Caramel and Vanilla

The beautiful tones of the new colours this month.

So many beautiful cards and layouts are popping up with the Barcelona stencil.

As with all AZZA stencils it can be used to create a layout with one photo or many.

Let’s begin with the single photo. Below Scrap de Ros has used the Cashmere texture stencil on her paper, Washi tape, small elements from the sticker sheet and of course two colours of the Resin dots. She has used the Cashmere dies, placing the ‘frilly’ paisley design onto the solid one.

Judy Sharp in Western Australia created a heritage page using the Caramel colours in both inks and paper. It is so easy to cut these shapes if you have the dies that match the stencil. Judy used the Wrought Iron texture stencil for her patterned background and Medieval paper, both lovely products and still available in the shop.

Judy Sharp – Western Australia
Layout by AZZA Europe

In the layout above the AZZA Relax texture stencil has been used together with Cashmere products for decoration.

AZZA Europe – Paper easily cut with the matching dies.

Onto pages with two photos: A lovely page by Valerie using the Cashmere printed papers, stamps, dies, stickers and Resin dots.

Valerie G – Europe

Another lovely layout by Roz in Europe. Roz has used the Bombay die and the Relax dies released last month. The Vellum paper with a dot pattern is a sneak peek at product to be released next month.

June Mail out was all about the Relax dies. Ladies received one of the dies and a lesson with ideas on how to use it on the page. Below, a page using the Relax die and the AZZA Kyoto stencil. The dies are perfect for giving your paper shape some character as they are ‘window’ dies.

AZZA Europe

Whilst with the Kyoto stencil, I found this beautiful page using the Cashmere embossing folder on the page. The die cuts used are from the 20th Anniversary birthday box set.

AZZA Europe

Onto three photos on the page:

AZZA Europe

I do love this page, simple but striking. With the layout below you almost do not recognise the Bombay stencil at first.

AZZA Europe

Below, a layout by Susan Salvair in Western Australia, showing how journalling can be placed on the page. Susan used the Cashmere texture stamp on the paper above the journalling, but used the WOW or Versamark ink so that it did not detract from the message.

Susan Salvair – Western Australia

Then moving on to the other end of the scale, here is a lovely set of pages using the smallest square shape as a window on two pages, and then a single flip page on the back page.

A note on the Cashmere dies and stamps. You will notice there is no Stamp and Die basket this month as the dies and stamps do not match as usual. You can use some of the stamps on the solid paisley shapes, but with this release the stamps also match the figures on the sheet. You can also use two dies to create a simple paisley outline.
AZZA Eruope
Christine Houbrechts – Belgium

Below a few samples by Hilary Hamilton in Victoria showing how the stamps match the figures.

And fun with the Flower shaped stamps:

AZZA Europe
AZZA Europe

I have also been enjoying the layouts with the TOP TEN Collector stencils. It should encourage those of you that already have these stencils to dig them out and use them again.

When I am scrapping I try to use as many of my stencils in the album as possible, so do go back and use the older ones too.

Here are a few layouts from older stencils I thought I would show you.

Judy Sharp – Western Australia

Judy used the AZZA Zurich stencil with the Materials and Texture embossing folder and ‘School’ patterned paper.

idscrap – Europe

Using a single photo and the AZZA Verlaine stencil a layout by idscrap in Europe. The die cut ‘Heart’ is still available in the online shop.

Three more layouts by Susan Salvair showing how to get journalling onto your page. The first layout is using the AZZA Fiji stencil. There are now only a few of these left in Europe so they will soon be out of stock. Susan’s second layout shows the AZZA style on the page without using a stencil.

Susan Salvair – Western Australia

Susan has used the Materials and Texture decoration stencil on the page below.

Susan Salvair – Western Australia

Another way to get the information onto your page is taking photos of the information boards as seen on Susan’s layout below. Susan used the AZZA Sofia Lima stencil for this layout.

Susan Salvair – Western Australia

And cascade on the Dallas page:

AZZA – Europe

To end a few cards from Carole Bondue in Europe.

AZZA Europe

Below and top right are cards created using the new AZZA Mini Collection sets:

Hopefully that gives you some inspiration to play with both old and new stencils over the coming weeks.

Happy Scrappin’


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