Sale, sale, sale ……..

The AZZA SALE in Australia has been going well. I know many of you may be thinking ‘I’ll get around to having a look’ – the sale will only run until the end of the month, 31st January. Some items are already sold out, so do pop along this long weekend and take a look.

We have a few Book/Stencil sets for our 30 x 60 stencils. These are where the 2 AZZA stencils can be laid side by side to create a double page layout. These are normally $42.00 but are on sale for $29.40. This is the price of a duo stencil normally, so you are getting the book for free.
Scrapbooking et carterie en Savoie
Celine, AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
Rachel Timms, Brisbane. Queensland
Petra Jeynes, South Australia
Jennie Banks, Aitkenvale, Queensland.
Jennie Banks, Aitkenvale, Queensland.
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

There are also some of our Stencil Duo packs available, normally $29.50 but now only $20.65. Noisette Duo is one of them.
Layout by Dawn Bopf, Meridan Plains. Queensland
Layout by Barbara Rae, Eaton. Western Australia
Layout by Deb Byrne. Hobart, Tasmania

Essential Duo comes with a ‘Tool’ stencil. This tool stencil allows you long uninterrupted chalking and inking lines. If you need to learn how to use this tool stencil please contact your Consultant for a lesson. They are amazing once you know how to use them properly.
Fiona McKay, Western Australia
AZZA Europe

Remember your AZZA Dies will fit the circle in the middle of the Essential stencil. Lovely sample page by Filo in Europe.

Be Creative, Europe

Don’t forget the Essential Duo comes with pre-cut pages too. These are fun to work with and you can get so many more photographs onto your page.

Eole Duo is on sale, this also has a ‘Tool’ stencil as part of the duo.

You can see how Filomena has used the tool stencil to get lovely uninterrupted chalking lines on her page.

Rachel Timms, Brisbane. Queensland

All the AZZA patterned paper has been marked down by 40%. These papers are in lovely tones that will not take your eyes off the photos on your page. Take a look at the selection. For those school photos:

And for your skiing holiday over the Festive season:

Or your Cruise ………

Whilst the sale is on, another item I would suggest you stock up on are the Texture stencils. These little stencils are so great as they complete your page so quickly and easily. These have also been marked down by 40%.
AZZA Europe with the new Verlaine stencil and a School theme
Anita Day, Maleny. Queensland

AZZA Micro stamps are marked down by 50%. These little stamps are only $4.95 each. Pop along and look at the collection.

AZZA Europe, a beautiful page with the Owl Micro Stamp and the AZZA Galapagos stencil duo

This is another little gem of a stamp – can be used with so many themes.

If you would like to see what the AZZA Scrap & Moi magazine has to offer, a few back issues are on sale, marked down to $9.30. Why not purchase one and see if you would like to get a subscription. I find these are great as they certainly give me inspiration to get scrapping when they arrive in the post. Unfortunately, they are only in French, but as I always say – The pictures are all in English too.

If you would like to learn a little more about inking and cannot get to a Consultant the AZZA Focus Inking book has been reduced to $20.00

A few AZZA Dies are on sale, this one being my favourite. This wreath can be used throughout the year if you cut off the little piece of holly on the inside. It fits the AZZA stencils with the 10cm circle. Marked down to $26.00, only a few in stock so do hurry.
Australian Card by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria.

For quick decorations I have always said you cannot go past our AZZA A4 sketch sheets. All you need to do is cut them out and place them on your page over some chalking or inking, mounted on paper or with a little cord around them. Voila – you have a decoration. The Photography page below comes in both pink and blue. At $1.75 you can afford to add some to your stock.

Lastly a quick look at the AZZA lace figures or silhouettes. Again, these are so easy for quick decoration. Remember to colour them on the sheet before you cut them out, it is far easier that way.

Jennie Banks used this Silhouette on her wedding page earlier in the blog. They are great for threading giltter tape or ribbon through.

For cruising you can’t go past this one …..

Many of you will have been skiing over the Christmas break, this little sheet is great, yes I know you won’t use the French words, but the mountains, snowflakes and ski poles are perfect.

Lyn Holmes, Perth.

Also check out the AZZA Ruby Ski stamp set for your holiday photos.

I think that is enough for you to take a look at for now. Pop along to our online shope and scroll through the ‘On Sale’ items to see everything that has been marked down. Here is the link:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get hold of your Consultant or send me an e-mail.

Happy scrolling …….


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2 Responses to Sale, sale, sale ……..

  1. Margaret Unger says:

    Loved all the different ways you have used the stencils which has made me realise how versatile the stencil are. I love using them but my layouts so far are very basic so I need to get a bit more creative and think outside the box. Thankyou

    • lynholmes says:

      Thanks Margaret. Yes, it does take a while to get your eye in to using the stencil a little differently. Always remember the shapes can be used for photos, paper, inking, chalking or as a Title block. You can use 1 gap, 2, 3 or more – expand the area to suit what you want to place there. You can also only use part of the stencil for the corner of the photo and leave the rest of the 6×4 size. Glad you have got inspiration from the samples. Lyn

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