As we welcome the New Year in I am sure you all have a lot more photos to scrap.

Herewith our new template that has been released this month:Galapagos3

Galapagos:  ALI 1505 AZZA Studio Kit:  $50.00

This includes the stencil, Studio booklet and a Lace Frieze.

The stencil can be bought on its own:  $25.00 for the set of 2.

Herewith a few layouts I have created using the new template:


I have used the AZZA Versamark pad for the shading of the frame and 2 wooden frames for decoration.  The stamping within the frames were also using the Versamark ink pad, highlighted with pens.


Using the Galapagos stencil and the new Alphabet stencil ‘Sue’.


These cute little creatures found in Africa on rocky outcrops called Dassies:  they are related to the elephant!!!!  For decoration I used a stamp from the Ethnics range and the cute little ‘mouse’ stamp from the Recipe stamp set.

Herewith the complete NEW PRODUCT FLYER:

New products flyerJan2016

Having had a quiet Christmas I was able to scrap my holiday to Cape Town, here are a few of the pages with Christmas colours:


Using the Sofia-Lima stencil and a combination of the Butterflies/Field Flowers Decoration Stencil for the inking of the ‘Red Hot Poker’ flowers.  The two birds are from our lace figurines.


Created using the New Edition London-Rio stencil, AZZA punches and a little lace figurine from the Field Flowers collection.


Created using the AZZA Mauritius stencil, AZZA Sands and the AZZA Field Flower collection – using both the decoration stencil and the lace figurine.  The circle I punched out of the red paper I cut in half and used as decoration.

…. and on top of the world …..  Table Mountain


This page was created using the Toronto stencil and the texture stencil Winter Pleasure GAB 233.


Created using Porto-Valparasio stencil and stamps from both the ‘Nautical’ Mini stamp set and the ‘On the Road’ large stamp set.


As I had so many photos from on top of the mountain I decided to use a double page – Stencil Mauritius and decoration with AZZA punches and the new Alphabet stencil ‘Sue’.

Still in Africa I am sure:  Below, a beautiful page by Sigiscrap in Europe, I just love the colour tones on this page.  She has used Toronto stencil and the decoration stencil from the Mandala range and a wooden circle.  I love how the piece of string around the frame picks up the darker colours in the photos.


Be Creativa has created this amazing page with the new Galapagos stencil and decorations using the stamps from the Mandala range.  The simple piece of tied string in the centre of a punched circle is so effective!


To end off, a few pages created with the new Galapagos stencil by the Ladies in Europe:


Page by Christine Caparros using the the lovely lace ‘Doilies’ from the Mandala range and the stamp from the Japanese texture mini-stamps and the new Christmas on Ice stamp set.


Beautiful page by Sabine lebrun using AZZA punches and the ‘World’ stamp from the Holidays Labels stamp set.  She has used the ‘Gina’ alphabet stencil.


I am not sure but think this page was created by Sigiscrap, Europe.  I love the inking over the pink paper – she has used a Decoration stencil only available in the AZZA Club.


Lovely winter page by Sylvie Faurre using the new AZZA papers.  She has created decorations from the new ‘Christmas on Ice’ theme kit.


AZZA Europe, using the the new ‘Christmas on Ice’ theme kit  for decoration.


Please do pop along the the AZZA Web page:  azzaworld.com.au as there are a number of items on sale.  Do remember the postage is much cheaper to order through your Consultant, so go along and take a note of which items you would like and then send your order to your local Consultant.  The AZZA Head Office is closed until next Monday – 11th January, but orders will still be placed and they will be sent out as soon as the office re-opens.

I would like to wish you all a wonderful New Year,


………….  and a lot of spare time to scrap!!


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