Whilst I am away ….


Just a quick note to remind you that you can still order through me although I am away on holiday.  I will be in Europe this time, not Africa, so am quite sure I will have phone coverage wherever I am.  It is a pity I am not in France or Belgium or I would have contacted some of you lovely Ladies whose pages I have shared on my blog and come for a visit and a bit of scrapping!

If you have any queries or would like to place an order please just send me an e-mail to lynholmes@rocketmail.com.  I will be checking in regularly.

Many Ladies in the States and Canada have contacted AZZA on how to order having seen my blog.  Please e-mail me direct on lynholmes@rocketmail.com and I will help you with all your AZZA needs.  I am always happy to chat and Skype if you would prefer.

I have had a few ladies trying to order through the website.  For both international orders and local orders, these are placed through a Consultant.  The idea is that you will get good service from your Consultant and she will then be available to answer any queries you may have and help you out with using the product you have ordered.  If you are in the same area as a Consultant, do pop along to a class and see how easy it is to use the AZZA stencils, you will always learn something in class.

So, the idea is, you pop along to the Australian AZZA website:

Australian AZZA website

Here you can scroll through the pages at your leisure and then contact a Consultant and place your order.


There are 2 ways to look at the products.  You can either look at the ‘Flipping page’ catalogue or scroll through the products by name.

To go to the Catalogues – you will see Titles in BLUE above the red menu bar – the second one is Catalogues.  Click on this and you will find them.  The September Catalogue has just been uploaded, so if you only want to see the new product this is a quick method.


The other way to look for specific items or see the full range we have – you will click on AZZA products in the red menu bar.


Now, this is where you NEED TO IGNORE THE  ‘How to order AZZA products’.  A lot of Ladies have been trying to create an account, you cannot create an account.

So click on the AZZA Products and it will take you to the various categories:


Please NOTE that the AZZA Cutting dies and Embossing folders are under ‘Accessories and Tools’, quite a few of you could not find them.

So, once on this page you click on the box which has the items you are looking for:

For example, for the Cutting dies and Embossing folders you will click on “Accessories and Tools’, the next screen will look like this:


Click on this and you will see all the individual items.


So if you are looking for the “newest products” – click on the ‘NEW PRODUCTS’ box.


…. and the latest products will be shown.


Now all you have to do is make a note of the products you would like and then contact your Consultant with the list.  If you click on the individual product you will get more information.

If you are looking for a Consultant in your area, look in the red menu bar and you will see the second one is ‘Consultants’


from here follow ‘Find a Consultant’ or ‘View Consultants List’.



On the phone it is slightly different………….





This is what the AZZA page will look like on your phone.  You can see the ‘Navigate to’ bar – you have to tap on the down arrow and then in the bottom of your screen a list will appear.



As you can see in the grey section, all the different categories are listed.  Just scroll down to the one you want, here “AZZA products” then hit done and it will take you to the products to look through.

I do hope this helps those Ladies struggling to navigate our website!

I could not leave you without a few pages created with the new stencil ‘Objective’.


AZZA Objective Stencil

Herewith a lovely page with only one photo using the new ‘Globetrotter’ theme products too.


AZZA Europe

These products will be great for all the travel photos and can be used time and time again.

Below is a beautiful set of pages with the new stencil.



Sophie Minghelli, AZZA Europe


Sophie Minghelli, AZZA Europe

The stamped image used is from the older ‘Ethnic motifs’, no longer available but a great set of stamps that can be used with any theme.


Sophie Minghelli, AZZA Europe

A few lovely pages by Sophie Juvigne, AZZA Europe.




And a close up of her decorations from the new ‘Globetrotter’ theme:



Lastly a set of pages by one of my favourite Ladies, Filomena / Be Creativa:


Her front page of a double page layout.


Inside spread, note the ‘cut outs’ on the front flap.


Back page and below a close-up of her decoration.


Herewith a link to her website for more detail:

Be Creativa

Do pop along to the AZZA website and check out all the new products available this month.

Well, I am off to Europe for a fantastic break but do remember if you need to order anything or need any help with product you have ordered please do not hesitate to contact me on my e-mail:  lynholmes@rocketmail.com.  I will get back to you in-between flights/meals/tours and glasses of good wine!!

Happy Scrappin’


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