Spring cleaning ……..

Whilst I was spring cleaning last week I thought my next blog would be on giving your old stencils an airing! Bring them out the folder you haven’t looked in for a while and create a new page with them.

Here are some samples of AZZA stencils you may have and hopefully these layouts will give you some encouragement to dig them out and use them again. If you don’t have them, you can still purchase them.

I found two beautiful layouts with Lavender and I just had to share Mimouscrap’s pages with you:


Her first page is using the AZZA Orion stencil, Lavender paper which she has chalked, and older AZZA die which she has used cutting a photo instead of paper, a Lavender stamp and some of the AZZA glitter tape.

Her second page was using the AZZA Marine stencil.


She has used a die cutting from her photos, which is a great idea as it keeps the tones of the decoration in perfect harmony with the page. The stamp is from the Herbs of Provence range which Azza Australia still has in stock. There is a cutting die that goes with this stamp.


If you have been to the region on holiday, this would be a perfect stamp to use in your holiday album. I need to scrap my photos of Tuscany and I think this stamp would be great with many of my photographs.

The other stamp still available in this range is the Texture stamp below, this is a great little stamp to have as it can be used with so many themes. It can also be used stamped on a piece of paper on which to ‘mount’ your page decoration or title on.


I love the stonework and the fence on the bottom.

The page below has been created with the Provence stencil which, unfortunately, is no longer available but I loved the decoration on the page. The Winter Song Deco stencil has been used.


Whilst putting together the Mail Out I came across the layout below, also created with the AZZA Marine stencil. I love the use of the ‘Weather’ embossing stencil on Citrine paper and the combination of the Citrine paper both chalked and plain and the AZZA Cork. AZZA pearls, cord and glitter tape have also been used on the page.

The layout below is once again created with the AZZA Marine stencil with lovely decorations using the AZZA figures, cord, papers and embossing stencils.

A close-up of the decoration shows how she has knotted the cord through the Anchor figurine and embossed the paper it sits upon. The starfish is an AZZA figurine or you could use the new Starfish stamp/die set released this month in the Beside the Sea range.

AZZA Marine stencil, AZZA Europe

The Christmas layout above has been created with the AZZA Marine stencil. The AZZA Cutting die has been used with an AZZA wood sheet. Samples of the AZZA Wood sheets and ideas on how to use them were sent out this month with the Mail Out Series II. There are two colours available, Cherry and Birch as seen below.


The next layout I wanted to share with you keeps us with the Autumn colours: AZZA Boston.

Again a beautiful page by Mimouscrap: Do pop along to her website, I love the way she highlights her decorations for us to see. On her pages she has used the AZZA Weather texture stencil. Her little decoration on the page is lovely, it is 3 pieces of paper, one kept plain to mount the decoration on, the Citrine piece coloured with the Weather texture stencil, and a stamped rectangle on the top which has also been toned in with the page by using chalks and inks.

Mimouscrap Blog: http://leblogdemimou.canalblog.com

The next stencil to highlight is the AZZA Celestial stencil. It was brought out with our Christmas range last year and creates fun pages. The page above has been created using the AZZA Let’s Party decoration range. I love the way the lights and title have been stamped on top of the Disco ball creating a little scene on the Star.


This is a lovely stamp to have as it can be used with any festive occasion.

The second layout I liked has a completely different theme on the page.

Filomena has used chalked/inked paper to mount her decorations on. These AZZA figures are still available in a selection of our Silhouette products.

On the page above Filo has used an AZZA texture stencil on her paper and AZZA glitter tape and the AZZA cutting dies from the Under the sea range.


This is a lovely set to have, no stamps to go with it, you have to decorate the cut outs yourself. The seaweed and coral come out beautifully on the page. Remember you can use these cutting dies on your photos instead of paper as seen earlier in the blog.

The lovely set of pages above were created using the AZZA New York stencil and the same cutting dies. I do apologise as I could not find who created these pages.
The little fish and seagulls are on an AZZA Silhouette sheet.

I also wanted to share with you this second set of pages created with the AZZA New York stencil and the Coast themed products. Three pages have been placed inside a double page – I hope you can work it out!

Second page.

This AZZA Decoration Duo is great as it is both a texture stencil and a decoration stencil. I love the way the rope runs through the anchor, looks great on the page.

The AZZA Verlaine stencil is shown above, the lovely little Sewing figurines are still available – Couture.


Fiji is one on the older stencils still available – at the shows it is a popular stencil and sells well. You can keep it simple, or use the whole stencil. An easy stencil to use if you would like a ‘window’ on the front page of your double page layout.

