Cabana 2022

This month saw the release of the Cabana products: Osaka stencil, Hydrangea and Midnight Blue colour range and Daydream themed products.

All products had been kept ‘Top Secret’ until after the Cabana weekends in Europe. This year the ladies were actually able to gather together once again. In Australia, everyone who purchased a Cabana box during March was invited to join the online class on the 10th of April. Over 25 ladies signed in and some amazing pages were created. An online link was sent to those who could not attend. If you purchased a Cabana box and did not receive this link, please get in touch with your Consultant. A big ‘THANK YOU’ to Anita Day for presenting a wonderful class. I managed to get together with my ladies for a Cabana day and we had a great time – even Judy’s cake matched the theme.

The online class project was based on the double page layout below.

Many more wonderful interactive layouts can be found in the Focus book. This book can be purchased in a basket with the pre-cut pages.

So much fun can be had with these pages and it adds a little fun to the album too.

Barbara Rae – Western Australia

    Barb Rae in WA created this lovely page above, the paper is perfect for the theme of the page. She has used the new AZZA word stamps on the front page. These sets were created for AZZA to be used on the scrapping page to make up a title or a little journalling. The AZZA Alphabet die cuts have been used on the inside page.

    There is only one Cabana box available. If you purchase this box you can create a page with your Consultant and will also be sent the link to the online class recording. If you like the range, these boxes are a huge saving.

    Although there are sample layouts, the end result of your layout will be designed by the photos you are using. Below are three different layouts all with the pre-cut pages.

    Françoise Carel – Europe
    Francine Gallon – Europe
    Christine Houbrechts – Belgium.

    I created two pages below, one on each of the new colours. The first page was using the new Midnight Blue page. I used the Classic essential paper but added a little of the AZZA Glitter paint to match Nicole’s blouse. I completed the page with a white Gel pen, the AZZA Daydream dies and texture stencil and the new mini collection set: Beauty. With the flower die I only removed a few of the inside sections to give a little definition on the page.

    Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

    An easy way to get a clean line of inking, chalking or pen work when you don’t have the tool stencil is to cut your shape out of a sheet of acetate and use it as a stencil as shown below. Place the acetate behind the stencil, mark the line you want to use and then cut the acetate. Remove your stencil and use the acetate as your stencil, then keep this piece of acetate with the stencil in case you need to use that particular curve again.

    The second page I used was the new Hydrangea colour. I had the perfect photos and some of the background that was not in focus, worked perfectly as the background for my decoration. I used the Daydream embossing folder and the large set of stamps. Note how I have then used the AZZA pom-pWeddingom with inks to colour the stamped image, finished off with a white Gel pen and two resin dots. I couldn’t help adding a little orange Resin dot to replicate the Ladybird. Any pen or Gel pen works beautifully on the matt Resin dots. I also used a little of the new satin ribbon to complete the decorations.

    Lyn Holmes – Western Australia
    Jill Attrill – Victoria

    Jill has created this beautiful page completing it with the Daydream patterned paper, the Daydream micro stamp, the AZZA words stamps and the Circle stickers. Barb used the same set on her page that I highlighted earlier in the blog.

    On the page below Jocelyne has used the Osaka stencil and the AZZA Ring dies. She has also backed the lovely little flower figures from the Silhouette sheet and created the centre of the flowers with a small circle punched out of off-cuts of the photos and white paper, completed with a Resin dot.

    Jocelyne Heynes – Europe
    Nadia Martin – Europe

    I loved the use of the flowers cut with the Daydream die on this page. Nadia has placed the lovely patterned AZZA vellum paper behind them. She has completed the flowers with a Resin dot and, of course, with so many colours available you can always match the flowers on your page.

    Having seen Nadia’s page I created the double page below using the Osaka stencil and Daydream decoration products. They make beautiful poppies and I thought with ANZAC weekend coming up this was the perfect page.

    Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

    The front page has been cut to a shape in the stencil so that the title on the second page could show through. I have used the lovely AZZA ‘Lest we Forget’ stamps for both the title and the poppies on the front page. As the paper is quite a large size, I have also used the Daydream texture stencil to create a pattern.

