Summer is Here

As we are heading  into our summer months, many of our AZZA Ladies in the northern hemisphere have just enjoyed their summer and are heading towards winter!   Even though it has been winter I am sure many of you headed off during the holidays and will have a lot of photos to scrap.

We have had a great new release in October:  Essential 

There is an October Basket Special PAN035 which includes Kit AZZA Studio Essential, pre-cut pages and an AZZA Club card – $69.50.



I do like this stencil and it is always fun when we can get the pre-cut pages as this makes us think a little outside the box.

I thought I would show you a few single photo layouts first, flipping the stencil around as we go!!


This one above is by scraptoutdoubs in Europe, a very simple page.


I love this layout by Rosalie, she has used the stamp that arrived with the latest magazine and the wonderful Garden Frieze stamp set TAM 1010 which is a very versatile set.


Now turn the stencil 90 degrees …….


A striking page I found on Pinterest saved by Mini Scrap..  I love the colours she has used in both paper and chalks to tone in with the photo.  She has also used the AZZA ‘Wood’ embossing stencil for texture.


Embossing Folder:  EMB 001.

The second page of this layout is below:


Now we can flip the stencil another 90 degrees:


Still looking at a single page layout by Christine Caparros.  Beautiful colour tones with a black and white photo.

Staying ‘upside down’ ………


Two pages from AZZA Europe …. so cute!!  These two little stamps that have been used for decoration have not been released in Australia yet.


Now back to a few pages using the pre-cut pages:



Lovely set of pages saved on Pinterest by Elizabeth Rose, not sure if she is the ‘Creator’.  Once again the ‘Wood’ embossing folder has been used together with the new set of ‘Holiday Destinations’ stamps TAM 0025 and an older set ‘Nautical’.




Another lovely set of pages by AZZA Europe.  This texture stencil has not been released in Australia yet, but is on the way.



Another lovely page saved by Mini Scrap above.  She has used the ‘Sun’ embossing stencil.


Another page saved by Mini Scrap.


Page by Sylvie using the new set of stamps, note the detail she completed her stamped image with.

I just had to add this set of pages as the detail on the ‘Holiday Destinations’ stamps are also excellent.  Note how different the stamped images look on each page.



Lastly, a set of pages I have done of Napier in New Zealand.



Herewith a few pages I have done using the Marshmallow stencil.  I have tried to show how different pages can look using the one set of stencils.


For the decoration on this one I have used the new Decoration Stencil

‘Gardening Decoration’ – GAB592.


I have also complete a double page using the Marshmallow stencil.  I have used my own hand writing on the page.  I do think it is important to use your own hand writing on pages as it makes them more personal.  There are not always stamps or decoration stencils with just the right words, so do use your imagination.  If you are doing an album for your children I am sure they would love to have your writing on the pages in years to come to show their children.




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