are hoping to launch it at the beginning of June, but you know how ‘best laid plans’ go ……  but hey, that is what we are aiming for.  The great news is that it will be so much more ‘User Friendly’ and the graphics ….  ooooh just too beautiful. Hopefully, the website will speak for itself once it is up and running.

The May catalogue is out:

May Catalogue AZZA Australia

The AZZA Alize stencil has been selling well as you can imagine, lots of wonderful layouts being produced in all the workshops.

Herewith a video of Dominique Spirlet showing you how it’s done:

How to create a page using the AZZA Alize stencil

The first group of layouts I would like to show you was created by Anita Day, AZZA Director and Consultant in Maleny, Queensland in Australia.  If you live nearby do pop along to one of her classes, she has only recently moved to the area.

Anita’s Title page is on a single page using the Alize stencil and the AZZA ‘Essential WINE’ A4 printed papers.  Anita has used both a single page and a double page.

First the Title page is on a single page:


Created by Anita Day,  AZZA Australia

The page below is the back of the single page.


Created by Anita Day, AZZA Australia

Below is the front of the double page:  the opening flap is on the right-hand side.


Below is the double-page opened.


Anita has used a great technique in her decoration, filling in the ‘gaps/corners’ with a decoration that is quick to do.  Below the pages show just how this decoration can lift a page.
In one of my Scrap-tables this week Sue created the page below,  I thought I would show you the page as she worked on it.




The decoration begins to complete the page.  You’ll have to wait until the next blog to see how she has finished the page.


Created by Sue Talbot, NSW Australia

To create this look both Anita and Sue have used the AZZA ‘Alize’ Texture stencil duo and both chalks and inks.  To create the pattern, the ladies used the AZZA brushes with the Texture stencil.  Once the pattern was on the page, they then used chalks to colour the area behind the inked pattern.  If you would like to learn this technique do pop along to a workshop and ask your Consultant to show you how to create this decoration.


AZZA, Europe

The AZZA Alize stencil creates so many different looks on the page, here are a few that I thought would show you the diversity of the stencil:


AZZA Europe

On these pages only part of the stencil has been used.   The cut-out decorations on the page above are done using the new AZZA Big Shot Starter Kit’ 2 – New version, but more on that later.   Below,   the new Alpine decoration products have been used.


The same AZZA Stamp together with the Alpine papers, cord, pearls and the ‘Sewn Squares’ die cut has been used to create a beautiful card by Celine Henchoz.



The page below is from Europe using the beautiful AZZA ‘Elegant Flowers’ papers and stamp set.

Alize 2

AZZA Europe


AZZA ‘Elegant Flowers’ A4 printed papers


AZZA ‘Elegant Flowers’ Large stamp set – TAM 0034

With the Alpine winter decoration products come two lovely Die cut sets.  The Die and stamp set below are very reasonably priced at AU$16.00





Created by AZZA Suisse, Europe

How beautiful is this sample page.  The squares the cable cars have been mounted on are cut with the AZZA Cutting Dies ‘Sewen Squares’.  Two cable car cut-outs have been used to give a 3D/shadow effect.


Cutting Dies ‘SEWN SQUARES’ – DIE 083

For the page below AZZA Suisse used the AZZA stencil ARCHES.


Created by AZZA Suisse, Europe

The page below was created using the AZZA Arches stencil again, and the Alpine winter decoration products.


Created by Aurore Demotte, Europe


Large stamp set ‘ALPINE’ – TAM 0052


Chantalouscrap created the page above using the AZZA Fairy stencil and the new Cable car Cutting die and stamp set.  She has used a Texture stencil, stamp and A4  printed papers from ‘themes’ that have been released previously.  The cord has been tied around a Brad that has been placed on a small circle cut-out.  AZZA Australia will be releasing a selection of Brads next month to go with the new stencil and pre-cut pages.

