Sofia-Lima – ALI 566

Here are a few pages found in my roamings on the net and thought I would share them with you all for inspiration.  They are pages from a competition held in Europe: They had to use Sofia/Lima, a wooden or paper figurine, raffia and inks.


Christine Caparros

A page by Josephine Rey in Europe. She has used Sofia/Lima, the Ethnics Motifs Decoration Stencil and the Dona Alphabet stencil.


A page by Laurence in Europe. The “Zoo” is from the AZZA Kid’Z range.



Also by Josephine Rey in Europe. Her decorations match the photos beautifully.


This was the winning page in Scrap Névian: Page by Laurence de Fabrègues.


A page by Martine which was a favourite in the same competition in Europe. I love it. The little boats are from a Decoration stencil no longer available.

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