Apologies ….. herewith the second half of the blog!

I have also created a double page using the Marshmallow stencil.  This was a ‘vertical’ double page.  First the front ‘Title’ page ….


Inside spread …



I have used my own hand writing on the page.  I do think it is important to use your own hand writing on pages as it makes them more personal.  There are not always stamps or decoration stencils with just the right words, so do use your imagination.  If you are doing an album for your children I am sure they would love to have your writing on the pages in years to come to show their children.


This is also a page using the marshmallow stencil.  This layout is quite different from those above.  I have used the ‘Nautical’ stamp set on this page with Versamark ink and one 3D image.

For those of you that have the ‘Travel Book’ Kit set, here are a few pages.


My husband and I went on a cruise earlier in the year to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary, this was leaving Sydney harbour.  I do  apologise for the ‘pole’ sticking out the top of my head, but as you can see I did not take the photo and it was the only one I had of the two of us together.  I have used the AZZA ‘Sun’ embossing stencil on the darker blue paper.


Deb Byrne, our AZZA Consultant in Tasmania has also offered to share a few of her great pages with us.


Deb has used the AZZA ‘Brick’ embossing stencil on her layout, note how she has inked the embossed paper to create a greater texture.  The little ‘soldiers’ are from an AZZA Club decoration stencil.



Not quite sure what happened to the colours but the above pages are a set, the top being the title page and the bottom the inside spread.

Deb also created a page with the new ‘Lotus’ stencil, which is a 25 x 25 stencil.


Deb has used two AZZA stencils on this page, the smaller Lotus in the centre and the larger Caribbean stencil for the inking on the outside.


Do take a look at the AZZA 25 x 25 stencils, we have quite a few in our online catalogue.  You will find them under the ‘Stencil and Stencil Kits’ then ’25 x 25 Stencils’.

They fit perfectly onto the new 20 x 20 booklet AZZA has produced, great for gifts.


A few more layouts with the LOTUS stencil from AZZA Europe.





All the above pages are by AZZA Europe, I do apologise I cannot find the actual Artist for some of the pages I have shared with you.

The ‘Older’ stencil for today is a layout with Hawaii I found whilst surfing the net.  If you have Hawaii and haven’t used it in a while, do get it out and have a go!


I thought the following decoration was great for a Title page or just decoration on a school page.  The little pencils and the ‘graffiti’ background are from the AZZA ‘School’ theme kit.



‘School’ AZZA Theme kit  is ideal if you  have your kids or grandchildren’s school photos to scrap.

It is ON SALE at the moment, only $40.00 instead of $70.00.  Do pop along to our online website  –   ‘School’ Theme Kit

I always like to leave you with a page or two that you do not need a template for.


Thanks to Sylvie Alexandre for sharing this page.  The decoration stencil is from the new ‘Suns’ texture stencil duo and lace figurines.

Suns Texture Stencil Duo – GAB 258


4x4 floscrap.jpg

A great page from Floscrap which can be done without a stencil.  She has used the AZZA bicycle stamp (3D) and decoration stencil and AZZA sand for texture.

Hopefully I have given you some ideas you can work on.  With Christmas around the corner I will try and bring you some ideas for Christmas gifts and Christmas cards in my next blog.

Those of you that need a gift for ‘someone who has everything’  – think about framing an AZZA page, an Accordion album or one of the new  AZZA mini albums.  The 20 x 20 bound book I showed you above .  These are always great gifts and greatly appreciated as they are ‘one of a kind’ and the person receiving the gift knows how much work has gone into it.  (Hopefully!)



An Accordion album by Chantalouscrap.


The 20 x 20 Bound book by Scrapdenadge – I have only shown you the cover here, if you would like to see the whole book, using the new Saturn stencil do pop along to her blog.


And a page framed, thanks to AZZA Europe.

These gifts do take time to create so you need to begin your projects soon, don’t leave them to the last minute.

Happy Scrappin’


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