Pages created in class



Kiyoko attended a class for the first time and managed to finish a page using Paris-Istanbul. She put it in a frame and was going to hang it up as soon as she got home.


Sue Talbot’s page with Vivid photos. The new Maldives template is great for a set of photos.


Another Vivid page by Sue using the Sofia-Lima Duo.


Vivid again by Sue – simple, clean page using Maldives Duo.


Joy Hamilton made this lovely page using Sofia-Lima Duo on the Amethyst page. Unfortunately the Scrolls Decoration Duo is no longer available.


Another page by Joy using the new Maldives stencil. The mosaic on some photos makes them a little more interesting.


Sue’s page using Bahamas Duo. The stamp set used is Field TAM 471.


Our beautiful harbour – Sue’s photos using the Maldives Duo.


Joy’s page using the new Maldives duo – a great layout for a set of photos. Quick and clean.


Sue’s family photos, not finished yet but I wanted to show you Maldives used with Portrait photos. Again a quick page to put together. Decorations to follow!


Sue’s page using Sofia/Lima. Note the decoration included in the border – Sue used Ethnics Motifs Decoration Duo.


Another page by Sue using Sofia/Lima. No decorations, but I wanted to show you a different layout using the stencil.

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