A little more detail ….

Hi Ladies

A few Ladies have asked for a little more detail on the multiple pages.


Page by Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

I showed you my creation using the AZZA pre-cut pages and many of you have ordered them, but were not too sure where to begin.

Firstly, I suggest you gather all your photos together and decide just how many of the pre-cut pages you would like to use.  Remember you do not have to use them all.  I will show you a layout I have done using only one pre-cut page a little later.

The next step is to decide what your ‘Front’ or ‘Title’ page will hold.  What photos do you want on your front page and then what photos will show through on the pages behind it. The back page is also quite important as you can use it as a full page layout, a base for your creation to sit upon – but remember to continually check  what will be visible when the pre-cut pages have been put in place.


I then went to work on the pages.  I began with the back page so I could see how the page would look as I built it up. I made sure my decoration in the top left-hand corner would show and the photo in the top right-hand corner would create another corner to my ‘frame’.  I completed my frame with the chalking on the bottom of the back page.  I also ensured the decoration was placed so it would ‘peek out’ from behind my pre-cut pages.


EclipsebackLyn 1


I continually placed the pre-cut page circle onto the page as I was building up to check what would be seen once it was all complete.

The next page I worked on :

Eclipse2Lyn 1

Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

I played with this page to show you that your template does not always have to be straight on the page.  I wanted the circle in the top right-hand position so it would show when the creation was complete.  Now, it took some doing with these photos as I HAD to make sure the photos were straight – took the top of the Colosseum as the ‘horizon’ line.


I used the AZZA Geometric embossing folder on the paper and then brushed the top of it with the AZZA Chocolate ink.  I finished it off with one of the lovely little corners from the new Wrought Iron cutting die set and chalking from the AZZA Chalk collection – Chestnut.

Next, I worked on the green pre-cut page.  Once again, you have to check all the time what you will be able to see behind the pre-cut page once the page is assembled and what will show from behind the front Title page!  Takes a little thought and planning but worth it in the end.



Below, I was looking to see whether to put the smaller pre-cut page behind the green one, and have the green one as the Title page, or the other way around.


My final decision …. to use the smaller pre-cut page in front of the green page.


Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

I decided to stick with 3 photos and the rest, decoration.  I used the same decoration to keep a theme running through the pages.

Lastly, to the Front or Title page.  The photos you have will dictate what part of the stencil you use.  As you can see, with the circle in the middle, I could have used a round photo in the middle of the second page, this photo would have then been prominent as you looked at the completed page, but I did not want this – decided to go with a bit of a collage behind the Title page.



Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

I decided to use a photo overlapping the edge of the pre-cut page and a small circle stuck to the back of the page so only 2/3 was showing as it suited the small picture I wanted to use.  I had taken a photo of this picture board, so it was actually a photo that I punched a circle out of.

Lastly, I decorated the Brad and set them all in place. If all that is just too hard, why not call your Consultant and ask her to show you just how to do it during a class.  AZZA Consultants are always happy to help.


Then winter set in ………………

The next page I only used one pre-cut page and changed the back page to the lovely AZZA Lavender page as it suited the photos.  I used an enlargement on the back page, and as I mentioned before, used the ‘hole’ in the pre-cut page to frame the part of the photo behind that would be prominent when the page was done.  I also used the Alpine cutting die which creates a lovely little square.  I used the Alpine Stencil Duo to ink a few mountains onto the page before sticking the square down.  I then decorated it with a white gel pen, chalk pencils and some AZZA Festive pearls.


I used two colours when inking through the Alpine texture stencil and I also coloured the small trees with the same shades once I had embossed the paper.   The little ‘Beanie’ stamp is just gorgeous to play with, this decoration held the brad in place that I used to attach the pre-cut page.


These two little winter stamps snuck in under the radar, so I thought I would bring them to your attention.


I have seen some lovely pages decorated with the ‘mug’.


