Zurich stencil – perfect for multiple pages

I have had great fun with the AZZA Zurich stencil. I have seen so many multiple pages with this stencil, I just had to have a go.

These pages do take planning, but once completed they are well worth it. The idea behind multiple pages is that you can get a complete story onto your page. If you use the plastic pockets in your album, just slit the particular pocket so your pages can be opened. It really does add an element to interest and fun to your album.

In the same way, the AZZA Accordion Leaves can be used on a page but more on this next month.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

This is the front of my multiple page layout. You can see the fold right down the centre. I have used one 30 x 30 page of AZZA White and a double page 30 x 60 also AZZA white.

The page on the left ‘Sheep’ is the single 30×30 page folded back upon itself and on the right ‘Hills’ page is the front of a double page folded back upon itself.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

This is the ‘inside’ of my 30×30 page – the other side is below.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

For the cutting dies on the page above, note how I have used two, one upon the other, but different colours for effect. The other one I created a ‘shadow’ effect with chalk pens.

For the double page, the right side is cut into the shape of the stencil.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.
Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

I always like to get all my photos onto the page then decide on what I am going to do for decorations. That way you can see where you need lighter or heavier decorations to balance the page.

As the photos are quite bold, I went with chalking to fill in most of the gaps. I have used the Art and Creation texture stencil over the chalking in some places. I have used both chalking then inking the texture stencil, to provide a background for my title.

I love the Art and Creation cutting dies, these can be used with any theme and can be combined with anything on the page. As these pages are all about the painted Silos, the Art and Creation themed products were perfect.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

This is the front page of the double page, note the left-hand side is folded back upon itself. The three small photos next to the map photo I downloaded off the internet onto paper, it did not have to be card as I placed an AZZA Resin square onto it to magnify the smaller photos. I then linked them together with a 5mm strip cut from the photo to the right of them.

Page created by Lyn Holmes. Western Australia.

I have used two figurines on the back page, they are great for quick decoration. Being white you colour them with ink, chalks or pens to suit your page.

Page created by Scrapons sur le bassin d’Arcachon

A beautiful page above created with the Zurich stencil and the AZZA Floral themed decoration products.

Page created by Natalie van Lief. Europe

Keeping with the purple/lavender colours, I did love this page too. The decorations using AZZA cord, Sticker circles, pearls and stamps from the Universe themed products. The Ladies who receive the Mail Out will have the stamp used on the rectangular piece of card in the decoration.

Christine created a double layout with her photos from Western Australia. Note the small gap cut out of the front page to show the photo on the page behind. Lovely idea.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.
Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.
Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.
Page by Christine Houbrechts. Belgium

Christine’s lovely Christmas page, oooooh I can see those pom poms in use again, perfect for snow!! Take note of how Christine has inked her paper shapes top and bottom. This is a great idea to give it so much more character on the page but without taking anything away from the photos.

Our very own Jill Attrill in Victoria created the page below keeping with the winter feel. Jill has used the Winter cutting dies, the new Transparent Resin dots and one of my favourite embossing folders: Cosmos. She has framed the layout beautifully with chalking and a fine pen line.

Page created by Jill Attrill. Victoria.

Jennie Banks up in Queensland created the next two pages with the Zurich stencil and the River themed products. Jennie’s chalking/inking is beautiful. If you would like to learn more about how to use inks and chalks on the page please contact your local Consultant for a lesson. Some of the Consultants are holding online classes, if you are interested in an online class please contact me and I will put you in touch with the Consultant in your area holding online classes.

Page created by Jennie Banks. Queensland.
Page created by Jennie Banks. Queensland.
Page created by Céline Henchoz. Europe

Another layout that I just loved was this one above. Beautiful in its simplicity.

I thought I would post a few of the layouts I came across on the internet created with the Marine stencil. If you have the AZZA Marine stencil dig it out and get creating. If not, you can still purchase it. The stencil comes with a tool stencil and there are pre-cut pages too.

AZZA, Europe.
AZZA. Europe

And a double page created by Martine Verhaeghe, Europe.

Page created by Martine Verhaeghe
Page created by Martine Verhaeghe

To end, two pages created with the AZZA Loire stencil. Both quite different but I thought both were beautiful.

Sadly, I do not know who created this page but it has been created using the new River products. You will notice the large set of River stamps is not available, these have been sold out in Europe but as they were so popular they have ordered a re-run. These large stamp sets will be available from mid-May once again.

Page created by Agnes Bougherara, Europe.

Stay safe and continue to scrap!

Happy Scrappin’


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2 Responses to Zurich stencil – perfect for multiple pages

  1. Jill & David Atrill says:

    Hi Lyn, the winter monochrome Zurich page is mine not Jenny Finleys! Cheers Jill

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