A few Layouts for inspiration.


Once again a beautiful page by Sabine Lebrun, she is so clever with her tones and decoration. Note how she has coloured the little lace figures she has used and incorporated the decorations into her border.


Page by Marie Helene Peiro using Canaries Duo. She has used the Ethnics Motifs Duo decoration stencils and stamps on the paper strips used on the layout.


Lovely page using Bahamas Duo GAB 901.


Lovely idea using a few of the shapes of the Stained Glass stencil in 3D stamped with AZZA texture stamps. Page courtesy AZZA Europe.


Courtesy Marie Helene, Europe – Caribbean Duo GAB 906. Again note the use of the AZZA texture stencils on the paper cut-outs.


Marie Helene once again, using the new Maldives stencil and the Butterflies Theme Kit for Decoration. Note the three circle punched photo sets either side of the page – a new idea.


Marie Helene Peiro, Europe. Beautiful simple page with the new Maldives stencil and the Cocktail Theme Kit for Decoration.


Courtesy AZZA EUROPE. The new Maldvies Stencil.


Double page by Marie Helene Peiro – using the Bahamas Duo. This is the front page.


Fold-out open to show page below. Note how a fold out page has been stuck to a backing page of a different colour.


A simple page by Michelle Delcomminette – I like to show pages that you can do without using a stencil if you do not want to cut your photos. Michelle has used the Butterflies Theme Kit for decoration. The Butterfly Lace Figures are 3D.


Lovely page by Michelle Delcomminette using the Caribbean Duo stencil and the Ethnics Motifs Decoration Duo for the Decoration. The masks are 3D.


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