Now, just a quick ‘heads up’ on our beautiful AZZA Alize Ruby stamp below:


If you haven’t ordered it and are thinking about it, get in quick as they are already out of stock in Europe.  Luckily, AZZA Australia still have quite a few in stock.

I used it on the page I created for my Mum.  It can be used in so many ways!


Look how beautifully it decorated a circle punched out of paper.  I then added a few AZZA Festive pearls.
And still with the winter theme – I went on the create a page with my beautiful little Schnauzer who passed away in January.  She was a Swiss dog,  even had a Swiss passport and she loved the snow!


Created by Lyn Holmes, NSW.  Australia

Here I have used the AZZA Alize stencil, AZZA paper, Festive pearls, chalks and a lovely little AZZA Wooden frame to highlight ‘Thembi’.  This page is now in a frame so I can enjoy it each day.


AZZA Australia has a ‘Mail Out’ every month.  You can sign up easily, it is $20.00 a month with no lock-in at all.  It is month-to-month so all you do is let us know if you do not want to continue with the programme.  This month it was all about the AZZA Wooden frames that I used on the page above.  Each Customer received a set of two different shapes of frames and an Instruction sheet on all the ways they can be used.  I created this month’s Mail-out so thought I would give you a peek at the sort of thing you would get if you signed up.

The Ladies were shown how to decorate and use the frames in many ways.  The frames can be used to highlight part of a photograph, decoration or for the Title on your page.  The frames are produced in a thin wooden sheet so would really go with any colour tone on the page but they are easy to colour with inks and can even have an image or texture stamped on them.

Here is one of the samples I made up to show how the frames can be used for a Title on the page.  If you would like to sign up, please get in touch with AZZA Australia or me on lynholmes@rocketmail.com.

If you are a Consultant, this would be great to receive and then run a class with your Ladies once a month, or if you are out on your own, nowhere near a Consultant to go to classes, this is a great way to keep in touch and constantly get new ideas for your pages.  Next month will feature:  How to decorate the new Brads and how to use the new ‘Big Top’ card stencil both on cards and on your normal scrapping page.  You will receive a packet of the new brads to decorate and use on your pages and of course, the new AZZA Big Top card size stencil along with all the ideas on how to use these products.   Do go along to our website to check these products out.  Fiona McKay will be creating the document, she always has amazing ideas so do give it some thought.


And now for ideas using the AZZA Arches stencil. The first example shown using the stencil together with the AZZA Alpine themed products and the AZZA Accordion album was created by Carole Pereira, AZZA in Europe.


The front of the album is shown above.  Easy decoration as this decoration was punched out of the already printed A4 Alpine sheet with a little pearl added.


A closer look at the pages:




And a completely different creation using the same Trio stencil Arches and the AZZA Accordion sheets, this creation by Audrey Vast.



… and then to use the same stencil and Accordion sheets on a Scrapping page.



The decorations on the page above using our AZZA Wooden frame stamps, AZZA printed paper and Glitter tape.  I know I often say it, but these stamps are good to have in your collection as they can be used with any theme on the page. (In any colour too)



I always like to show you one page created with the AZZA method of scrapping but not using a stencil:


A beautiful page with such clean, crisp lines.  Texture on the page has been created using strips of AZZA Cork and AZZA Glitter tape.  The little 3D shapes are from the inside of the AZZA Mosaic Cutting Die.

As AZZA Europe brings out Videos on the new stencils I do add them to my blog.  Last week, Sue came to class having created a page after watching the video on the Alize stencil.  This was her creation:


….. and below the page created on the video.  Well done Sue, a wonderful reproduction!  Sue used the Alize Ruby stamp for her decorations.

b2c0c9c1434f191b5180e87b4acbccca copy

For those of us that do not speak French, this A4 Printed sheet decoration can still be used.  Just cover up the French word with a little decoration.


That brings me to a close, lots of ideas for you to play with.

Happy scrappin’



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