Quarantine = Scrapping

Always look on the bright side of life – as the lyrics go!!

Without all the other pulls on our lives at the moment, most volunteering positions have fallen away, no lessons/sports venues to drive the kids to and on and on it goes, we all have hours to fill! So I thought I would send you a few beautiful layouts that have been coming out of Europe as the ladies encourage one another to scrap.

AZZA is alive and well – our beautiful ladies in Queensland pack by themselves so as long as we have stock coming in and on the shelves, we will send out your orders. For now, the warehouse in Europe is also large enough for the packers to work and as long as they can source the product they can continue to send. Place your order online and it will be sent directly to you, don’t forget to list your Consultant so that she can receive her commission. AZZA online shop: azzaworld.com.au


I thought I would post one layout per stencil – dig out your older stencils and decoration products and create a page with the product you have.



A beautiful page by Nadia using the AZZA Aqua stencil. Nadia has used the Texture stencil from the Azza Scrap Kit Plus – NATURE. She has stamped the lower circle on her piece of paper with a circle stamp and she has inked or chalked a little 5mm line from the bottom of the paper up. She has then placed 2 circles which she has raised with 3D foam and decorated them with the lovely AZZA cords. Finally she has placed 3 of the newer Resin dots to complete the page.

Tip: An easy way to chalk or ink your little 5mm line – place a strip of re-positional tape along a strip of card. Cut the strip of card to 5mm with your guillotine then peel the 5mm strip of re-positional tape off the card and use it on your page.

As you can see Nadia has used the stencil tool so she can get perfect chalking along the shape of the stencil. If you are not sure how to use your tool stencil, please contact your Consultant for a lesson.



Jenny has created an amazing page with the Bali stencil using paper to complete the stencil shape. Jenny has completed her page with gentle chalking in the same tones as the photos and an oval decoration using the Beside the Sea stamp set.

Page by Jenny Finley, Victoria – Australia



The tones on this page are just beautiful. Nadia has used ink on either ends of her paper cut-outs and in the centre added the lovely die cut Art & Creation with a little AZZA ribbon and a Resin dot. Nadia has used the Texture stencil released with Boston – Art and Creation.


Both these Art and Creation products are great as they can be used with any theme on the page. Perfect to go with your Title without taking the attention away from the Title itself.



Don’t think you have to save this one for Christmas – if you have that little STAR in the family – this is the stencil to highlight them. Theresa Dean, AZZA Consultant in Tassie created this lovely page below. Theresa has chalked the inside of her star and completed the ‘frame’ with beautiful inking straight onto her page.

Page by Theresa Dean, Tasmania – Australia
Page by Christelle Nevejans Gouhier, Europe

Lovely page above by Christelle using the Celestial stencil, the Art and Creation Die, AZZA Cord, Wooden frame, papers embossing folder, figurines and pearls. Once again, not a Christmas page. Christelle has used the AZZA Geometric embossing folder.



Sabine has used the AZZA Texture stencil: Spring Tree; it is an A5 stencil so can be used over larger areas. The ‘Nature’ die is in the Big Shot Starter kit pack. I always like Sabine’s tones on her page, they are always perfect. The AZZA Branch die is no longer available.




Rachel’s page shows that the stencil can be used very simply – Rachel has used paper, AZZA sand (Mixing colours) and chalking. Beautiful in its simplicity.


Page created by Barbara Rae – Western Australia.

Only in Australia I say …. great wine too!! Barb created this lovely page using the Seasonal Papers “Weather” – they go with any theme. I love the way she has left the cut-out on the left-hand side of the page for her decoration – AZZA Stamp and die set Weather Frog. Barb has doubled up the image to fill the space and she has brought the image alive with chalks. Barb also chalked her paper corners to keep the frame of her lines. A beautiful page Barb.




I had to show you these pages created with the new AZZA Loire stencil created by Nathalie Lestrat. Nathalie has attached an A4 page to the normal 30 x 30 page to create this compilation. She has used the AZZA Cogs and Mechanisms theme for her page. She has also used the AZZA Sport embossing folder, both so good for a masculine page.

Page by Nathalie Lestrat, Europe

I just had to show you this page created by Nadia Martin using the Art and Creation texture stencil used on her Boston page above and the same AZZA themes on the page as Nathalie above. This is a such a striking page!!


This was actually the stencil that gave me the idea to do this blog as the ladies in Europe have posted some beautiful layouts with the Marine stencil.

A compilation of pages by Martine Verhaeghe, Europe

A great challenge if you would like to get ‘One story’ onto multi-page.



Barbara Rae, AZZA Consultant in Western Australia created the lovely page below. Barb has used the AZZA Texture stencil Plants on her page. Note Barb has a double fold on this page, you can see the fold lines in the lower picture.

Page by Barbara Rae, Western Australia
Page by Barbara Rae, Western Australia


No longer available

I like the extension of the lines in the page below. Note how the lily pad has been grounded with chalks – remember to always ‘ground’ your images if they stick out beyond your cutting line.

AZZA Europe



This page made me smile. Roz has used the AZZA Home Sweet Home texture stencil, ribbon and glitter tape. The little scooter is from the AZZA Holiday destinations range, a die and stamp set.


Although an older theme, these are still in stock in Australia. The layout below using the AZZA BAHAMAS STENCIL uses the same stamp/die set.


Page by Scrapons sur le bassin d’Arcachon

This page caught my eye, WOW – what lovely decoration! The extended scene in chalks is perfect and the circle of decoration in the centre with just enough red not to take your eyes off the photos ! What fun.


Page by Ros McQueen, Esperance – Australia

Ros has used the Cosmos embossing folder. I like this folder as it can be used with any theme! She has also used three strips of the AZZA Wreath die instead of just using it as a single wreath. Great idea.


Remember you do not need to emboss your whole piece of paper. Here I have placed ink onto the embossing folder and then only stamped part of my paper cut outs. Check which side of the embossing folder you want to put the ink onto, they have a different effect on the paper.

Page by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

Lastly, an AZZA 4 x 4 page you can create without a stencil. Nice clean lines created with paper and inks.

A big ‘Thank You’ to the ladies whose pages I have used, it so wonderful to see such creativity available to inspire us.

Stay home, stay scrapping happily and most of all STAY HEALTHY!

Happy Scrappin’


Page created by Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.
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  1. Elizabeth (Beth) Brown says:

    Thank you Lyn certainly lots thieve inspiration
    Under these circumstances Beth

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