As Spring approaches we get to use the Nature Theme …… and a little piece of string

The AZZA  ‘Nature’ theme has been released in Australia this month.  It is beautiful and so versatile – it can be used on so many different themed pages.

The stencil released this month was a Book Stencil – Nature.  These are great value for money at only $14.00


GAB 1503

As you can see, they are designed to be used with the 20 x 20 books AZZA produces but can be drawn out to a 30 x 30 page easily.


Bound album 20 x 20 – $19.00

These books can be found under ‘albums’ in the catalogue.

They also make great gifts – Album and stencil ($34.00)

A beautiful sample of an album made with the Nature stencil and decoration product can be seen on a web page – Qui a dit ‘scrapbooking’  –  Stavelot au debut du Printemps.  Her album shows the use of most of the products released in this new theme.


Decoration using the combination of the AZZA Large stamp set and cutting dies from the    NATURE Theme.


Large stamp set Nature – TAM 0044  –  $35.00


Cutting Dies ‘Nature’ –  DIE 088 –  $35.00


Graulich-Lorge Fabienne nature 2

Decorations using the Large stamp set and lace figurines

Graulich-Lorge Fabienne nature 4

Decorations using the AZZA nature cutting die.


Cutting dies ‘Tree and Leaves’ – Die 089  – $35.00

Graulich-Lorge Fabienne nature 5

Decoration once again using a combination of the AZZA Large stamp set and Cutting dies Nature and a little piece of string.

Graulich-Lorge Fabienne nature 6

Above and below –  decoration using the Decoration TEXTURE Duo stencil ‘Nature’


Decoration TEXTURE Duo Stencils ‘Nature’ – GAB270   –  $16.50


Graulich-Lorge Fabienne nature 7

Graulich-Lorge Fabienne nature 8

Decoration using the Embossing folder ‘Nature’


Embossing folder ‘Nature’ – EMB 025 – $12.00

Graulich-Lorge Fabienne nature 10

Here she has used the AZZA Cutting Die ‘Round lace mats’ – DIE 002 which are on sale at the moment for $21.00 (in Australia) and a tree stamp without the ‘trunk’ from the large stamp set and a little piece of string.



Graulich-Lorge Fabienne nature 11

This page has been decorated with the great little ‘Tree’ stamp.  This stamp will be well worth getting, you will use it time and again!


Micro stamp set ‘Tree Nature’ – TAM 755  –  $9.90

Graulich-Lorge Fabienne nature 13

Lastly she has used the Cutting dies shown above ‘Tree and Leaves’ – DIE 089 and a little piece of string.

The August basket ‘Nature’ comes with three stamp sets, two decoration duo stencils, lace figurine, papers and instruction booklet.  The products can also be bought on their own.


Herewith a few more Orion samples .  I love Sabine Lebrun’s work, her pages are always so beautiful.

Orion Sabine

The embossing folder she has used will be released in Australia soon – it is part of the next Theme kit.

Below Christine has created a beautiful page using the Orion stencil, the Orion cutting dies, lace figurine from the Nature theme and the gorgeous ‘Scarecrow’ from the AZZA Large stamp set “Weekend in the County.”



Large stamp set ‘Weekend in the Country’                 TAM 0042   –  $35.00


Orion 5

I love this little guy and thought I would show you how many ‘shades’ he can take on – it depends on the colours of YOUR page.

The set of pages below are by Christine Capel, Europe, using the pre-cut page set for the Orion stencil and the ‘scarecrow’ stamp.  I love her detail on the decoration.




A close-up on her decoration.  You can bring your stamped image to life!

Decoration scarecrow

Another sample by RJ2S, Europe, single tone but just a eye-catching also using the pre-cut pages for the Orion stencil.



And lastly a very colourful ‘Fella’ (as we would call him in Australia)


This lovely creation below is by Muriel Tiberghien, Europe using Orion stencil and the Micro stamp ‘Tree’ … and a little piece of string.




I love the ‘little piece of string’ and it adds texture and character to your page …….  so here are a few ideas ………. with a little piece of string ……….

decoration 3

Beautiful decoration on a page using the ‘Tribal Indian’ Large stamp set, the ‘little piece of string‘ brings texture to the page.

Page below created by Rosalie, Europe using the Orion stencil and ‘Nature’ and ‘Cogs’ theme for decoration.  Her ‘little piece of string’ is tied into a bow.


So Scrap below has connected her two decorations on the page by                                           ‘a little piece of string’


Again, Be Creative has joined two decorations together with ‘a little piece of string’


… and of course frames can always have ‘a little bit of string’ around them ……



…..  ‘a little piece of string‘ to hang things on.


Of course, two pieces of string may be even better than one.  Here Mimouscrap has created a beautiful page bringing both colours into the decoration:


She has used the ‘Around the world’ celebration stencil, sadly no longer available.


All of us have ‘little pieces of string’ in our craft boxes – get them out and find a way to use them on you next little work of art.

Whilst I was on Mimouscrap’s web page – her layouts are wonderful so I thought I would share a few more with you where she has used some of the older layouts.  Get yours out and give them a go again.

This layout is using Sydney-Madrid stencil.  Again she has used the ‘Round Lace Mats’ AZZA dies that are on sale at the moment in Australia.  If you have a single photo you want to frame or create as a gift – what a perfect layout.  Christmas is around the corner!!



Her second layout is using Mauritius Stencil and the same AZZA cutting dies.



Showing you don’t always have to emboss the whole piece of paper.

Thanks Mimouscrap for sharing these layouts with us.

I have 2 classes in August in Sydney but there will be no classes (or blogs) in September or October as I am overseas.  In November I have listed 3 classes to make up for the break incase there are Ladies wanting to finish projects for Christmas.  The Christmas class with be held on the 8th or the 15th depending which date suits most Ladies.

Can you believe we are talking about the end of the year already!!

Well I do hope I have managed to share with you some great inspiration from the AZZA Ladies around the world.

Happy Scrappin’


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    Vos pages sont magnifiques

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