Autumn – the colours of Mustard and Chocolate

AZZA Boston stencil has been selling very well and I have some beautiful layouts from our Australian Consultants to show you.

The first page was created by Theresa Dean, one of our Consultants in Tasmania. Theresa has created a beautiful border using the AZZA Chalks. She has used both chalks and inks on her page.

Page created by Theresa Dean, Tasmania. Australia

Theresa has used AZZA Chalks with the Weather texture stencil on one set of her papers and the other she has coloured her Mustard paper with the new AZZA Chocolate ink and chalks. Her circular decoration is a combination of an image from the AZZA A4 Sketch sheet, AZZA paper(shown below), ribbon and cord.

Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Victoria. Australia

Hilary created the page above using the Boston stencil and the AZZA Cruising paper. Note the way she has incorporated the little anchors into her decoration with a white pen.

The next two pages were created by Fi McKay our Western Australia Team Leader. Fi has used two colours in her chalking (note how the darker colour is kept to the points of the shapes) and has used the beautiful Winter Song Die that came out with the Boston stencil. She has placed little birds and a bird house from the Winter song Silhouette figures sheet onto the branches and a few pearls. Fi has cut a little circle out of the Mustard paper to give her bird a ‘background’ to sit upon in the first page, she has also used the AZZA Classic printed papers in the chocolate.

Page created by Fi McKay, Western Australia
Page created by Fiona McKay, Western Australia

Both Fiona’s layouts were created with the AZZA Boston stencil but they are quite different on the page. Note the detail on her Silhouette figures to bring them to life on the page.

These classic papers are available in a large range of colours, the colours above were released with the Boston stencil.

The Silhouette Figure sheet above is a lovely one as it can be used on a page with almost any theme. Fi has used the little birds and bird cage on her pages above and Jennie has used the little bird ‘just sitting’ on her page below. When colouring your Silhouette figure always remember it is easier to colour it on the sheet and only cut it out once you are finished and ready to place it onto your page.

The page below was created by Jennie, our Consultant in Townsville, Queensland. She has used the paper I have shown you above and the Winter Song dies, but this time she has used the branches and not the wreath. I always love sand on a page, Jennie has used the AZZA Winter Song Decoration duo and two colours of AZZA sand.

Page created by Jennie Banks, Townsville. Queensland, Australia

To use two colours of sand, first cut out the shape you require with the AZZA double-sided adhesive paper and stick it onto your page. Peel off the top sheet and now you are ready to place your sand onto your page. Below I have used the AZZA stencil Water Fun to show you how to work with two colours of sand.

Place your double-sided adhesive paper onto your page – it can be any shape
Place your stencil LIGHTLY onto the page where you want your decoration. If there is any double-sided adhesive tape showing block it off with your re-positional tape(as above). If you do not place it LIGHTLY you will struggle to get it off!!

Sprinkle your first colour onto the page.
Tap off the extra sand. Now, gently remove the stencil and re-positional tape.
Sprinkly the second colour of sand onto your page and tap off. You can always press down a little with your finger before you tap off the excess.
Too easy!!

Do pop along to our online store and take a look at all the colours of sand that are availabe:

You can see the different colours by clicking on the ‘arrow’ in the box under colour.

This is a beautiful die as it can be used in so many ways. You do not have to use the ‘wreath’ as a complete circle as seen in the lovely layout below by Scrapmoum, Europe.

The Lighthouse stamp is yet to be released in Australia.

I will show you a few more creations from the Ladies in Europe with the AZZA Boston stencil.

AZZA Suisse, Europe

Once again a beautiful double border which has been chalked and the use of the Silhouette figures and the cutting die for decoration. Note the cutting die has been used on a photo so the tones are perfect.

Anne-Nathalie Gugenheim, AZZA Europe

To bring the blue of the bird onto the page, Anne-Nathalie used a blue Woody pen on her white paper. Note how she did not keep the circular image of the AZZA A4 Sketch sheet, but has cut it straight on the bottom for a different look. I love the way she has extended the branches in the middle photo with her own little die cut branches.

On the page below Valerie has used the new AZZA Chocolate ink on her Mustard page. Note how she has used strips and punched out little circles from similar photos or off-cuts in her decorations. She has mounted her images off the A4 Sketch sheet onto Chocolate paper to make them stand out on the page.

Valerie Rots, Europe

The next page is a double page on the new AZZA Mustard colour and chalked in Chocolate. The texture stencil used is from the AZZA Zoo theme. The following two sets of pages were created by SoScrap RJ2S in Europe. If you want to create a page that is a little more challenging, these are for you.

The second set by SoScrap, this one is a little easier. Note her brown chalking/inking to outline her Title on the paper – this makes it stand out beautifully.

And for something a bit more challenging from Scrap Toinon in Europe. An interesting fold on an AZZA double page with a flippet to keep it closed. I love her use of the AZZA Jute on the decorations. She has used the AZZA Snowflake die as well as the Winter song.

I love the use of the little bit of AZZA jute on the branch

Those sample pages of Boston should keep you going for a while, but I will share with you a few pages using two other AZZA stencils that I like and wanted to share with you for inspiration.

This page by idscrap using the AZZA Rosette stencil is lovely. You can see the paper is the same as used with the Boston pages above, but in the green. She has also used her cutting dies on photographs, great to keep the tones on the page perfect. I love the inking to finish off the shape of the stencil, note how she has carried it onto the paper.

Sue Talbot in New South Wales sent me a lovely layout she has done using the AZZA Rosette stencil and the Big shot Starter kit 2, the branches are very similar to the Winter Song cutting die.

Page created by Sue Talbot, NSW. Australia

For those of you that loved Paris-Istanbul the new Scrap Kit ‘Unique Moments’ is very similar. A great single stencil that is just so easy to use!
Page created by Hilary Hamilton, Vic. Australia

The page above was created by Hilary using the AZZA Scrap Kit – Unique Moments. Hilary has used AZZA Sand as part of her decoration.

Estelle, Passion Scrap Aveyron. Europe

Once again, the decoration has been made with products from the AZZA Zoo theme.

A lovely page, the stamp used on the papers is from the AZZA Scrap Kit Plus -Souvenir.

AZZA, Europe

This is a very simple page, using AZZA papers, pens and the Typewriter stamp and die set and Scrolls from the AZZA Vintage theme. Note how the stamped image has been enhanced with pens.

Lastly a simple page not using a stencil at all but created in the AZZA style. The AZZA wooden frames have been used, the Weather texture stencil, Silhouette figures, AZZA pearls and the little stamp used came with the Scrap & Moi magazine. Once again, you can see a few colours were used together in the chalking/inking.

As you can see, the AZZA Weather texture stencil has been very popular. A great one to add to your collection.

Happy Scrappin’


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