Summer Clearance Sale on Monday

We have given you a few weeks to settle into 2020, now prepare for the AZZA Summer Clearance sale.

The AZZA Sale begins on Monday 13th January – Eastern Standard Time. Remember …… different times for different zones! I won’t even begin with Europe.

Hope this helps a little within Australia …………

For the Perth Clients this is great news, we can access the sale at 9pm on Sunday night ….. so depending just how eager you are, or how much of a ‘late night owl’ you are, do pop along to the shop and see what has been marked down. We have discounts of up to 50% on some products.

There are two ways to order product: You can order on the website and it will be sent directly to you, or you can contact your Consultant with your order and they can place the order for you, together with others – hopefully if there are several orders in an area, you can share the postage.

There will be a SALE CATALOGUE you can access on our website, you can page through this and see what is on sale, if you know what products interest you, go directly to the product in the shop and you will see all the details.

Some of these products are ‘End of line’ products so will not be stocked again. If you are after something in particular ask you Consultant for information.

Our JANUARY Catalogue will also be posted for you to begin ordering from Monday. Robyn and Rachel have had a break from posting off all your orders, but not quite a complete break, as they both undertook a change of venue for the AZZA stock and did a stocktake at the same time – so BIG THANKS to both Rachel and Robyn for all the work they do behind the scenes.

I will give you a sneak peek at the January stencil – it is called Stockholm. It is a beautiful stencil and easy to use. Easy to keep your photos large in this one ….. You’ll have to wait to see the stencil itself, I will just show you a few pages created with it.

This first page is created by Christine in Europe with only one photo:

Created by Christine – Europe

The second page was created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium. Christine has used two photos and the AZZA Christmas die ‘Crown’ and used the ‘Frosty Lake’ Texture stencil to emboss her brown paper. If you do not know how to do this, do contact your Consultant for a class.

Page by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium.

The next page using three photos was created by Jill Attrill, our AZZA Consultant in Victoria. Jill has used the lovely AZZA Sewn squares as part of her decorations.

Created by Jill Attrill, Portland – Victoria. Australia

This stencil lends itself to a ‘Waterfall’ on the page – I know many of you Ladies do craft across the board so will be familiar with the Waterfall card. Here are two examples: How to get lots of photos onto you page ……

L’atelier Scrap de la Lutine

All the products used on the page above are available in Australia this month, the Texture stencil is A6 and is beautiful. The dies can be used throughout the year with almost any theme.

The second waterfall page was created by Audrey, Europe.

Audrey – LM le Scrapbooking AZZA

Audrey has used the December Christmas themed products, showing how they can be used with a forest setting, not only Winter and Snow.

Once the new products are available I will post my pages and a video you can follow to create a page.

I have shown you the AZZA Calendar recently – this is a wonderful gift throughout the year as you can begin with any month …. here is a January page by Scrap a Puy to get you going. Do remember that in Australia you will receive the decorations and months for your Calendar in English.

Scrap a Puy

While on the subject of the calendar here are a few dates for AZZA Retreats:

Western Australia

Barbara Rae – WA Consultant

Barbara Rae will be running a Scrap Retreat on Friday 20th March to Sunday 22nd March. This retreat will be held in Shoalwater and will be a great event. Those attending will complete an A4 size Album, they will receive the new stencil and pages needed to put the album together. It will be a lot of fun. Pop along to Barbara’s page and see the details :

14th August – 16th August. This retreat will be held in Redgum Retreat in Dwellingup, Western Australia. More on this once the March Retreat is over, but do get the date into your diaries.

Jackie Keeble – Victoria.


Jackie Keeble our AZZA Consultant in Blackburn, Victoria will be running the following Retreats through the year:

26th-29th March: Inverloch Scrap Retreat.

30th April – 3rd May Warburton Scrap Retreat.

14th – 16th August Ocean Grove Scrap Retreat.

Pop along to the link for more information or get in touch with Jackie if you would like to attend:

Finally had time to get a few more photos printed …. with all the festivities over I can get down to some scrapping!

Happy scrappin’


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5 Responses to Summer Clearance Sale on Monday

  1. Elizabeth (Beth) says:

    Thanks Lyn again for a very informative run down if the Stencils and photos love receiving this. Keep up the good work
    Happy New Year hope it isn’t as hectic as last year
    Regards. Beth

  2. Jenny Carman says:

    Hi Lyn Are you able to order me beside the sea and Neptune stencils….I’m assuming they are 30 by 30? Can you let me know Thanks

    On Sat, 11 Jan 2020 at 4:10 PM, Lets Create With Lyn Holmes – AZZA European Scrapbooking (Perth – Western Australia) wrote:

    > lynholmes posted: ” We have given you a few weeks to settle into 2020, now > prepare for the AZZA Summer Clearance sale. The AZZA Sale begins on Monday > 13th January – Eastern Standard Time. Remember …… different times for > different zones! I won’t even begin with” >

    • lynholmes says:

      Hi Jenny
      I don’t know why I have only just seen this. Please always e-mail me on
      I can order you the Neptune stencil which is a 30 x 30 stencil but not sure which Beside the sea you want – the stencil released with Beside the sea was Bali.
      I’ll send you a note from my e-mail with the stencils attached.

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