A walk down Memory Lane

The AZZA 20 Year Collector Case has been released this month as part of the celebrations. I have had so many enquiries about the ‘Around the World’ stencil over the years so I know many of you will be very happy to see it as part of this collection.

The book released with the collection (146 pages) will take you through the history of AZZA and will give the stencils an updated look – not that any of the stencils go out of date, they have been used with newly released product.

I do hope this will encourage those of you that have these stencils to get them out and begin to use them again. If you have the stencils, the book is available for purchase on its own.


Many of you will remember the Parfums du Sud: I still use my water bottle that came as a gift!

My double page created with the Provence stencil:

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia
Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

A few more pages shared by AZZA Europe:

Lovely layout above by Sabine Lebrun above and Yvette below. Yvette has used one of my favourite little fishing stamps.

les scraps d’Yvette – Europe

The stamp is part of a special bundle on sale at the moment.


The BE AZZA – CHANTE has always been one of my favourites. Below is a layout I did many years ago for my nephew’s wedding. I love using the large oval for the photo that tells the story of the page. It can be used for either a portrait or landscape photo.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

AZZA Europe

The outline of the stencil does not have to be used on the page as seen on the page below by Mimouscrap.

Le scrap deurpeen de Mimouscrap

The Lavender Reportage Ring binder album that was included in the box is still available for sale:


AZZA Mirage stencil was part of a duo release.

A Pre-cut set of pages were released with the Stencil duo above, these are still available for purchase. They are on sale at the moment.


Rachel Timms, AZZA Consultant in Brisbane, created the page below using the stencil with the pre-cut pages.

Rachel Timms – Queensland.
Competition page by Carole Rutter – Western Australia
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

If you like the Tribal Indian themed products a Tribal Indian Theme pack is available.


I don’t have to introduce you to this one. It has been sought after for years:

Around the World – Celebrating AZZA’s 15th Year Anniversary

AZZA Europe

The Large stamp set used above is available in the AZZA online shop and remains one of my favourite for travel pages.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

AZZA Venus is the next stencil to showcase; Mars-Venus was the Stencil Duo released.

Nadine Radous – AZZA Europe

I always loved this double vertical framed layout created with the stencil. What a beautiful gift it would make.

Nathalie Macioszek – AZZA Eruope

Use one oval as Nathalie has above or two as shown on this double page by Filomina below.

Scrap Europeen de Be Creativa

Or no ovals at all, only decoration as Sabine has done below on this double page.

Sabine Lebrun – AZZA Europe

AZZA Toronto was the first AZZA stencil to be sold with a ‘Tool’ stencil. These tool stencils as we were to find out, were perfect to get continuous lines of decoration in inks, chalks or with pens.

AZZA Europe

This lovely layout above by Filo shows the smaller oval within the larger oval shape. Filo has used some of the Tribal Indian products shown above for her decorations on the page.

Below a completely different layout with the same stencil by Isascrap.

IsaScrap – AZZA Europe

The layout below shows the long chalking or inking lines that can be achieved by using the tool stencil.

AZZA Europe

The next stencil in the set – Marshmallow II. This set was designed as a 30 x 60 stencil and, when placed together, a design right across the double page can be achieved. This can also be achieved with one stencil merely by flipping it over on the opposite page.

AZZA Europe

Another lovely layout by Rachel Timms showing the Marshmallow stencil used on a single page.

Rachel Timms – Queensland, Australia

Bilboa-Macau is another of the AZZA stencils that feature often in my own albums. Here it is highlighted with a little taste of Africa.

Filomena created the page above with Macau. I created the page below using sand as part of the decoration. Note how I have used two colours of sand and embedded the little Giraffe figures into the sand. If you would like to work with AZZA sand on your page do ask your Consultant about a lesson.

Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

The AZZA online shop has an amazing selection of sand with a few new colours added recently. All are matt except for a Black and Bronze which are available in the ‘Glittering’ range.


The circle can also be used as a window through to the back page of a double layout as seen below on the double page by Sophie.

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

And another lovely layout by Sylvie.

Istanbul of PARIS-ISTANBUL duo has to be one of my all time favourites. My clients know it is my ‘go to’ if we are struggling with a set of photos. It works well with the smaller pages and even the 20 x 20 Mini albums. If you have bought the new AZZA Desk Album, it would be perfect for that too.

I think this was the first AZZA stencil I worked with so I was pleased to see it included in the set. For first time Scrappers, it is the ideal stencil to work with. In the layout below I have used the circle as a window through to the back page.

Floscrap – AZZA Europe

The circle in the stencil has not been used on the page above. Ladies often forget to look at using the stencil without the circle. If you do use the circle in your layout, that is the photo that will set the story for your page.

The stencil is great for a simple page, or to get a lot of photos onto your page.

It can easily be used as a double page too.

AZZA Europe
Scrapjeannot – AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

Lastly ROME-TOKYO. This stencil is lovely on a single page but can easily be used on a double page to get the larger circles across the 60cm width.

Use both little circles as a bold statement on the page.

AZZA Europe

Or use them to blend in with the background:

Use them for photos or journalling:

AZZA Europe

Or don’t use them at all:

Floscrap – Europe

In this layout Floscrap has cut two large circles using the stencil, then she has folded them in half and stuck them onto a 30 x 30 page. Note the green ribbon in the centre keeping the circles closed. Below you can see the full layout once the circles are open.

Now for a quick look at some of the layouts that have been shared with the release of the Collectors Case.

Thank you Honorine – Wow you have been busy and the pages are beautiful.


Honorine has used the lovely Family embossing folder for her paper.

Around the World
Marshmallow – Annie Alloiteau-Gatterre – Europe

Honorine has used the set of AZZA dies below. There is only one set left in the AZZA online shop so if you have been thinking about purchasing it, do get in quick as they are no longer available in Belgium.


To end with, a little challenge from Christine Houbrechts using the ‘Around the World’ stencil on multiple pages. Christine has used the new seasonal patterned papers’ Farm’ on her page.

And the back of the pages:

The Collector Case has been very popular so I hope you will find great inspiration from the pages I have shared with you. If you have not bought the Case, I do hope you will want to haul out your older stencils and create some beautiful pages with them.

Each week in the AZZA online shop you will find new specials so don’t forget to pop in and take a look – under the heading ‘SALE’ in the drop down menu.

This week everything FLORAL has been discounted.

Happy Scrappin’


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