Lastly, a page I have created using the AZZA Alize stencil, the Cable car cutting die and stamp set, the Alpine embossing folder and the Alpine papers.  I have used 2 colours from the AZZA range of Cords.


Created by Lyn Holmes, New South Wales. Australia

I brushed the top of the embossed paper with the new blue ink pad – ‘Front Blue’ to bring out the embossed pattern on the paper.

The  ‘Alpine Window’ cutting die is also a lovely die to work with.  Below it are the two different decorations that can be ‘played with’ when creating your own decoration.  The one on the left is the cut-out from the one on the right.




In the image below I used the Decoration Duo stencil to get a shadow of the mountains behind the cut-out, then chalks to colour in the trees and finally finished it off with the Festive pearls.



With the cut-out left over you can create another picture.  I mounted it on a white square, inked the edges and then placed it on a block of the same colour.  Finally, I stamped an image below the cut-out and coloured it in with chalks and pens.

Deb Byrne, both Director and Tassie Team Leader, has also been playing with her winter photos.  She has created a beautiful page using the AZZA Fairy stencil duo and the new AZZA Alpine decoration products.  She has used the Alpine A4 printed papers, the Ruby stamp set ‘Ski’ stamps and the Alpine Silhouette figures.



Printed A4 paper Pack ‘ALPINE’


Silhouette Figures ‘ALPINE’


RUBY stamp set ‘SKI’ – TAM 3031

While I am showing you the AZZA die cut sets, I must show you the new AZZA Big Shot Starter Kit 2 – New Version.  It’s a great little set to get you started and there is just so much you can do with it.  Yes, there is one embossing folder with it.


Here is a little video of an Accordion album created with the AZZA Arches stencil trio and the Cutting die/Embossing folder set above.

Les ateliers de Francoise AZZA

… and a few beautiful cards by Laurence and Marie.


Laurence Chabbey, Europe

Note the use of the beautiful AZZA Cord.


And now onto some ideas for your ‘older’ AZZA stencils.

I found some lovely pages using the AZZA ‘Perfumes of the South’ stencil ……


Page created by Wendy Mongan, AZZA Consultant – Victoria Australia

Wendy has created the page using the decorations from AZZA ‘Return of the Swallows’ themed products.  They are beautiful decoration products as they can be used with almost any theme.

AU024 Rachel Timms.jpg

Page created by Rachel Timms, Team Leader – Queensland  Australia

Rachel has used products from the AZZA ‘Geometric’ theme.

Below is a page by Chantal Rapin, Europe.  Chantal has used AZZA cutting dies, texture duo stencils, AZZA chord, pearls, pens and chalks to create her decoration.


And then there were the two lovely pages using the AZZA Hula Hoop stencil I found on Facebook, created by the Ladies in Europe.  Two lovely layouts using the same stencil.  The decorations used are from the AZZA ‘Children’s Games’ Large stamp set.


AZZA, Europe


AZZA, Europe


‘CHILDREN’S GAMES’ Large Stamp Set

…. and to end with, an outstanding page by Anita again using the AZZA Objective stencil.  For decoration Anita used the AZZA ‘Mesh’ texture stencil and the oh so cute, AZZA fishing stamps.90101101.jpeg

Note how beautifully Anita has coloured in the stamps and most importantly, she has given them something to ‘sit’ on:  the fish, the lines of water and the little girl, the ground and the grass.



RUBY stamp set ‘FISHING’


Micro stamp set ‘LILY FISHING’

I am sure we all have a few fishing photos tucked away somewhere that would look great on a page with these stamped images!

A note to all my Ladies in South Africa – I have had my Mum visiting and she is returning to South Africa at the end of the month.  If you would like an order to be brought out for you – Johannesburg or Durban (Cape Town we would have to organise to get it there from Jhb or Durban) please let me know and I will sort it out for you and get Mum to bring it back with her.


I do hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday – I did!

Happy Scrappin’


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