Boston … the new AZZA Stencil in March …..

The new AZZA Stencil available is BOSTON. This has been released together with the themed products ‘Winter Song’. Two beautiful colours have come into the range, I am so pleased to see Chocolate back, the other colour is Mustard. These two colours go beautifully together and are perfect for Autumn photographs.

The BOSTON Studio Kit:

Christine Houbrechts in Belgium has created some beautiful pages using the Boston stencil:

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.

This layout shows the AZZA Boston stencil with a beautiful winter theme to go with the Winter Song products.

Chris has applied her white ink with Pom-poms to make it look like snow. AZZA Australia are now selling these pom poms in 2 different sizes.

The lovely little branches are cut with the AZZA Winter Song cutting die and can be used with almost any theme on the page.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

Note how Christine’s ‘corners’ are facing outwards instead of inwards on this page. Chris has used various colours of inks/chalks to blend with the photographs. The stamp she has used with the string of lights will be released in Australia later in the year.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium

I always like to show you a page created with the stencil using only one photo. Pages can be created with all AZZA stencils using only one photo, but you must be prepared to put a little more effort into your decorations. On the page above Chris has used lovely inking on her papers, following the lines of the stencil. The ‘love’ and ‘heart’ images will be released a little later in Australia. We are often a little behind on products released in Europe as we have to allow for delivery and of course the hold up in Customs from time to time. If you see any AZZA products that you would like to order but are not in our catalogue please contact your Consultant to find out when they will arrive in Australia.

The AZZA Australia 2019 Catalogue has been uploaded onto our website. This is our new catalogue for the year.

All products in our 2019 Catalogue should be available until at least the end of the year. If there are any products that you cannot find, please use the ‘Search’ button in our shop to look for them, they may be in our ‘End of line’ section. If numbers are low on products and we can no longer re-order them from Belgium they are not included in our 2019 Catalogue as we know they will run out before the end of the year.

Verlaine continues to produce some wonderful pages. Christine created the page below, again using only one photo in the Vintage theme. I know many of you have old family photos you have been meaning to scrap for years, this will surely inspire you to get them out and into an album.

Page created by Christine Houbrechts, Belgium.

I found a set of pages created by Celine using the pre-cut set of pages I wanted to share with you. Celine has decorated her page using the AZZA products from the Vintage theme: texture stencil, embossing folder and cutting dies. She has also used the little ‘Flipetts’ to hold her pages closed.

This month 2 more chalk collections have been added to the AZZA collection: Bordeaux and Pale Green

Pale Green

Chalking is a lot of fun and so delicate on the page. It fills corners and gaps and is perfect to lay a foundation for your decoration. It completes the page in so many ways without taking your eyes from the photos. If you would like to learn more about Chalking contact your Consultant and ask about classes.

Page by Estelle, Passion Scrap Aveyron

Estelle has used the green chalks on her page above. The uninterrupted lines can be obtained by using the tool stencil that is part of the Boston set.

Chalking can also be used to create a frame on your page as shown on the page below by Nolwenn. She has used the AZZA Rosette stencil with the Water theme products to complete her page.

Chalking and chalk pens can be used to enhance your decoration. As you can see below the chalks have been used to complete the stencil shape on the left, on paper to the right and around and within the actual decoration to tone it into the page.

Chalks are best used on lighter coloured papers and pages, for the darker pages I would use inks.

I couldn’t resist showing you this page by L’escrapade in Belgium with the AZZA Frog die and stamp. Chalks have been used for the background and some of the decoration together with pens.

Page by L’escrapade with Verlaine pre-cut pages

These little stamp/die cuts sets are very affordable at $16.00. Lastly on chalking, don’t forget to use your chalk on papers. This is especially useful when the tone of the paper isn’t quite right. The page below by Floscrap using the AZZA Aqua stencil is a great example of bringing the colour of the photos onto the paper.

On looking for Chalking samples to share with you I came across this calendar which shows some lovely layouts using the AZZA Chalks.

Hopefully, we don’t skip through the year quite as fast as it took us to scroll through the calendar, although time seems to be flying by.

I am settling well into Western Australia and have almost completed my Scrap room so can get back to creating some of my own samples to show you.

All Birthday Retreats will soon be over and I will share with you some of the fun that was had by all across the country. Victoria and New South Wales are still to hold theirs and there are places available for both. Sue Talbot is holding the NSW retreat so do go along to the AZZA website to get her details or contact me. Hilary Hamilton will be running the AZZA Victoria retreat in the Dandenong Ranges.

Happy Scrappin’


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