Welcome to the Savannah ……


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  1. lynholmes says:

    Hi Beth
    Yes, whirlwind few weeks but fun. Christine arrived home yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed her trip. I am sure she was quite shattered but we tried to learn as much as we could from her and show her as much of Australia as we could.
    The stencil used above is the Orion Stencil – it is a lovely layout! So good to meet you in Vic, and thanks for your support of the the Mail Out club since it began!!

  2. Elizabeth Brown says:

    Hi Lyn sorry to trouble you after your exhausting few
    week what a whirlwind it would have I daresay
    Christine will go home for a holiday 😀😀😀😀Have
    just seen this on Pinterest and love it you can you
    please tell me what stencil it is Looking forward
    to the next Mailout in a few days time don’t worry
    if you are late this time you have been under a lot of
    pressure had a look at all of the ones I have received
    they go back to October 2017 Regards Beth x

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