The AZZA Hula Hoop stencil is a 25 x 25 but can be used on a 30 x 30 page. These little stencils are only $14.00 so a good buy, also a great present at Christmas that is not too expensive. As with all the AZZA stencils you can use the whole stencil or just parts of it.

Beautiful chalked corners
Only part of the stencil has been used.

And of course, with just one photo:

Another layout with a single photo, this time with the AZZA Savannah stencil.

I do like the way she has continued the vertical line through her decoration with inks.

AZZA Alize stencil is another I love to work with.

You can keep your 6 x 4 photos almost complete around the inner circle or you can cut them to the shape of the stencil.

Sample with a single photo

A lovely page by Audrey Vast showing how you can extend the lines of your photo onto your paper cut outs. Remember as with all stencils, if your photos don’t fit the full shape in the stencil that you want to use – this is where your papers come in handy, both plain and patterned. On the layout below, the left and right photo are probably landscape photos that were short in the stencil, so the shape has been completed with paper that has been embossed.

AZZA Galapagos is another of the older stencils that is still available. This is an old layout of mine, but as I love working with circles I do still use mine often.

Created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

The AZZA Wooden circles fit this stencil beautifully as little frames.

Created by Lyn Holmes, Western Australia

This is another layout of mine where I have not used all the circles.

A lovely autumn layout

Once again, a single photo layout: –

Created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

AZZA Objective stencil is one of the AZZA 30 x 60 stencils which can be used to create a continuous double page when laid side by side. I know some ladies struggle to use this stencil, but it just takes a little more time in getting the photos into the right position.

Page created by lescrapdelena29. Europe

A lovely simple page above with the AZZA Objective stencil using the AZZA Globetrotter products for the decoration.

A lovely double page by Celine using the AZZA Photography range of decoration products.

I showed you the page I created for my friend using the Objective stencil and Photography decoration products in my last blog. A wedding themed page below.

The decorations are created with the AZZA Sewn squares Dies and AZZA Seasonal Papers. The squares have been cut in half and strips of the frames have been used. If you have these dies, don’t just use them as a whole square.


AZZA Eole stencil below is still available – on this stencil you have quite a few ovals you can place the photos into. But, again as with this first page you can still use it with a single photo. I love this set of photos. Eole was released with pre-cut pages.

The fairy stamps are still available too:


Another page by Filomena with the AZZA Eole stencil using the stamps shown above.

And a page with a single photo.

Note the variety of papers used, embossed, plain, dark and light and patterned, but as they are all in the same tones they do not take your eye away from the photo.

AZZA Aqua stencil also released with pre-cut pages.


A lovely page created with the AZZA Aqua stencil using the stamps shown above for decoration.

The AZZA Aqua layout above shows, once again, the use of AZZA paper to complete a shape you want on the page but where the photo is too small. Complete the shape with the AZZA papers.

A beautiful set of pre-cut pages with the Aqua stencil by Floscrap once again.


Note how the line used for the border on each page lines up as a complete border when the pages are shut.

AZZA Evasion, the page below is just FUN on the page. I love it.

Created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia

This is one of my favourite pages I created with the stencil.

The beautiful page above created by Sabine includes AZZA paper, cutting dies, figurine and a lovely texture stencil. I love the way she has used colours within the texture stencil. This is one of the few A5 AZZA texture stencils: Spring Tree


Similar photos but such a different layout.

AZZA Fairy stencil – Unfortunately the wooden frames that went so well with this stencil have now sold out. Fairy has two very different stencils. The first layout is by Deb Byrne, AZZA Director/Team Leader/Consultant in Tasmania.

Created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania.
Created by Isacreationscrap, Europe.

The decorations on the page above are from the AZZA Zoo theme released last year.

Note the lovely decoration – a little cord connecting the little boat in the photo to the anchor in the decoration. What a great idea.

I’ll end with the AZZA Travel Book stencil found in the AZZA Scrap kit – Travel Book.

…… and a lovely close-up of the decoration. A strip of paper has been used in the decoration together with the figures, but you could also use AZZA Glitter tape.

Friday is here again, I don’t know where the weeks go. If you are planning on scrapping this weekend I do hope you find something here, dig out your older stencils and create a page.

A BIG ‘THANK YOU‘ to all the ladies whose pages I have used in my blog to share their ideas with you. I am thankful I got to meet some of these wonderful ladies last year.

AZZA Europe
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