Heritage photos

A lot of Ladies are scrapping their ‘Old’ photos – Heritage Albums – so here are a few ideas for you.

Templates that are great for old photos that cannot be cropped too much are Canaries, Paris-Istanbul, Bottles and Baroque and of course using the AZZA inter-locking method.

Canaries - GAB_902

Canaries Duo – GAB 902


Baroque Duo (one side) GAB142 – $25.00


Bottles Duo – GAB144. $25.00


Paris-Istanbul Duo – GAB 701. $25.00

Heritage -ann_jahan

Courtesy Ann Jahan, Europe. Here the interlocking method has been used with the photos and paper. Decorations made with the School Theme Kit 525.


Courtesy AZZAWorld, Europe. Rome-Tokyo Duo – GAB 702. This can be used for the Heritage theme very easily keeping the single photo large. An Enlargement has been used here.


Page by Scrap-de-Rosetta. Caribbean Template has been used here. The AZZA Texture mini-stamp TAM512 has the ‘writing’ stamp which is great to use on a heritage page.


Page by Valentine de Hennin using Lima template. Could be a fun heritage page.


Lovely Heritage page found on the AZZAworld Gallery page. Here the photo has not been cropped, the ‘Reve’ Template has been used for chalking the background. The AZZA round and scallop punches have been used for decoration together with the lovely silhouette figures Daisies and Round Flowers.


Page by Scrapfabi, Europe using Be AZZA Chante.


Page by Scraparmor using the Canaries template and the School theme kit for decoration.


Page by Scrap-de-Rosetta using Caribbean template. Stamped decorations are from the Ethnic Motifs Theme and the little shrub is from AZZA Topiary range.


Page by L’atelier scrap de lutine, Europe using the Canaries template. Photos are not cropped at all and chalking and paper used for decoration with the template. Decorations done with the School Theme kit.


Page by Isabelle Janssen using the Canaries template. An enlargement has been used on this page with a paper background. The books stamp is from the AZZA School Theme Kit – KIT 525


Page by Floscrap – this is not a Heritage page but I thought it could easily be used for one. The colours are perfect and the photos are not cropped much. The AZZA interlocking method has been used here together with AZZA frame figures. The circle has been cut in half, so only one has been used. The frame has then been inked using our Decoration Stencil Ethnics Motifs Duo – GAB 565.


A beautiful double page by Marielle Ecalle using the Baroque stencil. Unfortunately the Decoration stencil used is no longer available.


Double page by Marielle Ecalle, Europe using Paris-Istanbul.


Another double page by Marielle Ecalle using a stencil which is no longer available, but can be made using the Voyage Kit – 908 or the shapes from the Complementary Duo – GAB 123


Lovely page by Chantalouscrap using Bottles. This would be a lovely Heritage page too.


Page by Laurence Chabbey using Canaries stencil and the School Theme Kit for decorations.


Heritage page by Celine, Europe using Stained Glass stencil. The clock stamp is no longer available but could be replaced with a heart or circle from the AZZA stamp ranges.


Heritage page by Scraparmor, Europe using the Canaries template. The School theme kit was used for decoration and the Dona alphabet stencil was used for the Heading.


This page was digitally created – but can be created using the Baroque stencil. It is a lovely simple page and the border can be done in inks or chalks.


Page by Marie Andree Jacquemin. The Canaries template has been used together with the School theme kit and Dona alphabet stencil.


Heritage page by Sophie Wilmotte on the AZZAworld gallery. Canaries stencil has been used together with the School Theme kit for decoration.

Canaries - patricia_guillaume

Page by Patricia Guillaume, Europe using the Canaries stencil for the Decoration. An enlargement has been used, if you have a landscape photo the decoration would look just as good if you turned the page around.


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