    Below you can see how how I have cut the front page. The Osaka stencil is listed as a 30 x 60 stencil and you will see one of the frames of the stencil are only 5mm thick. This enables you to use the stencil on one page and flip it for use on the opposite page with only a 5mm gap.

    I cut the poppies out of both red and black paper. For the centre of the page I used two sets of poppies in the red paper using both the outline of the flowers and in the insets. As I was flipping the smaller poppy on the page I ran it through the Big Shot without the dies, just the plates, to get it flat on both sides. I then cut the other poppy in black and placed red paper behind it. You can also cut the poppy twice and replace the red insets with the black insets and vice versa, but it is far quicker and easier to just place whatever colour flower/paper you are looking for behind the outline and cut it out. I cut the flower, placed glue on the back of it, stuck it onto the colour paper or Vellum and then cut around the outside. I have backed the individual flowers with the Vellum paper above. As with Nadia’s page, you can leave them plain giving you a lovely white flower (I did this with the butterfly figure next to the title) or as with my poppies, use an alcohol pen on the back of the Vellum to colour the flowers. Remember when you stick the flowers onto the page having used Vellum, only place the glue around the edges behind the flower outline and behind the Resin dot in the middle or it will show on your page. The page colour becomes darker where the glue is.

    A close-up of the poppy shows where I have used a 3D mousse dot to stick the poppy onto the page. I used this to my advantage as I wanted the black for the centre of the flower. Do mix and match your die cuts, using some without the insets, and some with colour. Just as natural flowers no two are the same.

    Christine Ronsin – Europe

    Another Osaka page I love was this page by Christine. She has used the Motorbike mini collection set for her decoration and showcased the product beautifully.

    Now for a few more decoration ideas that I thought I would share with you:

    Christine Caparros – Europe

    A beautiful design by Christine above using the Daydream decoration products and the AZZA Ring dies. Christine has embossed the large set of rings and coloured the smaller set of rings with Alcohol inks. These inks have not been introduced into Australia yet, but will be in the coming months. She has completed the decoration with Resin dots, a Brad and some ribbon.

    Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

    In the decoration above, I have cut around the circle in the stamped image and slipped a stamped strip through to give the image a background.

    Lyn Holmes – Western Australia

    In the image above I wanted to show you how to get two different effects using the AZZA pom-poms. In both, it gives the stamped image character, the one of the right being a much bolder design. In the image on the left, I dabbed the pom-pom to get a lighter colouring on the page. In the image on the right, I inked up a pom-pom then placed it on the page and swiped outwards, lifting the pom-pom at the same time. I completed the image with the same pom-pom but just dabbing it to get the smaller dots. In both images, I combined a stamp from the medium set of stamps shown below with the stamp from the large stamp set. If you have a few colours on the page the smaller stamp can be stamped in a second colour as seen above. I have then used both colours with the pom-poms. Lastly, I added a few more dots in various sizes with the new AZZA Dot Marker pen and then with an AZZA brush I added some AZZA iZink Glitter paint, dotting glitter over the area where the dots were and at the base of the flower on the left to ground the image a little. These images also look beautiful coloured with the AZZA Aqua brush.

    These stamps can be used with any theme of the page and are perfect for that little space that just needs ‘something’! In the image below I used the AZZA pom-poms to get the darker colour in the centre, I used the AZZA chalks and blending brushes to get the lighter blue on the outside of the wings of the butterfly and finished off the decoration with a white gel pen, AZZA Dot marker and iZink glitter paint as described above. For the background I merely chalked a circle. The AZZA decoration duo is perfect for creating backgrounds for your images to sit upon.

    Lyn Holmes – Western Australia.

    The latest Scrap & Moi is now available to add to your order, subscriptions will already be on their way to you.

    With school holidays in WA, a long weekend behind us and a long weekend ahead of us I do hope you can all get in a bit of scrapping and, if you are away, I am sure you will be taking photos to scrap in the months ahead. Isn’t it wonderful we can all travel again.

    Happy scrappin’


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