Many Photos to Scrap

With the festivities over, I am sure you all have a lot of photos to scrap.  Happy snaps of family and friends together over the festive season, or away on holiday, that you will all look back on over the years.

I have found some double page layouts to show you – so you can get many more photos onto one set of pages, create a small ‘story’ within the set of pages.

The first set of pages is by Scrap de Rosetta using the new Galapagos stencil.  She has two  flaps, one opening to the right and one to the left.  She has done this by using a double page (Mid-grey) and a single page (Azure blue).  She has also used the lovely little stamp set that came with the Christmas Scrap n Moi Magazine.  Other decorations come from our latest decoration Theme ‘Christmas On Ice’.


She has used the Mid Grey double page so this is the side that has been cut and will flap  open to the right. The blue single page is placed ‘inside’ the double mid-grey page.  Below:  the back of the Mid-grey flap.


Here she has inserted an Azure Blue page and cut it to the same shape – this will flap open to the left.



Above, the back of the blue page.

Below the full back page of the double page.


Scrap en Chartreuse has used an  amethyst Accordion page on her page.  I love these pages, they are easy to use and add so many more photos to your ‘Story on one page’!  They can be used either way depending one whether you have portrait or landscape photos.  She has used the new Galapagos stencil.




Accordion sheet open to the left and below to the right.


The double page below was created by Sylvie Faurre,  Wonderful – using the Rome-Tokyo stencil and our Field Flowers Theme Kit for decoration.  Note the string around the frame with the dots using the pearl makers, a simple decoration but very effective.



Next a lovely page with a smaller Title page from our Porto-Valparaiso stencil by Mimouscrap.  She has used the small Mandala stamp for decoration but note her attention to detail on the stamp.  By adding colour to her stamp it brings it to life.


The back side of the Title page – pre-cut page for Porto-Valparaiso stencil.



Just to show you how different the same pages can look – the set of pages below are by Sabrina, Du scrap chez les cigales, Europe.



For those of you with the older stencils Paris-Istanbul and Hawaii – here is a double page using both!  Mmmmm a lot of cutting but lovely result.  The page is by Anne – Fait du scrap, Europe.




This double page is by Be Creativa, Europe, a lovely page and the colours are perfect.  Although she has not used many photos, I love the layout and decorations.  She has used the new Texture stencil ‘Christmas on Ice’.

Becreativatitle page






The little decorations are great.  Unfortunately the little Hippo lace decorations can only be purchased with an AZZA Kidz set.  For her tree she has used the tree in the Japanese Spring Theme Kit. (Adjusted for Africa!!)

This last double layout is a sight to behold!!!  It took me a while to work it out, but I would love to try it.  Below is the front of the folded page.

Foldingfront page

Below is the page opened up ……


The link below will take you to her website and there is a little video to show you how she did it!!  I have managed to post it to my Facebook Page too.  Enjoy.×60-en-pliage-97143857.html

I will sign off with two beautiful pages using the Galapagos stencil :

The first by Nathalie Macioszek:

Nathalie Macioszek Galapagos

For decoration she has used a new feather stamp which has just been released in Australia.

Feathers‘Feathers 2’ AZZA Stamp Set

The second page by Sabine Lebrun.  Sabine has used the AZZA ‘Birth’ Theme for decoration.


Classes in Turramurra will begin in February, I will be holding a Wednesday and Friday class each month.  Please check the ‘Calendar’ for dates on the drop-down menu.

If you have a group of friends that get together and scrap you can give me a ring and I would be happy to come on over to you!

Happy Scrappin’








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