Title Pages

We all use Title pages at the beginning of our albums, herewith a few ideas.

Unfortunately not all the Alphabet stencils used on these pages are still available as AZZA constantly bring out new ones and discontinue the older ones.


Beautiful Title page by le blog de Mimou – Mimouscrap in Europe using the Sofia-Lime template.


Title page by Carine Vanheste using Bahamas template and Dona alphabet stencil.


Title page by Floscrap using the Bahamas template, the AZZA Trees stamp and lace figurines.


Title page by Celine using the Maldives template and decorations using the Summer Cocktail Theme kit

Title pageFloScrap

Striking page by Floscrap using Rome-Tokyo template.


Title page displayed on AZZAWorld – 4×4 template with the Title on a shape from the Baroque template. Lovely simple Title page.


Title page by Scrapjeannot, Europe using Caribbean template. One photo and various papers. Note the white pen used in the title to enhance it.


Title page by Creation scrap Europe using the Brussels-Mexico template and the Dream Holidays decoration stencil. Note the details in the palm trees. Sadly the little tortoise is no longer available.


Beautiful page by Creation Scrap, Europe using Rome- Tokyo template and our sea shell decorations, unfortunately no longer available.


Very gentle Title page by Creation scrap, Europe using the Caribbean template. The shape for the Title is from an older template no longer available, but any shape or some of the newer frames could be used.

Title pages

Lovely page – beautiful colours using the AZZA Kit Espere and the decorations from our Russian Christmas Theme Kit.

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