Winter is here ……

I think I have finally got my computer sorted – had to buy a new one – so here’s hoping all my problems are solved!  Back to regular blogs, but no wait, I am off on holiday tomorrow for 3 weeks, so this will be ‘it’ until August.  In the northern hemisphere all my friends are off on ‘Summer holidays’ thank goodness the weather has been kind this year and here in the Southern Hemisphere, everyone is off skiing!  What does this mean – LOTS of beautiful photos to scrap in the next few months.

I am loving the new Orion stencil as I am sure you are too.  Some of my Ladies were a bit taken aback with the size of the Orion cutting dies, but I am sure once you have worked with them you will see they work out very nicely on the page.  They both have a 10cm circle within.  Do play with them on your older AZZA stencils too.

Scan 5

Orion stencil- Page by Lyn Holmes

I used them in this layout above:   pre-dinner cocktails on our Wedding anniversary hence the little picture in the centre!!  Here I only used ONE cut-out die of the Orion cutting die – the two pieces worked perfectly.  I needed to fill the little gap on the left-hand side of the small photo in the middle and used the rest of the circle to frame my ‘Title’.  I also decided to hide one end behind the photo and bring the other on top of the photo ending against a solid edge (the bottle).  I also used a colour to blend with the photos as the photos are quite ‘busy’.

A few more pages to show you the Orion Cutting Die:


AZZA Europe

What a lovely layout – the little leaves in the middle are from the AZZA Nature theme, only being released in Australia in September.  A beautiful range to look forward to.


Two beautiful cat pages by Catherine Clouvel in Europe.


Scan 7

Orion stencil – Page by Lyn Holmes

On the layout above I have used the Orion stencil and the Geometric stamps.  The alphabet stencil I have used is Leon.  Note the double chalking in the top right-hand corner, the initial chalking was in line with the photo so the second chalking just gives the layout another dimension so it is not exactly ‘square’.

Below is a lovely page by Scrap de Roz, using the Orion stencil with only one photo.


….. and a simple creation by Irene Volont below.


Last blog I also showed you the AZZA Hula Hoop stencil.  This is a 25 x 25cm stencil but can easily be used on the standard 30 x 30cm page.  Below I have created a page with the Hula Hoop stencil on the 30 x 30 page, as you can see it can be drawn out to a larger size easily.  These stencils are great and at only $14.00 a stencil, very reasonable.

Hula Hoop GAB729

AZZA Hula Hoop – $14.00 

Scan 6

Hula Hoop Stencil – Page by Lyn Holmes

For decoration I have used chalks, the AZZA Cutting die ‘Openwork frieze’ and the ‘Ethnic’ decoration duo.  I used the AZZA ‘Circles’ set for the chalking around the photo, it makes it so much easier.  The set is shown below, it does make decoration so much easier, both on the inside of your circles or the outside!


AZZA tools Stencils ‘Circles’ – $33.00


Sorry about the close-up of ‘me’!!

Herewith a few more samples of the AZZA Hula Hoop stencil I found on Pinterest. Sorry I couldn’t trace the original ‘Creator’ for all of them.


Isn’t this layout pretty – love the chalking on paper cut-outs.  The decoration on the page above and below are from the AZZA theme –  ‘Return of the swallows’.


Large stamp set – Return of the Swallows.


Embossing folder – Return of the Swallows EMB 023.  $12.00

The embossing stencil has been used on the layout below.  The AZZA figurines from the same them have also been used and coloured.  Aren’t they gorgeous!



And lastly, some older stencils  ….  for those of you that love a simple layout – just photos and no decoration, below I have used AZZA Mauritius stencil.


I have used 5 photos here, the top right-hand side is an enlargement.  What I LOVE about AZZA is that you can get rid of all ‘that space’ that is not needed on a photo!


….. and for those that like to add decoration to the page:

Scan 9

Page by Lyn Holmes – Mauritius Stencil

This did not take me long – I stamped the two anchors from the ‘Nautical’ stamp set in black, punched 2 little holes in the top and looped the ‘rope’ around and stuck it to the page.  Above the photos I used the ‘Nautical’ Decoration Duo stencil and white ink and a Title I cut off a postcard.  Too easy!!

I also came across this layout using AZZA Mauritius stencil, beautiful tones, again using the AZZA Nautical theme for decoration.


Another page I came across and loved and wanted to share with you:


A page by Megan Bielska in Europe using the Bilbao-Macau stencil and decorated using the AZZA ‘Birth’ stamps.  This stamp set is on sale at the moment:


AZZA stamp set Birth – $25.15

I love this stamp set, you can use it for so many themes with babies and kids.  I have used the little flowers and hearts on a lot of pages other than babies and kids too.

A page by idscrap using Essentials I just loved:


Lastly a few photos from some of the classes I have held.  The Ladies produced some wonderful creations:

A  beautiful page by Hazel, once again using the Mauritius stencil.


Page by Hazel Iveli, NSW

Front page of a double page layout by Sue using Caribbean.


Page by Sue Talbot, NSW

Inside double page using AZZA Mirage stencil.


Double page by Sue Talbot, NSW

From the wonderful Ladies in Penrith, thanks for sharing your pages …..



Page by Nikki, Penrith

A close-up of Nikki’s  page, created with the AZZA Maldives stencil.


Two beautiful pages (and Ladies) both using texture stencils over chalking for decoration.  On the left-hand side is Adriana using the Travel stencil and on the right Lizzy using the Perfumes of the South stencil.


Page by Nancy, Penrith

Nancy created a wonderful page using AZZA Toronto stencil.


Page by Laurene, Penrith

Lovely page by Laurene using AZZA Aqua stencil incorporating a postcard from the place she had visited.


Page by Jenny, Penrith

Beautiful double page by Jenny using the AZZA Brussels-Mexico stencil.  Love the amount of photos she managed to fit on the page together with the ‘tickets’ from the day in the top left-hand corner.


Page by Debbie, Penrith

And of course, Elephants may favourite.  Debbie did a double page layout with Eole stencil and little AZZA figurines as decoration.  Lovely chalking to finish the page.

Hopefully the Ladies have inspired you to get scrapping.  All these pages were created in a class, so you can see how diverse the end results are but all so beautiful!

Happy Scrappin’


Reading through – a lot of ‘loving’ going on BUT  –  I LOVE WHAT I DO!!

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