A little inspiration before I go …….

This will be my last blog until November as I am away for the next two months.  I will try and share great creations I find to my Facebook page, but as I am travelling will not have access to a computer to do a full blog.

To begin with, a few creations with the Orion stencil.

Firstly, two pages by Rosalie with a single photo (and a little piece of string!).  Always great for a frame if you would like to create a gift for someone (Christmas is around the corner) or a Title page.




Rosalie has used the AZZA stamp and cutting die from the ‘Elegant flowers’ theme on the page above.


Large stamp set ‘Elegant Flowers’ – TAM 0034

Below Filomena, Be Creative has used the same stamp with the Orion stencil.  The embossing stencil is from the new AZZA theme ‘Nature’.


AZZA Embossing folder ‘Nature’ – EMB 025

This is a great example of using the full circle in the stencil even though your photo does not fill the shape.  Filomena has completed the circular shapes with the lavender paper.  She has decorated the paper beautifully, keeping the same tones so your eyes are not drawn away from the photos.  She has both stamped and embossed the paper sections, and dare I say, added a little piece of string!


The page below has been created using the Orion and Nature Cutting Dies.  Note how the ‘tree’ overlaps the photo and paper cut out.


AZZA, Europe

A few ideas on stamping.

When you stamp an image that is only the first step, you need to make the image come to life.  All it takes is a little direction and then practise.

The AZZA stamp set below is a lovely little set for the ‘outdoor’ pages.



TAM 3000- $13.50

Here is a link to Sabrina’s blog, she shows you how to bring your stamped image to life with pens:

Little Fisherman

Sabrina has also posted an AZZA Accordion Album which she has created.  I always like to remind everyone about these little albums at this time of year as they make a great Christmas gift.  Sabina has used the AZZA Lune Trio stencil and the decorations from the ‘Perfumes of the South’ kit and the Geometric theme.  She has only put one photo on each section, note the details in her decoration.

Accordion Album




Accortion Stencil Trio ‘LUNE’ – GAB 457



Perfumes of the South Kit – Limited Edition

Another example of bringing a stamped image to life – this time on a card, using the AZZA Orion Cutting dies and the AZZA stamp ‘Weekend in the Country’ which we saw last time using the Scarecrow.



AZZA ‘Weekend in the Country’ – TAM 0042

On the pages below Celine has used the same stamp set, this time using the ‘tree’ for decoration.  She has used the set of pre-cut pages for the Orion stencil and the Orion stencil to create the set of pages.





The embossing folder she has used is the AZZA Embossing Folder ‘Geometric’.  This is a great embossing folder as it can be used with any theme.


AZZA Embossing folder ‘Geometric’ – EMB 018

Below are some pages created by  two Australian Consultants using some of the older stencils.

A double page from Wendy Mongan, in Morwell, Victoria with our very cute Koalas.


Created by Wendy Mongan, Vic using AZZA Galapagos stencil

Wendy has used the Galapagos stencil for this layout and her decorations are from the new ‘Nature’ theme.



Created by Wendy Mongan, Vic using AZZA Galapagos stencil

The following pages are by Barbara Rae, our Western Australia Team Leader.  Barbara lives in Glen Iris, so if you are anywhere near there, do contact Barb for a class.

AU041 B Rae - Aqua - curtin

Created  by Barbara Rae, WA – using Aqua stencil.

Barbara has also used the beautiful AZZA cutting dies: Gum blossom and Gum nuts.  Note the detail Barbara has added to the shape of the gum leaves, nuts and blossom once they have been cut.

Gum Leaves

AZZA Cutting Die:  Gum leaves


AZZA Cutting Die:  Gum blossom

RAE AU041 - Macao - Camillia

Created by Barbara Rae, WA –  using Bibao-Macau stencil. 

Beautiful decoration on her paper cut-out.  Note how she has not stamped the whole shape but just the one side, gives a great visual.

RAE Barb - AU041 - 4WD

Created by Barbara Rae, WA using the the AZZA Bahamas stencil

Barbara has used the AZZA sand in the top right and bottom left of the page, this together with the embossing on the paper has added texture to the page.

RAE Barb - AU041 - Ecole - Tribal Indian+Mandela

Created by Barbara Rae, WA using the AZZA Eole stencil.

Barb has used the AZZA ‘Tribal Indian’ theme for her decorations above.


AZZA Decoration stencil ‘Tribal Indian’ – GAB 590

RAE Barb - AU041 - Mauritius - Lilly

Created by Barbara Rae, WA using AZZA Mauritius stencil.

Note how Barb has brought the colours of the photos into her decorations.  She has used pens, chalks and inks to bring her decorations to ‘life’.  A lot of you will have these older decoration stencils at home, do get them out again.


AZZA Europe

I loved this page I found on the net, created by AZZA Europe using Bilbao-Macau.  Note the inking on the page in red and matching inking on the paper cut-outs in black.  Very effective.

A few pages created using the ‘Perfumes of the South’ stencil:


AZZA Europe

How cute is this page using the little fisherman stamps I showed you earlier.


Page by So Scrap, Europe

Beautiful page by So Scrap above using our AZZA wooden circles and string to connect the decorations together.


AZZA Europe

The Orion cutting dies have been used on the page above and pages below as part of the decorations.


Page by Audrey Vast, Europe.


Rosalie has used the Cutting Die and embossing stencil from the ‘Nature’ theme on the page above.

And lastly a small decoration I found using the latest ‘Nature’ theme.


AZZA Europe

The ‘tree’ stamp has been used in the centre in 3D and in the corner of the decoration behind.  The AZZA Cutting die has been used on a photo – keeping the same colour tones throughout.  It is beautiful.

Two more examples of decoration – this time ‘sitting’ on a strip cut from one of the AZZA cutting dies.


AZZA  Cutting Die – Openwork Frieze

Simple decorations, but beautiful on the page.


AZZA Cutting Die – Baroque Frieze

Lastly a page using the AZZA 4 x 4 method – cutting the photos but not using a stencil.


I do like the decoration on the page.  The lines done with the pens using both the thicker nip for the initial line and then finishing it off with smaller lines and dots with a much thinner pen.  Very effective.  I also love the little vine around the lines, these can be done freehand or you can use one of the decoration stencils.

Hopefully this leaves you with enough to play with.  AZZA Australia has a new stencil coming out soon, so something to look forward to.

If you are stuck on a layout – do pop along to my PINTEREST page where I have a gallery for each stencil with lots and lots of layouts to give you ideas.  The link to the page is on the home page of this blog, look at the bottom, right-hand side.  There are also links to blogs of some of the AZZA ladies in Europe whose work is excellent.

Chat to you all again in November,

Happy Scrappin’


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