Halfway through the year ………

Not only do I not know where June went, but where did the first 6 months of the year go? It may have something to do with the state of lockdown across the globe…but here we are at the end of June already.

During lockdown some ladies got a lot busier and some ladies were able to catch up on various scrapping projects.

The beautiful AZZA Cancun stencil and Silhouette range were released in Australia in June and what lovely pages have been created. The pre-cut pages take some planning, but well worth it in the end.

This double page was created by Barbara Rae, AZZA Consultant in Western Australia. I love her use of the Deer Die/stamp set. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this set can only be used at Christmas:

Created by Barbara Rae, Western Australia.
Created by Barbara Rae, Western Australia

Barb has used the lovely papers and stamp set released this month.


This stamp is so versatile, it can be used on the page with any theme. The writing can be used as a background for any decoration and the little ‘dots’ splash comes in so handy. I have just used it as snow – but will show you that layout later in the week.

Created by Jill Attrill, Victoria, Australia

Jill, AZZA Consultant in Portland in Victoria has created the wedding page above. Beautiful in its simplicity.

Sue Talbot, Consultant in Sydney, created the following page using the papers released last Christmas. These have to be some of my favourite – released in blues and browns.

Created by Susan Talbot, New South Wales, Australia

Many of you will have the AZZA Scrap Kit: Promenade. This was used at all our Masterclasses with Christine. Sue has used the decoration theme in this kit for her lower decorations, so if you have it, do give it a try.

Speaking of Christine, Deb Byrne AZZA Consultant in Hobart, Tasmania created this lovely page below of her time with us.

Created by Deb Byrne, Tasmania, Australia

Deb has used the die released (below) with the Cancun stencil that follows the curve of the stencil. She has not just used this as the ‘whole’ cut out, but also on either side of her photo. Note how she has used the writing on the large stamp set as a background for her lower decoration. Deb has sourced the lovely little Australian animals seen on the page locally. They are made from Tasmanian wood. Look out for them in our ‘new release’ Australian products later in the year.

Created by Heather Fields, Queensland, Australia

This beautiful page above was used on the front page of our June catalogue and created by Heather, up in Queensland. Heather has used the ‘writing’ stamp together with a few of the other stamps in the set to create a background for her title. I love how she has used pieces of the die around the title block too. She has used the Silhouette texture stamp on her paper but taken it off to the end of the die.

Created by Ros McQueen, Western Australia
Created by Ros McQueen, Western Australia

Ros has created a lovely double page with the June products. I love the little bird stamp and thought I would have fun showing you just how many colours I could find using the stamp and just how different each one looks ………

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
Chantal Guibert – Europe
Created by Brigitte Baise, Europe

I could go on, but that should give you enough to have fun with. Thank you to the ladies of Europe for sharing their creations with us. The last little bird comes all the way from Christine Houbrechts in Belgium.

Created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.

Christine’s layouts show just how different pages created with CANCUN can be.

Created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium
Created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

Thank you Christine for always sharing your beautiful creations with us.

A second page with CANCUN created by Jill Attrill.

Created by Jill Attrill, Victoria, Australia

Jill has used an AZZA Texture stencil to complete her decorations. The Mail Out subscription this month was around the AZZA Texture stencils. These stencils are great and so easy to use.

Like Jill has done on the above page, the decoration stencil can be used to complete your decorations on the page following the stencil outlines.

They can also be used to make your plain paper into patterned paper as Isabelle has done above. It doesn’t have to be used over the complete piece of paper as shown below. I show you the layout below to remind you that they can also be used on darker paper using white inks, or white inks first then a colour to suit your page. Using the white ink first allows for your colour to look the correct tone on the page. The A5 Texture stencils allow for greater areas to be decorated without having to move the stencil.

AZZA Europe

The decoration on this amazing page by Sophie in Belgium has been created using the Decoration stencil and one of the little birds off the Silhouette Figure sheet. Take a closer look at how Sophie has brought her little birds to life with pens. She has also used the new AZZA Stickers released this month, providing quick and easy decoration onto your page.

AZZA Europe

These stickers work beautifully with all the Silhouette products and are so quick and easy to get onto the page. They also add a little interest to the decoration. A beautiful page below by Mary Iviglia, AZZA Consultant in Beaconsfield Upper in Victoria using these stickers and the Decoration stencil shown above.

Created by Mary Iviglia, Victoria, Australia
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
Scrap de Ros

To finish, a beautiful page by Anne-Nathalie using the CANCUN stencil, the Silhouette texture stencil and the new AZZA stickers. I love the way she has used the stickers ………

Thank you to all the ladies who have contributed to this blog with their layouts.

I am sorry to only show you our beautiful collection on the last day of the month, so if you want to order a basket you need to go straight to our online shop as our July products and baskets will be uploaded in a few hours.


A link to Dominique Spirlet’s video on the CANCUN stencil. You will always learn something from her videos …….

We have another Great Australian Online Craft Show coming up this week, 2nd July to 5th July. Do pop into the AZZA stand and see what we have on special for you in July! Sorry I can’t give you any hints.


Happy Scrappin’


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